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  1. thank you for sharing the blurb about Broham! I'm excited to see what does end up as GFR in this building as well.
  2. I think 2311 is the building where the Maritime Museum is currently housed rather than the complex owned by Marquette. In my opinion that's even better because it's a temporary location for a temporary building. The more infill the better and this means we will get something at the complex and at this location.
  3. https://secrethouston.com/meow-wolf-houston/?utm_campaign=later-linkinbio-secrethouston&utm_content=later-26772521&utm_medium=social&utm_source=linkin.bio I honestly didn't know Saint Arnold's was considered to be in the 5th Ward after all of these years of going there. When I read that I assumed it would be at East River or somewhere along Clinton over there. This area in general sure is blossoming.
  4. I drove by today and was thinking about what the GFR was going to be and when the GFR was going to fill in. I really do hope Marquette reconsiders and ends up building by the bayou at 400 Jensen. They did a fantastic job on this development.
  5. Happy to see they are going to stay in the area. They have solid distribution all over the city. I always am on the lookout for Great Heights cans when I'm at the store but never seem to see them and end up with something from True Anomaly.
  6. https://houstondaily.com/stories/619616637-city-of-houston-city-council-met-jan-25-26 Work has been done on the water system near the bayou on Jensen, I'm not sure if it's related to this but they are still doing work along Jensen.
  7. Two interesting notes from updated retail and general project guide books. On the document below, if you go to unparalleled access they are hinting at a proposed rail line. While I've heard of this other places, this is very up to date and it makes me think that Midway is in someway involved now as it runs through the entire north side of East River. I hope they get it done, it can't hurt to have some people with pull getting involved in the proposal. I would love this if it happens, easy access to EADO, which oddly enough is kind of annoying to get to and very annoying to walk to even from the second ward due weird intersections and train tracks. https://global-uploads.webflow.com/60fabed9899a525885269ae4/61f9af8e2a73b579793241f2_220201 East River_Project Guidebook_digital_compressed.pdf on the site plan below it mentions that most of Phase 1 is planned for Q2 2023, while the remainder is planned for Q4 2023. That's very ambitious and I hope they meet that timeline. Whether the Golf Course is ready by this Summer should give an indication on their time line's accuracies. https://global-uploads.webflow.com/60fabed9899a525885269ae4/62015bc858102c686839cae4_221028 East River Retail_compressed.pdf
  8. @HOUHOU83you just have to make that decision for yourself. I have my days where I feel a little out of my comfort zone when walking my dog but I also have days where I just feel lucky to be so central to everything and surrounded by potential on top of the existing charm. I don't know how close you are the train tracks and what smells you are suffering but neither of those things greatly affect me. Smells fine where I am except for maybe a day or two a year where the wind brings in something and the train while audible does not keep me up at night anymore. I moved in a few years before you did and have had moments where I felt like I wanted to move. If it was all about money, I probably would leave but I personally am enjoying watching the area take shape and hope to be here to reap the benefits that East River, The Mill and other developments bring to the area beyond financial gain.
  9. If this was actually purchased by Tilman, I do think this will be where they put the new practice facility. Interesting use of the property and I would obviously much prefer an HEB but it makes sense as it's fairly close to Toyota Center, big enough to get creative and most likely cheaper than a lot of other surrounding areas. This tweet leads me to believe something is in the works. Not necessarily at this location but somewhere. https://twitter.com/FeliciaPStone/status/1487854877527232520?s=20&t=hpLjBYrGfrT64NJxloB5lQ This is the wife of the GM of the Rockets responding to a fan complaining about the practice facility. Additionally, this tweet was liked by Tilman's son.
  10. I think this must be a different development because it looks almost nothing like the other design and nothing like the other photos on the same link couple this with nothing on the Mill's website indicating the design changed, especially considering that there is a 3D tour available elsewhere that maintains the other design. https://canvas360tours.com/TheMill/canvas/ I personally prefer the design more consistently shown, but I guess we should see soon considering this thing is supposed to be built by October.
  11. Looks like some leveling has begun from what I see driving by and the photos in this thread. There were also crews at the future roundabout yesterday when I drove by. Seems like some movement is finally happening at this intersection.
  12. I'm hoping for the largest concept Rainforest Cafe in the country. Not a big Tilman fan (ruined my Rockets in a blink of an eye because he wouldn't let the GM at the time do his job). I think he's nothing but a salesman who will cut bait if things get rough, but I'm curious what this ends up being.
  13. Quite the scale back for phase I No Museum and from what I'm seeing no theater. 2020 did no favors to this development.
  14. Regardless of whether or not they should share their views online, I'm extremely disappointed that they aren't offering take out options on their website. Open table claims they do take out so it's possible they take orders by phone, but I'm not in a hurry to eat out at this point but would be more willing to order take out.
  15. This isn't fourth. It's forth. Meaning onward or forward from a starting point. I'm guessing they are saying it's the start of navigation and its growth.
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