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  1. My guess is that the Menil Foundation has other longer term plans for the surface lot, so they don’t want to build a more “permanent” parking garage. Just a hunch.
  2. I wonder if that industrial looking lot across the street from this hotel is going to stay. https://maps.app.goo.gl/JqwDZ28gvwmusJ1JA?g_st=i
  3. At this point, is it safe to say this development was a flop? Five years ago, I remember how excited everyone was about this. Now, it’s rarely talked about.
  4. What’s happening at this site?
  5. Any update on what this building may become? Such a great location and hate to see it vacant.
  6. Do we know what Menil has in store for the empty lot along Richmond between Loretto and Yupon? I know a boutique hotel will be on the northwest corner of this lot, but how about the rest?
  7. Do we know what’s going in its place? Another Taco Cabana? .
  8. This development REALLY needs to pick up steam! People are getting shot in this lot smh… https://cw39.com/news/local/2-men-shot-after-argument-in-montrose-district-hpd-says/amp/
  9. What are the chances that this building turns into this generation’s version of Colonial House 40 years from now?
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