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  1. I do think it’ll look better when they actually finish construction, fix the sidewalks, hopefully plant some trees, etc.
  2. I wonder how much the billboard company pays for that lot next to the house…such an eyesore.
  3. They should add some pizzazz to this building to spice it up a little, especially since it’s on a residential block. It’s looking very drab.
  4. I messaged them on Instagram. They said they’re planning to open “early 2023”.
  5. I feel like the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about is that this piece of land is SO MUCH more desirable today than it was in 1983 when Covenant House moved in. Count me as surprised that they’re staying in the neighborhood. I’m all for their mission, but feel like their money could have been better spent by selling their land in Montrose and building an even bigger facility in a lower ppsf land value area of Houston.
  6. I’m an Equinox member and live in Montrose. My commute during evening rush hour is usually 15 minutes there, 10 minutes to get back.
  7. I still for the life of me can’t understand why they’re only building a 6-story building in an area that’s building highrises all over.
  8. This location is arguably the best location in the entire city to get to desirable parts of the city very quickly. It’s also in a fun neighborhood. I think it’ll do well.
  9. Storage unit going up across the street. It’s been a set of “urban loft home” and Nippon Sushi, which is still very much in business.
  10. It’s funny because I have a family member that just moved to Houston from out of state. He’s house hunting within the loop. I tried to sell him on Montrose (my top choice), but it’s hard to get him excited about it when it currently looks so blah. He decided to buy elsewhere.
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