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  1. In some ways, it feels like only a week has gone by, but in others it seems like forever :)

    Yes Porchman, we've really grown our photography business while in Franklin and are really looking forward to pursuing it more back in H-town.

    "See" y'all in a couple months!


  2. We will be back in October. No immediate plans to jump back into flipping. I'm actually looking for a job currently and we have a side business on the nighst/weekends. We are looking forward to reuniting with our Houston friends!

  3. Hey everyone!

    Just thought I'd pop in and browse HAIF to see what is going on in Houston these days. Doesn't look like much has changed since we moved a few months ago. Same characters, different arguments. Ok maybe the same arguments :)

    My wife and I moved to Nashville (Franklin actually) in October. I got my real estate license after a month or so and have been hunting for fixer uppers here since. There was a lot more speculative new construction built here (Franklin) and a lot more people bought those houses with the sole intent of flipping them. That didn't pan out. As a matter of fact, we're living in a new construction townhouse that the owner bought to flip and got stuck with. Franklin is an old civil war town with a large historic district that is still in demand so we've been focusing our efforts there and in other neighborhoods with old housing stock. We dabbled in professional photography in Houston and have spent more time getting that organized here to give us something to do (and some income)till we get the house flipping rolling again. Here's our site if you get bored: Franklin TN Photography . Interestingly enough, we've gotten hooked up with a developer out here and are doing the pictures of their spec houses for them :)

    See you later and stay out of trouble HAIF :)


  4. We're going to Franklin, TN. We'll be doing the flipping thing out there also as well as pursuing some other interests. I might poke into HAIF every once in a while. There is no NAIF (nashville architecture) forum as far as I know :)


  5. Does anyone know how/where I can dispose of 6 or 7 gallons of oil based paint? The mega-recycling place on westpark doesn't take oil based paint. This is their ridiculous suggestion:

    Oil-based paint or paint that has the word "alkyd" on the label should be used up until none is left. This can be done by painting old boards or newspapers in a well-ventilated place. Then the painted wood and newspapers can go into the trash along with the empty can.

    How can a sophisticated city like Houston not have a program for this?

    Anyone want it?


  6. I think Toyota realized that soulless and bland sells. Volkswagen has never had terribly flash designs, and that may be one thing that people like about them.

    Speaking of which, the new Scirocco. It looks like a Golf that was left in the microwave a few minutes.


    volvo C30 much?



  7. So I drive by Darth Vader's house, that's what my kids call it, on the corner of Buffalo Speedway and University, and there is temporary fencing around it. Like its going to be demolished. Anyone know what's going on?

    I meant to start this thread a few days ago after I noticed the same thing. I hope it's not being torn down!

    I think it is 3202 University. I pulled it up on the permit website and I don't see anything.


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  8. I think every classified ad should include the line, "handles chewed on by dog." There's something very authentic about it.

    The funny thing is, the only thing I've sold out of this stuff was the stuff that had been "chewed on by dog". Be right back, going to take my hungry dog outside to my garage sale pile.


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