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  1. True, the BOA building along with the spires on Renaissance Tower can be seen from 30 miles away on a clear night. The best view hands down is coming into Dallas on I45 at night. Houston's downtown suffers from its generic "Christmas lighting" the tops of the buildings. Smog & humidity in the air are also to blame for only being able to see downtown at night from 10 miles away, the beacon on Williams Tower how ever can be seen from 20-30 miles away sweeping the sky on a clear night.
  2. Lower Greenville gets kinda crazy sometimes. Best comparison would probably be inner loop Westheimer/Montrose area.
  3. Crowns, spires, & antennae aren't a real way to determine how tall a building really is, if that were the case then Houston would have two 1000+ ft towers.
  4. TXU is now the "new" Luminant...YEAH RIGHT!!!
  5. I saw the Galveston Hooters this past weekend. Anyone know when it opened?
  6. I was in Galveston this past weekend & noticed this building now has a rotating beacon at night, similar to, but not near as bright as Williams Tower. It was also decorated in green neon lights along the top. This building located in downtown is now the third tallest in Galveston at 358 feet tall since the twin Palisade Palm condos were recently topped out at 378 feet.
  7. He was good with his live broadcast from the clubs too.
  8. County Line Bar-B-Que off Cutten Rd. is pricey, but very good
  9. Atom is in Dallas now working at KISS FM
  10. As a whole, Houston is the most diverse metro in Texas if you were to include ALL race & ethnicities, but thats neither here nor there you're getting off the original subject now so I'll stop.
  11. Houston's Asian population is larger than DFW's, no doubt, but its not as diverse as one might think. There are a lot of Chinese, Vietnamese, Phillipino, & Indian in Houston, but thats about the extent of it. The Metroplex has more Laotian, Thai, Cambodian, & Korean than Houston.
  12. DFW has almost twice the amount of Koreans as the Houston Metro area DFW - 18, 123 Houston Metro - 10, 341 These are old numbers from the 2000 census, but still you get a good idea on the figures.
  13. Houston has a Korean town or "K town" for short, but a suprisingly small Korean population over all when compared to Dallas which has its Korean area concentrated in Irving along Royal Lane near I35.
  14. Just a slight exageration there... I wouldn't call it a facelift...more like routine maintenance
  15. Ft. Bend County (Sugarland) is quite possibly THE most diverse county & suburb in Texas The Woodlands & Katy are prediminately White, just like Frisco & Plano with the excetion they have a sizable Asian (mostly Chinese) population.
  16. Not trying to bring Dallas in on this discussion, but lets face it their night skyline puts Houston's to shame. On a clear night I've seen Downtown Dallas from 30 miles away glistening in the night sky over the vast North Texas prairie.
  17. I've heard the original Lizard Lounge in Houston which is not in existence anymore was owned by the same owner that has the popular Lizard Lounge club in Dallas which is very well known for its Electronic Dance Music & Goth/Industrial crowds. Next month will be Lizard Lounge Dallas' 15th year anniversary (almost an eternity in club years)
  18. So Clarks/Deans is no more or did they reloctate? It looked like a nice recording studio/club/clothing store which was a very unique & cool concept
  19. Well you wouldn't exactly want to take a leasurily dip in it... The POH is for commercial use not recreational
  20. Yes, The Woodlands & Westchase are considered skylines The tallest in Westchase is something like 330 feet tall with several other 200 footers in the area. For comparison purposes only, the tallest in the Dallas Galleria skyline is only 350 feet tall. Anadarko in The Woodlands is around 450 feet tall with many low & mid rises surrounding it they just get lost behind all the 50 foot tall pine trees blanketing the area.
  21. It was taken more than likely in the Fall or Winter months when it gets dark around 6 pm, a lot of people are still in the offices wrapping up their day at that time. I've seen it lit up that much before, but only around the times I was talking about, during the Spring & Summer months you're lucky to see any office lights on at night.
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