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  1. I went by earlier today and can confirm this. No clue about the interior though
  2. So does this mean part of the Bayou Park Apartments is gonna get demolished?
  3. Hah! Jinx. There aren't any renderings of it in the article from what I could see though. Unless I missed something?
  4. Does anyone know if the old sign above G&G's former spot in Rice Village is still up or whether it's been moved yet? Swamplot said they were going to relocate it to the new location off 59. http://swamplot.com/old-rice-village-shops-in-exile-reconvene-at-the-strip-center-off-59/2017-12-22/
  5. Wow. How do you know? Any clue what they're going to do with the extra space? Just throw in a bunch more seating?
  6. Good question. I'm not actually clear on how that rule works in the first place. What's the deal? On certain proposals you can just do what you want anyway as long as you wait 90 days after a rejection and on others the rejection is permanent? And how do they determine which rule to apply in which case?
  7. Yesterday the Archaeological and Historical Commission denied the developer's request to replace the current Great Southwest Sign with this one: Which would've been lit up at night like this: http://www.houstontx.gov/planning/Commissions/docs_pdfs/hahc/App_Materials_2018/june/1314_Texas_Alt_Sign_DRAFT.pdf
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