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  1. The Purple Onion moved around somewhat. Its final location was on Shepherd drive, where it became the Jazz Bird Lounge, then the Bird Lounge. It was owned by a fellow named Pucho, who was the maitre d' for Sonny Look's on Westheimer.
  2. Maybe I can clear up some of the confusion, misinformation and unclear memories about The Jester, Sand Mountain, The Bird, and some of the other folk/blues landmarks that have been mentioned in this thread. For credentials -- I worked at the Jester, Sand Mountain, The Bird and The Balladeer during the Great Folk Music Scare of the 1960's. Most of my work was with the Bayou City Boys, a trio consisting of Davy Jones (local actor, musician and tv personality, not the former member of the Monkees), Buster Sullivan and myself. Davy played banjo sometimes and the guitar the rest of the time. Buster
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