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  1. They started construction on this back in 2015?!?
  2. Possibly. We’d need an official statement from them.
  3. I know this is more of an Ismaili community center and not necessarily an Ismaili place of worship, but as someone familiar with this sect, I will say that Ismaili places of worship are very strict about not letting non-Ismailis in. Again, this doesn’t apply to mosques in general (anyone is welcome in a mosque in Houston, regardless of religion), but to Ismaili/Aga Khani places of worship in particular.
  4. Looks like a Clearasil zit ad if you ask me.
  5. Will these be considered “luxury” apartments? The Alliance sign out front didn’t mention it, so just curious.
  6. Anyone know details about this second story expansion? Seems like a large scale expansion for a detail shop. Is there something else going in there?
  7. Was the land recently sold? The listing has been removed from LoopNet as of 9/16/2020.
  8. I think the 24 Hour Emergency next to Spec’s is moving here one that strip center gives all the tenants the axe.
  9. Is there a plan to build a hotel on any of this Rice-owned land? My vote says build Texas’ first Park Hyatt!
  10. @rgarza When do you think y’all will be testing the illuminated tubes at night...anytime soon? Would love to see how it looks lit up!
  11. So in other words, Boston gets fancy and hip. We get industrial and boring.
  12. what’s the odd area between midtown and the museum district? I’m trying to picture it.
  13. That’s true. Why do you think so many of the properties on Montrose Blvd are inactive? I’ve noticed the same thing.
  14. How has this development affected property values nearby?
  15. Heck, there’s a Swamplot article about it and it’s still not anywhere close to being done. Why would a tailoring business invest so much money into a building? Is there more than meets the eye here? Do we have a Walter White situation? http://swamplot.com/memorial-tailors-now-making-alterations-to-the-montrose-blvd-house-kaye-marvins-photography-left-behind/2019-02-19/
  16. They have really started to clean this area up. No homeless congregating around the PPS agency. I know the tents are gone from the 59 south ramp on Montrose side, but how about from the 59 north offramp just west of the Shipley Donuts?
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