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  1. what businesses do you own and can I get a Montrose resident HAIF discount?
  2. Equinox gym in ROD has a huge number of POC people. source: Equinox member of color
  3. Is commercial rent for restaurants/bars in the Heights as crazy as it is in Montrose? For example, how do the rents compare in the lower Westheimer corridor or on W. Alabama compared to the area in the vicinity of French Laundry.
  4. Anyone know what’s going in the Texadelphia spot? That little strip is pretty ugly and doesn’t even look that old. I wonder when that shopping strip was built.
  5. Good insight- thanks. But will rents in Montrose ever drop in the near future? I just don’t see that happening, yet there are restaurants closing left and right in the neighborhood.
  6. How do the thousands of mom and pop restaurants stay open in places like Manhattan, Washington DC, and San Francisco?
  7. They basically would have to sell $6.65 worth of food per hour for every hour they’re open in a month (~2,200 hours) just to cover rent. This of course doesn’t account for their other costs like ingredients and paying staff. What are the margins in the restaurant business such as this?
  8. Where is the Midtown Target going to be?
  9. You mean AIG at Waugh and Allen Parkway isn’t cool??? Live Nation is the tech company that the article was referring to.
  10. Land values within a half mile radius of the Ion are going to skyrocket in due time. No wonder there are so many tear down 5,000 sq ft lots near Richmond Ave, just west of the spur, on sale with asking prices of $1M. Lots of that size in other parts of Montrose are asking half that.
  11. I read in another thread in the Montrose forum that this part of the spur next to the church will be trenched underground. Is there any truth to that? That would essentially connect the Ion area to Montrose.
  12. I don’t know if this has already been discussed, but does the South Baptist Church plan on staying in this location next to the Ion? That baseball field area next to the spur on-ramp seems like a complete waste of space.
  13. This would be incredible! Where did you see this? Just imagine what the area around The Ion will look like then. You can walk from there towards Montrose Blvd on Wheeler/Richmond without worrying about getting shanked underneath the spur encampments. Sounds like a dream!
  14. Thoughts on what kind of impact this will have on property values (residential included) in the Montrose area?
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