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  1. Have you used GHBA as a resource? Find a GHBA Registered Builder flipper
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    I understand what you are saying. I'd be leaning more toward the latter of your scenarios. The last house we sold was a brick 1950s non modern house that we put a bit of a contemporary feel into (I think). If I could find a MCM with the right numbers I'd love to give one a try. I obviously have enough consultants right here! Here are a couple pics of the last house we did. It probably won't appeal to most MCM fans, but none the less: flipper ps. sorry about the huge pics
  3. You are right, those are all snafu's with that route also. Luckily I'm usually staying off the freeways and navigating through smaller streets.
  4. I think alot of people use S. Post oak as a cut through down to either Main, or the Beltway. There are also alot of apartments and neighborhoods down south on S. Post Oak. You can also cut across on Willow off of S. Post Oak to get to some of the southern sections of Westbury. I'm to the point where I exit Main off of 610 at any "busy" part of day and come down Willowbend to my Neighborhood. flipper
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    Hey Folks, I've enjoyed browsing the topics here for the last hour or so. I'm a big fan of "modern" design and houses. I like MCM's but some are a bit over the top for me. I'm a full time real estate investor (rehabber, flipper) etc... I've done a half dozen or so houses in the three years I've been doing this, although none have been MCM's. My question is... Is there enough of a market for MCM's that I could feel confident rehabbing one "correctly" and have a decent pool of buyers? Any opinions? Thanks, flipper p.s. Feel free to bash flippers. Most of them do garbage work. Go see 4810 Briarbend for a prime example.
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