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  1. I particularly like that area of Montrose for its close proximity to the Museum District. The area around the Glassell School is practically a 10-minute walk and you can jog over to the Rice loop in 5-10 minutes. I think it’ll get some significant polish once this road construction is complete, as well as once the area around the spur gets cleaned up. Timberline Fitness is in the process of opening a multi-story gym on Jack St and a new bar is opening soon in the old Brooklyn Athletic Club space. I wonder what will ever come of that lot where the empty African Art Center is facing Montrose and Woodrow. Developing that will certainly help as well.
  2. Why do you think that area of Montrose has lagged behind the rest of the neighborhood? Would you say that it’s the cheapest part of Montrose from a price per square foot of land perspective?
  3. Interesting perspective. So you think Montrose will be like the Westwood of LA?
  4. I wonder how the tech innovation hub they’re constructing at the old Sears will change this part of Montrose. I’m seeing a lot of lots for sale for a $1m right near there (for example, on Jack St next to the former Brooklyn Athletic Club), so I’m not sure if speculators are anticipating a huge pop soon.
  5. While it has been there for some time, it was a Luke’s Hamburgers in the 90s if I recall correctly.
  6. Just noticed a variance request sign in front of Montrose Automotive Care at 4720 Montrose Blvd. Anyone know what this is for? Has the land been sold to a developer?
  7. Also picked up by Eater: https://houston.eater.com/2019/3/20/18274677/lotti-dotti-opening-april
  8. More info here: https://houston.craigslist.org/fbh/d/houston-lotti-dotti-hiring-all-positions/6845393658.html
  9. Thanks for the update! Where did you hear the news? I’m hoping this new business can put some pressure on the city to clean up the nearby homeless encampment on the 59 S on-ramp (which is less than 500 feet from this property).
  10. Any updates on what the construction crews over at 601 Richmond are working on? Brooklyn Athletic club was the former occupant of this space, but they've been closed for nearly a year now, if not longer. The latest update I heard was that Pi Pizza's Anthony Calleo was opening a new restaurant in the space, but that was last reported on back in July 2018 (source: http://houston.culturemap.com/news/restaurants-bars/07-19-18-whats-eric-eating-podcast-anthony-calleo-pi-pizza-new-montrose-restaurant/#slide=0). Anyone know? I also noticed that the two old brick houses directly adjacent to this space are on the market for a cool $1M each (source: and https://www.har.com/4316-jack-street/sale_33223330 and https://www.har.com/4320-jack-street/sale_27800941).
  11. What do you think the best use for the space is?
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