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  1. Quite the scale back for phase I No Museum and from what I'm seeing no theater. 2020 did no favors to this development.
  2. Regardless of whether or not they should share their views online, I'm extremely disappointed that they aren't offering take out options on their website. Open table claims they do take out so it's possible they take orders by phone, but I'm not in a hurry to eat out at this point but would be more willing to order take out.
  3. This isn't fourth. It's forth. Meaning onward or forward from a starting point. I'm guessing they are saying it's the start of navigation and its growth.
  4. From the moment I saw this was announced, I expected this. They hyped up an announcement for a theater, when they know everyone is waiting to see who will occupy the space, and they give us this, they aren't reading the room.
  5. Alamo Drafthouse is opening up their Katy area theater for the first time since closing in March. Hopefully there is some synergy and they announce their first inner-loop location at East River.
  6. Bahn Mi is exactly what I wanted to see in that location. They are going to rake it in. I've never been to a Roostar, but I surely will be going often now.
  7. The new information including Avila being involved make me much more excited for this. The original story made it seem like the franchisees were just going to pivot and open a new restaurant concept. This is what I wanted in the area. I jumped to conclusion but the original article was barren.
  8. Honestly this kills my interest in this project. Hopefully it's good but I looked up Squealing Pig and the outlook isn't great. https://www.memphisdailynews.com/news/2018/feb/14/corkys-bbq-expanding-headed-to-houston-and-dallas//print One of the owners of this group also runs several Panera Bread and Applebee's franchises. This isn't what I wanted from this location but hopefully they do well. The other owner of the group doesn't seem to have any other information available. I'm cautiously pessimistic on this one.
  9. The neighborhood definitely needs healthy options. Do you and your team have experience in the industry or is this a first time venture?
  10. This area could use some traffic instead of people going 60 MPH down Jensen next to a school.
  11. This is a misleading quote then. "Arnoldy said he was working the city to assure the project will not overwhelm existing traffic patterns. Rather it will have a “low-rise feel” that better blends into the area."
  12. I haven't seen a ton of activity over there, although I'm mostly working from home now and rarely leave, so I don't drive by nearly as often as I did pre shutdown.
  13. I would imagine it is because 2404 Navigation isn't relying on dozens of companies to commit to leases during the biggest health crisis since the 80s.
  14. I'm just curious as to what exactly Cajun Coast is. Is it a new concept from another restaurant/ chef? Is it an alias for a company who doesn't want people to know that they are coming to this location quite yet? One thing is for certain. I cannot find another Cajun Coast restaurant anywhere.
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