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  1. I would update with photos, but I've reached my attachment quota. Interesting to see the progress...
  2. I've lived in downtown Houston for nearly ten years, all in early 20th c. buildings, all solid. It feels lately like the burbs has invaded with these four-floor apartment buildings taking up whole blocks with pools in the middle of them with big floor plans and a lack of studios/small 1br (and about zero GFR). I don't know how this creates density. Instead it's just blocks and blocks of little to walk to with no "shop" interaction, which doesn't balance the overpriced rents. Short, old buildings beware... Whatever's going up eventually, please let it not be a skyscraper with an enormous lobby and a coffee shop with no street signage that closes at 3pm.
  3. These pics are from the top of the parking garage. I get all the joy of hearing it but not seeing it.
  4. The construction symphony goes on! It's now becoming its own white noise ;). I'm grateful it stops at 5pm, but it makes a tough work day when you work from home... not grateful, however, that it starts up at 7:30am on a Saturday. Even through ear plugs it's my alarm. It took a day break this past Sunday - I wondered why it was quiet – "is it a holiday??" No, it was Theater District Day. And there can't be dust and noise on that day. Kind of like when the demo on the Chronicle stopped during Super Bowl Week. It's progress in front of residents; unsightly and noisy in front of visitors. Enjoy the pics from the end of the week! (taken 8/31)
  5. That's hilarious. I needed that laugh while the jackhammer symphony plays on today
  6. No, I lived in Franklin Lofts during that time. Ugh, that had to have been tough as well! But they did implode it, right? I had the joy of the Chronicle demolition - do you or does anyone know why the Chronicle wasn't imploded? I prayed nightly for it... my thought was they couldn't do it because of potential damage to the Rice (Historic Registry)?
  7. Thank you! That's good to know. I can take a couple of months. That jackhammering demolition of the Chronicle building was unreal, lasted almost a year? I know the vertical will be noisy too, but it'll have to be better than the non-stop pummeling. Here's some weekend work/excavation–
  8. Thanks, ekdrm2d1. I've been an ear plug wearer from years in NYC and Philly. I find it ironic that I'm in Houston now with the loudest noise. If I could escape to an office it would be great, but I've got the "perk" of working from home. ;) I'll have to ask the construction guys what they wear...
  9. Oh I love progress. I've been downtown for almost 10 years and seen it – still a long way to go. Folks always think new buildings and construction is cool, until they live next door to it or have their business affected by it. "I think I'll like Houston if they ever get it finished," said Oveta Culp Hobby in 1946 (former publisher of the Houston Post.)
  10. Um, yeah, somebody kill me... never experienced anything like this in NYC. My neighbors have joked we never loved a surface parking lot more... but that silly transition was a respite between the sanity loss of the Chronicle demolition and the next several years of this buildup. 609 Main was no picnic either for Rice's east/south residents. But this? Along with block 42? And maybe 43? I think it will take a residential occupancy hit. Hearing a jackhammer for 12 hours a day, 7 days a week for years is not worth the overly priced rents and all the views about to be lost. Anyone on here with much more knowledge of foundation chiseling length, please tell me how many months of jackhammering we're looking at...
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