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  1. Thanks a lot! Your posts are always extremely helpful. I have sent you an email through HAIF. Please let me know if it did not go through.
  2. I have an attached four car garage with an angular roof that is flush to the side of the house. Inside this attic are multiple joists that support the roof. To access this room, I envision a door to be placed on this wall above the second floor landing with a bridge to connect the two floors. Here are the framing and rafter plans for what its worth. Would this be feasible? Thank you!
  3. eurway www.eurway.com westheimer and eldridge roche bobois 610@san felipe castle furniture contemporary on fondren and westpark and the new location on 45 and aldine i think
  4. another mark for lighting unlimited. they have a beautiful showroom and the items that i bought were cheaper than other houston retailers but the web has the best prices if you want to go that route.
  5. my family had interviewed wayne bopp of frontier while we were looking for a builder for our custom home. he was very friendly and attentive and gave us a reasonable estimate. we ended up not choosing his company as at the time we wanted to move to northgate forest but the home site realtor there said they would probably not get approved to build there. he didnt tell us why though. i ended up not moving to northgate and chose the worst builder and if i could do it over i would have chosen wayne.
  6. i have all thermador appliances in my kitchen and I only chose the brand for the stove cook top. i wanted everything to match so i chose all thermador but the refridgerator is really a re-badged kitchen aid, the dishwasher a bosch and the microwave is a sharp.
  7. i totally agree. if i had the time I would want the floor board pulled out and fixed but it seems unrealistic at this point. i am still lingering on the idea of filing the TRCC complaint but there is some progress as he said he will pay for *part* of the repair. how much that *part* is still questionable now. i dont want to file the complaint as of yet and then have him less than willing to comply with anything. thank you for the suggestion I will use it as a worst case scenario before a full blown lawsuit over fraud. well i dont know if it would be called fraud as he changed some numbers o
  8. thank you for your response. this is one of the reasons why I dont want to bother filing a complaint with the TRCC. I dont think I can do anything now since he had changed his name... or can I? All of his information ; owner name, mailing address, ect. is still the same as listed on the trcc builder registration. he is very smart he had planned his escape route carefully and now im pretty much left in the dust.
  9. thank you for all of your helpful responses. I will check the john bridge forum out. the builder operates under several alias. the funny thing is that after I had signed a contract he asked if I could sign an edited version where just the name of his company is different and nothing else would be change (he lied; several things were changed) but I trusted him at the time and believed him. i checked on the trcc website where at the time they listed all the homes built by each company and I was one of only two where as his original name had several homes. is there a way that I can still see
  10. i keep a wide broom on the balcony to sweep the water out when it rains. its tiring and I cant put any furniture up there.
  11. sorry to revive this old thread: i have seen the framing plan and thank god that there is a beam under the wall of windows the builder says hes bankrupt so what do I do now? Currently he is building a home for the Bellaire Fall showcase among several others. I have a free pool when it rains though! maybe it was an incentive that i didnt know about.
  12. i was completely confident with my builder as he is under a few credible programs but they don't mean anything as my builder was the most dishonest person I have ever met. I could write a book of all the things that went wrong. Lawyers were involved but in the end I am living in my dream home. I would still recommend going the custom route as a home is a big investment and you shouldn't settle for any house other than your dream home (if you have the time). I also visited my home everyday while it was being built then my family became the "builder" as we had to finish the home ourselves.
  13. offering champagne and wine at every showing and open house usually does the trick!
  14. hi, building my home was a nightmare. the builder who I had put my trust ended up deceiving my family but that is another story ( i would like not to state their name publicly). i had interviewed several builders that I had lost count from frontier custom builders and kickerillo (before I committed to a homesite) to smaller companies such as Stewart custom homes and A&M construction and coincidently most have built this similar floor plan. an advantage of building on your own lot with your choice of builders is the heavy cost savings and the freedom to customize (if you have an honest b
  15. i remember seeing this house listed for about $620,000 but it could be due to pre-construction pricing. this is westport's most popular and versatile plans with the dual staircases. i have seen numerous variations. my house was based on this plan but I had used a custom builder. the same model with the same features and amentities built by Westport had sold in another master plan community, Avalon at Seven Meadows in Katy and was listed for $799,000. Also the same model is currently for sale at Lakes of Bella Terra. http://search.har.com/engine/dispSearch.cf...mp;backButton=Y This home was
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