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  1. http://www.houstonarchitecture.com/haif/index.php?showforum=76 flipper
  2. Sweet! Thanks for sharing. Did you use a gigapan? What camera body did you use? flipper
  3. Along the lines of what marmer suggested: This stuff is incredible on car interiors. Gives plastic a nice clean matte finish just like when the car was new. I don't want to sound like an infomercial but it is truly amazing. Available on amazon, or at west marine stores. flipper ps. use a microfiber cloth.
  4. here ya go: Can you get it at the grocery store? flipper
  5. Let's use this thread to help each other out and post products that we've found that live up to their claims. Maybe we can keep the "that sucks, I like this better" to a minimum. Posting any tricks to using it and where you buy it might be helpful too. Ok, my first two: Weimans stainless steel cleaner and polish. Notice the can. I do not like the wipes. I have found that if I spray a small amount on a soft folded cloth and go slowly with the grain of the stainless steel, the results are great. You can buy it at most grocery stores. Stoner's Invisible Glass glass cleaner. Works so much better than windex etc. I like to use it with crumpled newspaper to clean windows/glass. Available at most home centers and car parts places. flipper
  6. I am no longer seeing this site in HD. Do I need a converter box? flipper
  7. I believe it was 1/2 ebony 1/2 medium brown. The poly was satin. flipper
  8. You got your money's worth out of that camera. Welcome to the dark side. flipper
  9. flipper

    Car Talk

    Nice box. Where is the car that came in it? Badum bum. I have been drooling over these lately: flipper
  10. flipper

    Car Talk

    If they combined the front of the XJ and the back of the XF... ....mmmmm flipper
  11. booyah! I ran DVD43 while encoding it and it worked this time. Thanks puma. flipper
  12. I actually tried Handbrake yesterday on windows and it gave me a junky pixelated file. I wasn't running a program like mac the ripper though. I will try running the one I have and try it again! flipper
  13. Hey peeps, Is anyone in love with one of the many pieces of software that will take your dvds and rip them to mp4 for your itouch or iphone? thanks! flipper
  14. Any chance we can get the page numbers next to the thread title on the main page? flipper
  15. ...and the price of the coffee. flipper
  16. 2 things that jump out at me. You can't skip to the last page of a thread without going into the thread. The "sub title" of a thread isn't below the thread title. Sweet upgrade though Ed! flipper
  17. Someone buy my junk! I don't want to deal with nutball freakazoids on craigslist! flipper
  18. 01 Ranger XLT Ext. cab V6 with 75k - $4000 on the money. flipper
  19. Hitachi 10" Table saw with collapsible stand on wheels. Includes $50 blade. The blade wobbles a little. I think the blade and/or motor need to be tightened. A dog chewed on some of the handles also. $175 I have a video of it running I can email you if you are interested. Two pairs of panel style shutters with mounting hardware. These are them: http://www.homedepot.com/webapp/wcs/stores...=10000003+90008 $60 for both pairs. Antique Stewart Warner Radio: Doesn't work, don't know why. $30 Air hose for compressor.Tupperware not included. $10 Extension Cord. 12/3 Exterior grade. I didn't measure it but I think it's 100 feet. Tupperware not included.$30 Nails. A bunch of nails. 3" Clipped Head framing nails. $15 Glass Mosaic Tile. What you see is what I have. I paid $12 a sheet. This is available locally if you want to buy more. $30 Porcelain Tile. 12"x24". Made by Atlas Concorde. Has a "texture" to it and it reflects light. What you see is how much I have. It's available locally if you want more. I think I paid $9 a foot. Will sell for $40. Looks like this installed: Porcelain Tile with bullnose and accents: 18"x18". About 60 feet of tile and about 20 bullnose. Available locally if you need more. $80 Planter boxes: Expandable from 24" to 36". Never Intalled. $20 for the pair. Marble Tile: 4x4 Tumbled Marble. Available locally if you need more. Retails for about $6 a foot. $20 Subway Tile: 3"x6" About 25 square feet. I paid ~$3 a foot. $20 Marble Mosaic: Color is "china beige" Retails for ~$15 a foot. $15 Hakatai Glass Tile: Rootbeer and Clear. I have 6 Clear and 3 Rootbeer $20 Compound Mitre Saw: Good Diablo Blade on it. No safety $50 Whew. flipper
  20. We found something for her flipper
  21. I'll do it EMME. Thanks for your dedication. I've emailed my council member and Mr. Sim. flipper
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