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  1. My guess is it’ll come down because presumably the new landowners (Big-Tex Storage) have no reason to lease it out. Now if only the Clear Channel-owned billboard further east of Woodrow came down...
  2. To be fair, there are still a lot of homeless scattered around. I have no idea how Stuff’d Wings plans on running a successful business out of the old Shipley Donuts when there’s a homeless encampment right outside their front door along the 59 off-ramp.
  3. Looks like Rice is actually delinquent on their taxes at 4201 Main St (the Ion).
  4. Will those two billboards ever go away? The one in the back is facing 59 northbound and the one in the front is facing Montrose Blvd southbound.
  5. That lease can’t be cheap. If a wine shop and French restaurant can’t afford it, I don’t know how an Asian bakery will.
  6. Is including an underground water retention system something that happens for all new construction?
  7. What do you all think the useful life of these storage facilities will be that are located in in-demand inner loop neighborhoods such as the Heights and Montrose? I imagine the construction cost is high enough that the landowner will want to keep it for a while, but low enough that they’d demolish again if something better presents itself for the space.
  8. What kind of crowd does that Slick Willie’s attract? It almost doesn’t seem “hip” enough to be in that location.
  9. https://instagram.com/blkmktbirria?utm_medium=copy_link looks delicious!
  10. Hay Merchant just announced today that they’re closing at the end of this year.
  11. Wait so is Uchi get torn down or what? I have reservations in a couple months! 😝
  12. Wait, I’m confused. I own a full size residential lot in Montrose where my primary residence is (a single family home). I have the space in the backyard to build a 500 sq ft detached garage apartment/ADU. Can’t I just build a new garage apartment/ADU in my backyard now if I wanted to? Getting everything permitted of course. There are no deed restrictions on this as far as I’m aware. What’s the new development here?
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