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  1. Any official structure height for this one yet? I'm guessing it has a reasonable chance to exceed 400' given trending FF office heights.
  2. If my counting is correct, they're almost finished with floor 46 (the last one). Should have a tree soon.
  3. Thank you much TheSirDingle. 4 apartment towers currently under construction in Houston >= 400': Brava (The Preston) - 549' (Almost topped out) The Allen - 496' (Frame assembly) Block 98 Residential Tower - 468' (Frame assembly) Aspire Post Oak - 453' (Topped out) 7 apartment towers completed in Houston since 2015 >= 400: 2929 Weslayan - 533' (2015) Market Square Tower - 498' (2017) The Post Oak - 490' (2018) Hanover River Oaks - 462' (2020) Residences at La Colombe d'Or - 452' (2020) Latitude Medical Center - 423
  4. This tower is planned to top out at a height of 478', right? Apartment towers currently under construction in Houston > 400': Brava - 549' The Allen - 478' Block 98 Residential Tower - 468' Aspire Post Oak - 453'
  5. You'd think, right? I'm a 39-year reservoir engineer working for a small O&G company. This current price helps, but it doesn't cause us to celebrate yet. My personal opinion is that 80 to 85 $/STB will be the break-through price. But even then, the big question is, will it hold or fold? Unfortunately, too many of the necessary rigs and service equipment have been stacked and sat unmaintained to corrode beyond use. Service personnel have mostly gone on to other careers or retired and new bodies can't be hired and trained fast enough to do anything for years. Even the operating compan
  6. It looks like they're working on the 45th floor now.
  7. I really like the looks of this skyscraper and its location within Houston's downtown skyline.
  8. What is the status of the proposed 58 story tower? Is it still likely to happen?
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