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  1. What kind of crowd does that Slick Willie’s attract? It almost doesn’t seem “hip” enough to be in that location.
  2. https://instagram.com/blkmktbirria?utm_medium=copy_link looks delicious!
  3. Hay Merchant just announced today that they’re closing at the end of this year.
  4. Wait so is Uchi get torn down or what? I have reservations in a couple months! 😝
  5. Wait, I’m confused. I own a full size residential lot in Montrose where my primary residence is (a single family home). I have the space in the backyard to build a 500 sq ft detached garage apartment/ADU. Can’t I just build a new garage apartment/ADU in my backyard now if I wanted to? Getting everything permitted of course. There are no deed restrictions on this as far as I’m aware. What’s the new development here?
  6. LOL i know exactly where this gas station is in DC. In fact, I’ve stayed in that building many times years ago (used to be the Renaissance hotel, not sure what it is now). Fantastic Indian restaurant called Rasika is directly across the street. Apparently it was Bill Clinton’s favorite in town.
  7. Does the pink line mean primary or secondary?
  8. Anyone know what the plan is for 4444 Montrose? Used to be Etheria Salon & Day Spa, but looks like it was sold to HWM Properties, LLC in 2020. Lot size is 17,325 sq ft. HWM Properties appears to be owned by Wayne Martin, founder of Applied Finish Systems, a drywall company. Martin also owns Chateau Cocomar.
  9. Is one of the existing buildings getting torn down because that lot looks awfully small?
  10. Definitely makes sense for them to relocate. I remember going to the Highland Village location of PF Changs back in the late 90s when it was a hip and trendy restaurant. I vividly remember waiting in line for 2+ hours on a Friday night to to eat there back in 1998ish.
  11. Just did some digging and looks like it’ll be a restaurant/bar/club called Outside. Here is their IG profile: https://instagram.com/outsidehoustontx?utm_medium=copy_link
  12. Demolition equipment on site. Looks like this one is coming down any day now.
  13. Anyone know what’s going on here? It’s being renovated yet again.
  14. Stuff’d Wings is somehow “verified” on Instagram, so they must be a big deal. I haven’t personally tried their food truck location yet.
  15. I wonder what “sponsor” even means in this stage of the game though. I can imagine someone associated with this project asking Chef Aaron Bludorn while at dinner, “Hey Aaron, would Bludorn ever consider a second Montrose location?” Aaron shrugs and says “Sure, why not? We’re crushing it on Taft and it’s only been a year.” BOOM! Sponsor.
  16. Is the location going to be closer to campus? Or closer to the actual Montrose bridge?
  17. Would be a great spot for 4503 Montrose right near the Montrose bridge, but unfortunately that's turning into a 6-story Big-Tex storage facility.
  18. Has anyone heard about this? Their website is pretty generic, but someone on the Nextdoor app mentioned it’s going to be at the southwest corner of Montrose & West Alabama at 3900 Montrose Blvd. Their list of “partners” (see image below) appears to be quite wide ranging...including both Bludorn restaurant and giant Japanese tech investor SoftBank Group. https://bridgecityhouston.com/theorigin/
  19. Demo permit issued. Bye bye African Arts Center. Hello hoarding facility.
  20. The homeless situation across the feeder from the former Shipley Donuts is out of control. When is Rice going to clean that up?
  21. Atlanta’s Disco Kroger is also going down! https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.winsightgrocerybusiness.com/amp/retailers/mirror-ball-wrecking-ball-atlantas-disco-kroger
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