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  2. it's most likely your roof as other guys said, but one way to test to see if it's your roof for heat gain is to spray water on your roof on a hot sunny day like every 2 hours. it is actually used as an effective way to minimize heat gain from roof by having a some kind of sprinkler system on roof hooked up with sensor. but for this purpose, try to spray your roof with garden hose or whatever and make sure that water gets just on the roof in question. if it stays cool inside, it's your roof causing all the hotness. if it doesn't, it's something else.
  3. i can't agree more. u.s. commentators suck. i watched games in either chinese, polish, portugees or spanish. those commentators were so much better than u.s. commentators although i speak none of langueges i just mentioned...
  4. it was going to be between rothko chapel and the menil collection, but never realized because of his death and appearent conversion problem from square-feet to square-meter... it was all on display at the menil collection a few years ago. jurors of prizker gave him the award without actually looking at his projects. they saw his projects only on pictures, which were carefuly selected and slightly manipulated... am i supposed to translate it into spanish? can i use freetranslation.com?
  5. one of the better projects by philip johnson...
  6. you probably have seen this but... http://www.omotesandohills.com/ this thing is totaly internal, nothing but glass on the street, no shops or anything.... inside is kinda cool, though.
  7. Tokyo is updated... ando's new mall on omote-sando is underconstruction, and herzog and de meuron's prada aoyama is finished on google earth.
  8. i'm pretty sure that i'm the only one who is complaining on this, but.... come on puma, it's world cup! don't use same design for all teams in the world
  9. Soccer 4 All in Village. But it's expensive. Just go to soccer.com. They have better deals, if you can wait for a couple of days.
  10. Sunset Setting @ Sunset and Kirby(very expensive, but you can sit on authentic Corbu couch for free!)
  11. Like how METRO's light rail propositions are awesome, and urban living is desired...? Some agree, some disagree. Cite is a pretty good magazine, in my opinion. I enjoyed Ephemeral City, learned a lot about Houston. But some materials are opinionated and subjective, which I think is fine. Not related really, but when I was in school, my professor totaly disliked what a person wrote on Cite magazine, who was also a professor at my school. I thought it's funny....
  12. rest of the article: http://www.khou.com/topstories/stories/kho...n.590d1b7d.html is it just me that doesn't look like fire station?
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