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  1. I wonder when Southside Flying Pizza will open. They seem to have hit a stand still with permits by the looks of the notices on the window the last time I was over there. Hunington has listed a small parcel for sale directly behind this parcel. Has some updated stuff on the map including Marquette. https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/Sec-Navigation-Boulevard-At-Canal-St-Houston-TX/15631505/
  2. I think they underestimated people's ability to find documents like this without specifically having it labeled under East River. Probably part of their direct to retailers marketing materials but as indicated by their lack of updates on their website and social media, not quite intended for public consumption. They have been mostly silent since the bid for Amazon. Even when they added new renderings, it was simply added into the brochure without any announcement. I'd imagine they wanted to wait until a few retailers were committed to share this. Every morning I drive past the lot and there are definitely construction workers moving dirt around.
  3. Yea, and I appreciate that you shared the image and hopefully the final design is comparable to those renderings which are really cool, I was responding the post after yours. Hopefully we see some movement at this location soon. Maybe Nancy's Hustle ownership would be interested, I had read they wanted to open a second restaurant on the East Side.. I'd also love to see Justin Yu and Bobby Heugel team up for something in the East End.
  4. If you go to their website (W Squared) it seems as if there is another rendering labeled N. York. Retrofit. I'm not sure if this is anything but a concept at this point that's available for potential renters (if the property is still owned by ancorian, I don't see it listed on their site) http://www.wsquaredarch.com/commercial/dnip2mksbutbsieo4q9v2odq0i57sa
  5. This sounds a lot like a museum in Seattle. The Museum of History and Industry. It focuses on a wide range of rolling exhibits from Seattle industry from lumber mills to Twin Peaks. One of the coolest museums I've visited before and I'd love to see something like that done here one day. https://mohai.org/
  6. Jensen exit as of today literally spits you out onto where East River is. I don't know if you're specifically talking about with regards to future plans or if you're talking about today if East River were open. You can rationalize it however you want, it's not a benefit to the area even if it's not a huge detriment. You are going to bat for TXDot alot in a thread that's supposed to be about the construction of a game changer for the City. Luckily txdot hasn't seemed to scare away developers from the area and I can't wait to see what this area looks like despite having to work around this.
  7. http://www.buffalobayourc.org/ So do they. I'm not sure what the timeline is on it and where they want to put it but I wouldn't be surprised if they are included in the East Sector Master Plan coming up.
  8. I'm going to hold off judgment until we see what Buffalo Bayou has planned here. We should be hearing from them with regards to the East Sector fairly soon. I recall that the idea was to allow BBP to have an easement on the land fronting the bayou. It could be that the brochure does not include bridges that have not been finalized by the BBP or it could be that the scope of connectivity to the south side of the bayou is more limited than expected.
  9. You're totally right, I didn't even notice the largest building that isn't the proposed theater or the museum is just over 11,000 SQ Ft. Maybe we will see that they are going to use the land at Canal/Navigation/Runnels for a more centralized store, closer to Downtown and East Downtown.
  10. Undoubtedly a movie theater. Hopefully we finally get our first in the loop Alamo Draft House. Hopefully, in addition to a theater, the first phase includes a Grocery Store and a Gym of some sort.
  11. https://www.houstonpress.com/news/midway-is-in-early-stages-of-transforming-the-old-kbr-complex-east-of-downtown-11238927 No new information, but it does link to an article where, in the comments, a user states he was told a grocery store would be the first project. Whoever puts the first store here is going to quickly realize that multiple surrounding neighborhoods, Including Downtown, are starved for a closer store. When I drove by this morning, It seemed like there were more people working on site than normal. I'm excited to see a timeline and I'm wondering how long Midway will hold off on sharing more information for such plans and any estimates on phase I construction.
  12. According to their Instagram, This project fell through. That's too bad, I was really looking forward to this being in the area. https://www.instagram.com/victoriansbarbecue/
  13. Agreed, this is a great sign for this neighborhood. I think a big reason there has been a bit of lull in development over there, is that so many big projects are on the cusp of happening and people want a clearer view of what's to come. Between East River construction beginning presumably within in the year, the Freeway Project being finalized soon, Buffalo Bayou finalizing the master plan for the East Sector in the next few months, and projects like this one; this area is going to be much easier to project in the next year or so. I think we'll see a lot of developers rush to get ahead of it. There is already see some movement here with Ancorian coming close to finishing up a development just about block from this project at 2339 Commerce, but no tenants announced at this time.
  14. I'm under the impression that the lot that is owned by Midway is across the street (Runnels and Navigation) and the lot that is being presented for a potential "EaDO Navigation" (which hopefully changes in name because this area is not East Downtown) is the lot behind the Andes Cafe and Maritime Museum(Navigation and McAlpine). Also, I don't think a Catalyst type building would fit this area at all. The plans appear to be closer to five to six stories versus a towering complex. Hopefully this sticks, as large buildings would set a precedent for this area that i'm hoping is avoided. edit: after a quick search it in fact looks like this property was also purchased by KBR in 2016( I'm guessing it was part of the Midway transaction but I'm not sure.)
  15. Yea, I'm just not their clientele. I used to pay around $6.00 for a matinee at Sundance. I cannot justify paying New York City prices for movies in Houston, despite the experience.
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