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  1. Hard to believe that The Susanne apartment complex in Montrose was a Fiesta not long ago. How times change. This transformation will be even more drastic.
  2. The elephant in the room is this — what will happen to our Shipley Donuts?!
  3. Good point. The area around The Ion, though, seems more extreme. It was literally one of, if not THE MOST, unattractive corners of the city up until last year. It was essentially Houston’s very own version of E. Hastings Street (Vancouver) or Hamsterdam (The Wire reference).
  4. With this development turning a dilapidated area into what many hope it will become, are there other examples in Houston where something similar happened? For example, was Rice Village or Highland Village ever considered a seedy part of town? We’ve seen the inverse before (Sharpstown in the 80s), but I can’t think of any other revitalization examples.
  5. Given where land values are going with this development, you’re far more likely to see a Central Market here than an Aldi’s.
  6. Did the opening of The Carter have a significant effect on Grand Prize’s business? Kam’s AKA Bamboo has terrible food. No idea how they stay in business.
  7. I bet the stretch of Richmond just west of The Ion on the other side of the spur will start developing next. It seems like just about every storefront on that stretch of Richmond between the spur and Montrose Blvd is vacant, and I have a feeling it’s due to the crummy conditions on the Wheeler side. Once that area improves, I think this pocket of Montrose will also explode.
  8. This is interesting - thanks for linking to it. What does the “A” symbol represent at the intersection of Roseland St & Woodrow St? Will the highway overpass at Richmond just east of Jack St always be there? Or are they planning on trenching that at some point as well?
  9. Once the area around The Ion gentrifies, I wonder what will happen to all the social services in the area, as well as the low-income housing developments for veterans such as Midtown Terrace Suites.
  10. In Dallas. https://www.bizjournals.com/dallas/news/2020/02/12/kroger-old-east-dallas.html
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