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  1. Added a new rendering to the construction fence.
  2. My bad. I searched 1622 Caroline and nothing came up. Mods can merge or remove this thread.
  3. Saw they were demolishing the building when I went to Zydeco’s for lunch. Any idea what is going to replace it?
  4. Just an FYI, I work in the Eller Wagon Works building across the street. The building in the right side of the photo.
  5. Not sure what you are referring but it might be related to the Hardy Toll Road connector. http://www.hardyconnector.org/
  6. Both buildings are now down and removal and cleanup has begun.
  7. They could still be doing asbestos abatement. I am just not that familiar with it. But they are prepping the buildings for something.
  8. My guess is they have the address wrong. The article states it is the property bounded by Crawford, Commerce, Jackson and Ruiz. Which makes it the old Thermal Supply building directly north of our Wagon Works building.
  9. This week they are chiseling the white paint off the building at the corner of Crawford and Commerce, exposing the brick under it.
  10. For the past few weeks they have been chiseling the smooth surface of the face of the building. Why would they go through all this effort if they are going to demolish it?
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