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  1. Yes. Yes. It's PT Utility. I ordered it in 16' lengths. flipper
  2. Like I said, I'm done worrying about it. flipper
  3. Quick update on this.... They aren't going to pay the claim, and I'm done fooling with it. The estimate for the damage repair is $600 and I've already wasted way more than $600 of my time pursuing it. The bottom line is that I can't prove that the damage happened during the tow/storage. flipper
  4. Still pending. If it closed yesterday it should be updated in a day or two. flipper
  5. I was just about to say the same thing. flipper
  6. They live in the area so they probably go by daily or every other day atleast. There are some decisions they want to be in control of and others they don't. So we handle everything and just ask them when there is a decision to be made. flipper
  7. I'm gonna post some boring sheetrock pictures, but I wanted to give a tip. I use my painter to hang, tape and float my sheetrock. One time I hired a crew that just does sheetrock. They knocked it out quick, and were pretty professional. The problem was that when there was an imperfection with the floating, or in a corner bead etc., it wasn't really the painters job to fix it. So I ended up paying the painter to make the sheetrock right so the paint job would look right. I probably could have tried to get the drywall hanging company back out, but I didn't want to mess with that. Not to mention that many imperfections aren't even visible until primer is up. So, I've gone back to having my painter do all the hanging, taping and floating. That way there is no question who's at fault and who's responsible for fixing problem spots. Learn from my experience flipper
  8. Harp on this please. It might send some business my way flipper
  9. Well, despite me being out of town for nearly two weeks, we managed to get our plumbing, ac, and electrical rough in inspections done. We then got our framing and insulation inspections knocked out. We also got the wood floors patched up and the new nail down wood floors went in the kitchen. We went ahead and took out all the old fiberglass insulation in the walls of the room that had the wood paneling and replaced it with new R13. Sheetrock is being hung as we speak and will continue for the rest of the week. Hopefully we start building cabinets, hanging doors and doing the rest of the trim next week: flipper
  10. How big are the spots and how many do you have? flipper
  11. Hold the phone! After the adjuster talked to the tow driver again, they are thinking about denying the claim. We are waiting to see the magical piece of paper that says my car was already damaged when the tow truck showed up. We also have to see what the officer who ordered the tow knows. flipper
  12. Fight the power! I got $600 out of Wal Mart Grocery for a dent from a shopping cart a couple years ago. Dozens of carts around the lot and overflowing cart returns = bad for Wal Mart. flipper
  13. Update: The insurance company has agreed to pay to have the body damage repaired regardless of what the HPD officer stated or states. I'm taking the car to the dealer later today to have the diff. fluid drained and checked for damage. flipper
  14. I just did one of these for a client in a wheel chair. We busted the bathroom floor out all the way to the slab. Then we sloped the whole bathroom floor toward the drain with concrete (1/4" of slope per linear foot away from the drain I believe) Then we put the shower pan liner on top of that.We extended the shower pan almost all the way across the room. We had our shower pan test to ensure that the pan held water and did in fact drain quickly toward the drain when the the drain was opened. Then we floated the shower pan liner with concrete, again sloping toward the drain. Then we tiled on top of that. The client requested small "curbs/thresholds" at both ends of the shower just to make sure water stayed in the shower at the corners. We thinset bricks down to the floor and tiled over them. But we could have left that out and had a threshold-less shower. flipper
  15. Got a guy digging for the new sewer lines for the new master bathroom. He's digging a tunnel under the grade beam to where the toilet will now be: And a trench toward the main line: We have to run drains for the new shower, tub and lavatories. We are taking the opportunity to run a new line for the washing machine (the one going left) while we are already making a mess. Some of you will also be happy to know that the owner decided to re-pipe now also. flipper
  16. quick update... The tow truck companies insurance company just told me that my car was towed on a wheel lift truck and not a flatbed. Talk about insult to injury. How could the driver not know not to tow an AWD car on a wheel lift truck? flipper
  17. no change, still pending and scheduled to close on 4/30. I'll buy everyone here a penny if it does. flipper
  18. Hmm... How many of these have you seen? flipper
  19. Are you wanting to own rental properties? flipper
  20. We were in the 2nd row of the mezzanine. That was our first time sitting there and I really liked the view. flipper
  21. flipper

    Man Purse

    This thread is bringing the lolz. flipper
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