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  1. So the elevated part of 59 next to the new 6-floor storage unit near the Montrose bridge will be lowered?
  2. But wouldn’t lowering that section of 529 and the Spur be in the best interest of residents that live there? In other words, doesn’t sinking it reduce the noise and the eyesore of looking at a freeway?
  3. Once this hotel gets built out, how much longer do you think the dilapidated apartments on W. Main (other side of Mandell) will last? Specifically talking about the eyesore two doors down from 93 ‘Til at 1609 W. Main (pictured below). I also just drove by the apartment complex across the street at 1612 W. Main and the below-grade parking garage was completely flooded after today’s storm.
  4. This has nothing to do with the lower Westheimer corridor, but I’m just here to say the light at Stanford and Alabama takes FOREVER to turn green. 😁
  5. If it’s open as late as their Washington Ave location (2am), this will be popular with the Grand Prize crowd.
  6. Interesting choice for this location. I’ve never actually heard of this restaurant.
  7. Would love to see a mixed use high rise here, maybe with a small but really nice movie theater?
  8. The new Navy Blue dining room is also gorgeous.
  9. Stanford is already an excellent bike route from Woodrow St up to Allen Pkwy. Dedicated bike lane would make it even better.
  10. This one is taking a LONG time. The schezuan craze is overdone and way too saturated inside the loop at this point. I’d much rather see more casual Indian/Pakistani restaurants inside the loop.
  11. How old are these block books/when were they printed? I have one for my house and the pages look just as ancient.
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