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  1. Something we drive by everyday and “don’t see”?! I live in Montrose and I see it everyday. I’m sure residents at The Hanover and the forthcoming La Colombe d’Or are thrilled.
  2. How will the amenities at Broadstone be compared to the taller Carter next door? Will they both be targeting the same demographic?
  3. Being up there is one of my favorite places in the city to relax. My house is only a 10-minute walk from there and I bought the house in Montrose two years ago when Glassell was still under construction, so this public space has been a particularly great amenity for me - wasn’t even a selling point when we bought!
  4. I wonder what will occupy the vacant bar space next door (former Bar Victor) location.
  5. You do know there was a Planet Hollywood inside the Galleria from 1997-2000ish, right?
  6. No kidding! Please don’t post this to reddit/r/houston. I want first dibs!
  7. Same here. That’s why I bought a house in the area just north of the 59/Montrose bridge I see this area developing quite a bit over the coming years. Heck, the new Glassell School/ Cloud Gate is a 10-minute walk from my house and neither were there when I bought my house two years ago.
  8. These are my thoughts exactly!! I also have no idea why, but maybe it has something to do with the long-standing NIMBY sentiment from the nearby Ashby high rise fiasco. I know that’s a bit west of the Museum District, but maybe it scared developers enough?
  9. This. My wife and I actually swung by there on Saturday. We were sitting on the patio, right next to the metal fence, when a homeless man on a bicycle yelled an expletive as he threw a full beer can towards the fence. It landed two feet from my wife, luckily on the the street-facing side of the fence.
  10. Building a parking garage, eh? That might explain why 4316 Jack St and 4320 Jack St are listed for sale at $999,999 each...
  11. You’re right, it is very “Montrose”
  12. Here’s the marketing material from Cushman & Wakefield for this lot. Given that the two rumored mid-rise office projects never took off on this lot over the past decade, coupled with the new Broadstone Museum District condos going up right across the bridge, I’m will to bet this gets developed into a similar luxury condo mid-rise/high rise. It’ll be very well positioned to the new Ion tech center as well, Thoughts?
  13. I wonder why they're not selling well. That little pocket is very charming IMO.
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