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  1. I feel like the intersection of Main and Wheeler needs some Post Oak & San Felipe-esque chrome arches or something.
  2. Looks like all the homeless folks have been pushed adjacent to the 59 NB exit ramp, next to Shipley. 10+ tents there now. I wonder where they’ll move to next. Doubt Rice will let them stay once Ion opens.
  3. There’s plenty of movement...the homeless, for one.
  4. Bump. Based on the permit search, looks like it’s going to be a coffee shop!
  5. Have they announced what will be in its place after it’s demo’d?
  6. The variance request was approved at today’s Planning Commission Meeting. Disappointing...
  7. After all these years, how amazing would it be if they named this project The Karen?!
  8. I biked down there today and there is definitely some crane action going on. It’s further down from the Alliance development. Looks to be the church property. What could the crane be for though if the church hasn’t even been demo’d yet?
  9. How? It’s still cut off from the West Loop. Which is THE area, currently.
  10. Bump. Would love to see this as well!
  11. I do too!! And usually close my eyes for good measure! Look ma...no hands !!
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