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  1. No i dont. Just going on memory from the news papers that were mailed to me from Houston during time in the military. I pride myself on my memory, but i cannot claim to know the dates with a straight face :)
  2. WHAT?!?!?! Does this article speak of the sending of NFISD students to HISD schools back then? Congradulations! Have you decided on an Institution of Higher Learning yet?
  3. Stop by Project Row House in Third Ward. They are mostly rehabed shotgun houses. They are rescueing the shotgun houses from destruction by developers. Maybe someone there in the office can help you further. They seem to be buying a lot of them and fixing them up to house young mothers and help them get back on thier feet. Very good and worthy program. http://www.projectrowhouses.org/ 713-526-7662 Also using a few of them to help young artist by giving them a studio and exposure. Again, very good and worthy program
  4. No it isnt. It is a first and very major step in removing scum from the area. Gets its true......southwest is southwest is southwest.
  5. Lets see, I think i can get one of my arms in that thing and maybe half of one of my legs My big ass isnt comfortable riding around in or attempting to get inside a vehicle that i can lift with one arm and flip over
  6. I stand by my statements. Think outside of one dimension. The very fact that you need a cop, on or off duty to show up in a few minutes is bad news. Gated communities do not typically attract trash. Only gated communities i know that attract trash are apartment complexes.
  7. I think the answer isnt to pack up and run. I think the answer is more gated communities! Many if not most of the neighborhoods in the N and NW are built around cul de sacs. It would not be hard to close those neighborhoods off from the rest. Gated communities with strict access control will put a halt to stuff like this.
  8. Money.HISD has a larger balance sheet than any of the ones you listed. HISD is better equipped to handle the students from NFISD and it has happened before. Back in the early 1990's, HISD absorbed students from NFISD when NFISD stood on the brink of total financial collapse.
  9. I can totally see some racism in Nagin through his silly statements. I am no fan of racism! As for Philadelphia, i used to call it Filth-A-Delphia. That place was nasty. Did brother Powell, Colin Powell, follow through with his clean up iniative in Philly that he started a few yrs ago and clean the place up?
  10. This is absolutely absurd! Stuff like this make me wonder if theres an early release program in effect at the local nut houses
  11. Best BBQ is found in my back yard in my smoker Other than that, i like Luthers BBQ.
  12. Now that would be a hilarious site seeing TJones in a Honda Element. His big ass would be about as comfortable riding around in that thing as my big ass would be I would pay good money to see that TJones, this is the first time i have seen interior shots of your Cutlass, very nice job! TexasArchitect, nice ride, but that color hmmmm
  13. If you are looking for some cash in the mean time, my in laws are visiting from Ethiopia. You can be thier tour guide, i will pay cash. If you speak arabic, thats a plus. If not, just speak english very slowly so they can understand you. Take them to several different grocery stores and just let them go! They are ABSOLUTELY FASCINATED with the volume and variety in American grocery stores. They literally walk around them for hours. Who the hell says Houston isnt a place for tourist? I hope this has brought a smile to your face in your time of disappointment
  14. I look forward to seeing the Imperial rolling down the street. I like it! Not sure i would buy it for myself because i have had bad luck with Chrysler in the past. Im a Ford man I think it may be a nice car for the wife.
  15. I wish you much success in finding a new job
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