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  1. Website is up and running. Leasing Spring 2021. https://www.liveatchelseamuseumdistrict.com
  2. Levcor needs to step it up with this prestigious address. Their strip center at Richmond & Kirby is not a looker.
  3. Or how about 368 Fairview? It’s a beautiful building (albeit very dilapidated), but I could totally see a HPB in there. That way they can stay in the neighborhood (Montrose) as well.
  4. The problem is Half Price Books wants to pay Half Price Rent. Not going to work.
  5. Does anyone know what this will be? I did some digging by looking at recent permits issued at this property, and the owner appears to be Eden Assets (even though per HCAD, the owners since 2016 appears to be the Menil Foundation). I then looked up Eden Assets and it appears to be related to the folks that run Goodnight Hospitality (Rosie Cannonball, Montrose Cheese & Wine, Goodnight Charlie’s, etc.). Source: https://www.corporationwiki.com/p/2ivfuc/eden-asset-management-llc
  6. I can see the possibility of a high end restaurant, especially with the fine dining restaurant slated to open just down the street in the new Nancy and Rich Kinder Building at MFAH.
  7. If you were a betting man, what do you see going in this spot and when?
  8. Exciting! This little pocket is filling in nicely. I wonder if that Illuminati lodge across the street is next? 😁
  9. How amazing would it be if Elon buys out all of the existing pre-leases at the Ion and turns the entire building into Tesla’s new headquarters! Smack dab in the middle of the energy capital of the world. Would take some major balls, but I can see Elon doing something like that now that he has moved to Texas officially.
  10. Someone on the NextDoor app said that Hanover has purchased the Kroger lot. Can anyone confirm?
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