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  1. There's a whole lot of opinions in here being presented as fact. flipper
  2. http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/busine...te/6485592.html I have also noticed this becoming more and more of a problem. It affected a deal I'm working on right now, but luckily we were able to get the appraisal raised by justifying a value with comparable sales. flipper ps. way to go rps!
  3. It's been proven that people in the area no likey the traffic: flipper
  4. It's on the barnacle now: http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/front/6485072.html flipper
  5. My wife said there were 15-20 police cruisers on main and on the running path in front of Rice @ 3pm today. Apparently a car chase ended there with a Rice Police cruiser smacked into a tree. Someone from her office went down and heard that they have the perp(s) Crazy Nutballs. flipper oops. posted this in the weather forum
  6. you are crazy. do you work inside mostly ? flipper
  7. Thanks for the tips. I was kinda looking at the same criteria. I hope to find something like a 97 or 98 prelude or integra. It's discouraging sorting through all the salvage title jobbers on the interwebs. flipper
  8. I looked into carmax, but the cheapest car they have within 250 miles is $6,000 flipper
  9. I don't know cars like you do, but I know enough I just would rather not sort through dozens of shifty characters on CL when I can go straight to the shify HAIF family. flipper
  10. Thanks. I was hoping to find one through someone I "e-know" before I commit her to getting "e-hosed" on craigslist flipper
  11. My sister is returning to the states next week after 7 years abroad. She needs to buy a car and wants to spend no more than $4,000. Anyone got anything ? flipper
  12. Sorry everyone, this offer is now over. flipper
  13. Timely story on the barnacle today: http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/front/6473536.html flipper
  14. I'm just dying to go to a game and sit next to some mouth breather scarfing down a panormous pizza they brought in on a dolly and a mini keg of diet coke. flipper
  15. Nice choice Read and reread the manual. Also check out the helpful videos on youtube. flipper
  16. That and they were sprayed with a high volume,low pressure spray system and not brushed or sprayed with air compressor setup. flipper
  17. Sanding sealer is a clear coating with some "build" properties to it. If we are going to stain wood instead of paint it, we put the sealer on after the stain, or directly on the bare wood if there will be no stain applied. It dries very quickly (15 minutes) and sands very smooth, very easily. It also will help fill in irregularities in the wood. After it's sanded, then we apply two coats of satin lacquer, sanding between coats. We use lacquer undercoater as a primer on wood and mdf. It also has some "build" properties to help fill in irregularities. It also dries very quickly, and it sands so much easier than a regular primer. It sands smooth as glass with 220 grit paper and makes the topcoat incredibly smooth. Both of these products will kill your brain cells though. They reek. flipper
  18. flipper

    Found Dog

    Thanks everyone! flipper
  19. Since we are so close to being done I'm not going to post any more pics till it's done. Paint is done, door and cabinet hardware is done. Glass is going in, kitchen backsplash is going in. The ac is on and wood floor prep is happening. We are exactly 2 months and a week in today. stay tuned... flipper
  20. flipper

    Found Dog

    Just a quick update on this. The dog, now named "scrappy", has been living with us. We had her spayed. She is a great dog, but we still haven't found her a permanent home. I would love to keep her, but 3 dogs is too much for us, and our other dogs don't really like her. Until this point we've been trying friends/word of mouth to find her a home, but we are going to go the adoption agency route now. Keep your ears open if you hear of someone looking for a good dog. She is very affectionate and playful. flipper
  21. I can tell you right now, you are going to need a white long-haired cat. flipper
  22. Hey all, I need to have some of those 2" faux wood blinds made. I don't want to go the home depot/lowes route where they cut them down for you. Anyone use someone fairly recently who came out and measured, ordered them and installed them? Thanks! flipper
  23. Call their broker and ask them to show it to you. Should get the agents attention. flipper
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