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  1. Storage unit going up across the street. It’s been a set of “urban loft home” and Nippon Sushi, which is still very much in business.
  2. It’s funny because I have a family member that just moved to Houston from out of state. He’s house hunting within the loop. I tried to sell him on Montrose (my top choice), but it’s hard to get him excited about it when it currently looks so blah. He decided to buy elsewhere.
  3. Really wish they would just knock it all down and start over!
  4. Hallelujah! I almost got mugged at that gas station while filling up once. Do we know what it’ll be?
  5. Is this the Chinese restaurant with a Coming Soon sign or something else?
  6. That’s more of a pause than a building throwing in the towel and quitting.
  7. Is this rendering “final final”? I feel like with how low the stock market is today compared to what it was when disco Kroger was demolished last year, they should just wait it out for a market rebound instead of settling for this mediocre rendering. Same logic for why a lot of tech start ups are holding off on IPOs this year.
  8. Looks like they’re affiliated with the ownership group that’s owned 3939 Montrose since 2012 (see below).
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