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  1. Mooyah had a preview yesterday! Enjoyed a great lunch for FREE! Fries are excellent. The burger was good too. Also tried a free sample of a milkshake and it was average. The place was packed and I think it will do well here. If had I a choice between Mooyah and Johnny Rockets its a no brainer! Mooyah is a great addition to La Centerra!
  2. Anyone know what's going in next to Whitney Bank at Cinco Ranch Blvd and Westheimer?? I noticed they were doing some work there. Also on down behind the Redeemer Church on Westheimer I noticed they had down some dirt work too??
  3. The key pad was not working. We walked right in and there was no sign in sheet.
  4. So we went and checked out the new pool today. It was nice, but I must say I was disappointed in a few things. The splash pad is just dumping pails onto concrete. I think the Highland Park pool has a much better kids splash area. Why they didn't put in the squishy foamlike surface is beyond me. They have a small rectangle bathtub which is the kiddie pool. Besides being dirty it was not impressive. A little fountain or something would have been nice in it. The slides are fun and its a very big pool and not super deep anywhere. Overall would not rate it as the best pool in Cinco. Anyone else have thoughts on the new pool?
  5. Thanks cla, You are always know the scoop!!! So if there was a house for sale that backed to this small portion then i might just go for it. I guess it could eventually be houses backing up as my neighbors but not a road or retail, who knows maybe a little path......
  6. I have heard, but not sure if the source is reliable, that once Spring Green cuts through they are going to close down a portion of Katy Gaston?? I'm not even sure which portion but can make a guess. Has anyone else heard this??? I'm guessing it would be the portion of Katy Gaston that ties into Cinco Ranch Blvd. since it will be basically parallel to Spring Green if I understand where Spring Green is going. My follow up question is what is going to go in once the road comes through?? Retail or Houses??? probably both!
  7. Does anyone know how often they update google maps? I live in the new Cinco southwest and we still aren't on the map either!!
  8. This was the first time I had seen the official names of the new schools. From the article it appears they met on a special called Saturday meeting to vote on school names.
  9. Katy News http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/nb/kat...ws/5677887.html April 5, 2008, 9:06PM Trustees name 3 new Katy schools Board approves Cardiff Junior High and Bonnie Holland and Morton Ranch elementaries By KAREN HASTINGS Chronicle Correspondent Three new Katy schools will be named for one of the area's oldest families, one of its original ranches, and for a longtime district employee who learned of the honor in a surprise school board vote Saturday morning. Bonnie Holland Elementary will be the name of the new school at 23720 Seven Meadows Parkway. Katy school board members also voted but not unanimously
  10. About Cinco Ranch HOAs and Amenities Here is an explanation of the two Cinco Ranch Developments. by: Rexanne East With the opening of the new Community Center at Spring Green Blvd. and Springwood Lake Dr. coming up in May, CincoRanchConnects.com has received a number of inquiries from residents about who will be able to use this new amenity, based on where they live in the community. This post, therefore, will hopefully clarify the footprints of the two Home Owners Associations (HOAs) serving Cinco Ranch and how they affect resident use of access-controlled amenities such as the new Community Center. Like many large-scale master-planned communities, Cinco Ranch has more than one Homeowners Association, which has the benefit of giving homeowners a collectively stronger voice about issues affecting them closest to home in their individual neighborhoods. The Cinco Residential Property Association (
  11. Doesn't The Woodlands have two different associations???
  12. I would be curious to know how the rec. ctr. was funded? If I understand correctly Cinco I cannot use Cinco II but Cinco II can use Cinco I pools...interesting
  13. Is it true that Cinco I residents will not have access to Cinco II amenities? I heard that since an agreement was not worked out this summer that only Cinco II residents will have access to the brand new rec. center that is currently under construction? Can anyone offer more on this topic?
  14. What's going up next to Super Target on Westheimer Parkway? thx
  15. Does anybody know the story on the huge ranchland that is beyond that. I drive by it all the time and wonder who he will one day sell to? Talk about having the town grow up around you....
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