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  1. Demo permit issued. Bye bye African Arts Center. Hello hoarding facility.
  2. The homeless situation across the feeder from the former Shipley Donuts is out of control. When is Rice going to clean that up?
  3. Atlanta’s Disco Kroger is also going down! https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.winsightgrocerybusiness.com/amp/retailers/mirror-ball-wrecking-ball-atlantas-disco-kroger
  4. If that happens with the Ion, I’m sure Montrose will claim that pocket. 😁
  5. Shout out to Heems and the Das Racist crew!
  6. Is that building right above the red circle the Kroger? Was it a Kroger back in ‘78?
  7. I just contacted arch-con and they told me construction will begin in January 2022.
  8. Why do you think that is? If I’m not mistaken, ppsf land values are higher in Montrose than the Heights.
  9. I feel like the days are numbered for the Walgreens across the street. Anyone know how long it’s been there? I know the CVS further south on Montrose & Richmond has been there since 2005.
  10. There’s another one coming soon at 4503 Montrose. Literally a 10 minute walk from the new Kinder MFAH building.
  11. It’s going to be a French-themed nightclub named Discothèque Krogeré (pronounced KRO-JHER-E). 😝
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