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  1. I had some damage fixed at: http://sunrisepb.com/ this year. I was pleased. flipper
  2. Recessed into what? The one in this house is recessed into the cabinet around it. The back edge of the doors sit flush with the front of the cabinet. What have you seen them recessed into in the past? If anything, the old houses I've owned were set up for the fridge to just sit there and stick out a foot past the cabinet adjacent to it. flipper
  3. Dagum you've got a wide lens. Good shots. Headline: Foreign architecture photographer dabbles in photojournalism flipper
  4. looks like i need to find a different costume. flipper
  5. http://www.houstonarchitecture.com/haif/in...Search&f=70 flipper
  6. I have 15 gallons of flat interior latex paint from Sherwin Williams left over from a project in September of last year. The color is nomadic desert. It looks like this: Lemme know if ya want it. flipper
  7. How many square feet? How much are you expecting to pay for the labor? flipper
  8. Funny story about that day. The morning they started on the floor I had a meeting with the head guy to explain the design that I wanted. The installer didn't speak english, so the head guy explained what I wanted to him in spanish. The next day I asked the head guy to thank the installer for doing such a good job and that I knew it was difficult and that I was hard to please. The head guy told me that the previous morning he told the installer that I was picky, so don't do a "B.S. job" or else he'll have to take it out and do it over again. I have found out since then, that it is a running joke with most of my subs that I am picky and somewhat of a perfectionist flipper
  9. A friend of mine is going to be a contestant in July. I'll let you know what he says flipper
  10. Anyone else wondering what's going on with the investigation? It's been nearly a month. flipper
  11. flipper

    Car Talk

    I would pay a pro. This guy got out a tough dent for me on an Acura TL a couple years ago: http://www.houstondentpros.com/home.html flipper
  12. Thanks peeps. The hex tile floor is from here: http://www.mosaictilesupplies.com/index.as...mp;Category=397 They are a Texas company and were very helpful. We had to "make" the design out of white and black sheets. flipper
  13. Alrighty, this house is done. The clients moved in today. Here are the final pictures taken before the blinds went in late this morning. I'll post some outside pictures after the grass is cut Sorry for the random order, I'm pooped. We took a week under 3 months to complete this project. Check out the before pics at the beginning of the thread: http://www.houstonarchitecture.com/haif/in...showtopic=19816 and some random guy: flipper
  14. I'm interested in this too... flipper
  15. The weather finally pushed me to get more attic insulation blown in. Life is much better @ R38. flipper
  16. Lemme borrow it for a few months and we'll see what the problem is flipper
  17. buy anything yet? flipper
  18. I've passed on many great houses with crappy locations. flipper
  19. Sorry, the budget is only $4,000 flipper
  20. You had me at "mother nature network". If they say it, I believe it. flipper
  21. Here's a good example of why it's frustrating to look for a car on Craigslist. From an ad: "This is a gray Honda Civic.It has 118,000 miles.Its in a good shape nothing is wrong with it.Actually i went down on the deal this car is in a offer.We can make a deal for a lower price it will do." flipper
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