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  1. You’d think today’s OP switched handles with you with that comment LOL
  2. Given that this Big Tex location will essentially be in the Museum District and has high visibility from 59, any chance we think they’ll spend a bit more on the design to make it look nicer than your typical storage facility? Eado Storage comes to mind…it’s not a bad looking building.
  3. https://houston.culturemap.com/news/restaurants-bars/05-11-22-loro-asian-smokehouse-restaurant-second-houston-location-kirby-rice-village-aaron-franklin-tyson-cole/#slide=0
  4. Are homeless people still a problem in the area? Compared to 3-4 years ago.
  5. I heard they’re doing a glazed Shipley donut stuffed wing in honor of the location.
  6. Don’t have a picture, but LOTS of new graffiti on this building. Is it coming down soon? Didn’t see any demo permits issued.
  7. Lot across the street (old Drew’s BBQ) has the Echoes Cafe sign up. Strange that it’s across the street, but I suppose it’s their designated parking area.
  8. I still can’t believe that old Plaza Hotel location was vacant for nearly 30 years (from the early 80s to 2011). Such a great location. I would love to see more retail in this pocket. It’s almost a bit too quiet.
  9. There’s no way those food trucks and vendors are covering the entire tax bill for this property. Not even close.
  10. Do we know what’s going in at the old PF Chang’s spot?
  11. I’m sure Chase is thrilled. Will the entry way into the branch be from the rear of the building (non-Montrose facing side)?
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