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  1. Taken from the Chronicle article linked by @ekdrm2d1 Marquette is really sticking to calling Navigation a romantic boulevard. Definitely not how I would describe it, but if that's its' reputation and it gets more development to the area, I'm all for it.
  2. I read this yesterday and it seems a bit overstated but honestly, the East End, around where this development is underway, has become a dumping ground for the city's unwanted. There is a reasonable mistrust of city officials to conserve this area and improve it for people who live there. A perfect parallel is the monthly "protest ride" that drives everyone insane who isn't participating. Downtown didn't want Critical Mass anymore, so they moved to The Heights and before they could even get one ride off they were forced to move to Guadalupe Plaza Park. Every last Friday of the month if you are in the direct area you essentially have to plan around them and they often are making noise into the night on return. The East End District didn't do anything to fight this where as the Heights were able to thwart them off immediately. In the past year or so, I've noticed more and more of a steady homeless population in this area and I assume these are people who were moved from other underpasses to this area. This area has a huge issue with littering and loitering on properties. None of the facilities that are serving the homeless care about what happens to the area once people leave their premises and the city has done nothing about this for years. I will say this about that particular web page. Clayton Homes is set to close and they have to be relocated. The HHA is most likely trying to find a way to put them all in the general vicinity. The location on Canal is an apartment complex that has low income housing incorporated and there are no noticeable negative effects from them. If the other complexes are ran similarly there is no real reason to dislike them. They are providing people assistance and have no real effect on the area for residents, positive or negative. The huge issue with adding more and more of this is that the area is near downtown and residents are paying taxes equivalent to downtown and basically are ignored by the city. The hope has always been once East River and the other developments came, the city would begin to pay more attention to keeping the area clean, safe and updated and I guess this is yet to be seen but taxes aren't being fairly assessed in this district. If the area wasn't essentially ignored, none of this would be an issue but there are rightful hesitations that the city will give proper attention as these changes occur.
  3. https://www.eastenddistrict.com/capital-projects/navigation-jensen-runnels-roundabout/ An update that basically says nothing new except that funding for public engagement has been secured.
  4. New content uploads on the webpage. It appears as if they are just recently re-uploaded images due to the dates in the files. Regardless, it definitely signals that we should be hearing something soon.
  5. https://eastriverhtx.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/190605-East-River-Office-Leasing-Brochure_CES.pdf Leasing brochure has been updated recently. edit: just realized that all the buildings are set for a 2021 building completion based on the brochure. Hopefully it's Q1 or 2.
  6. BBP's finalized plan for the East Sector is set to release in the next couple of months and took East River into major consideration as far as I have heard.
  7. https://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/article/Hemp-company-to-begin-processing-in-old-Maxwell-14132473.php?utm_source=sftwitter&utm_campaign=socialflow&utm_medium=referral
  8. This is great. A few notes. 1. There is a pedestrian bridge crossing from the south side of the bank to the north. 2. A dog park is listed (originally, buffalo bayou partnership said no dog parks in their program) 3. The Kayak launch. 4. Outdoor movies being a re-purpose of the Silos makes a lot of sense after their art display there. I really like that there will be plenty of green space to absorb water versus going all concrete and I'm very happy to see a good developer utilizing the land.
  9. Great find, I used to walk by the place that was there before all the time (I believe it was a salon with coffee) but never went in for coffee because of the salon portion. I'll check this out once it's open for sure.
  10. https://www.eastenddistrict.com/wp-content/uploads/June-2019-Board-Meeting-Agenda.pdf Looks like the board will be looking to approve the selection of the committee assigned to the project this Thursday.
  11. I think one of these developers is going to buy both properties eventually but if we have all of these projects finished first, people moving in are going to take some time to get used to it. That park is completely a waste unless there is an event going on. I'm not sure what could be done to fix this issue except as mentioned above both properties on Jensen being bought out.
  12. Yea that makes sense, the lot with the metal structure on it? Additionally I was wondering if the lot east of Jensen and south of the Bayou in front of the existing town homes was a possibility. I've seen some activity there and despite there being an advertising for another company, I couldn't find anything about them online.
  13. Does anyone know where the second planned project is? They are calling it "East Bayou." I really hope that the health amenities (Yoga etc) they speak of become available to the public to use. This area is kind of lacking in the health options that EaDo seems to be collecting.
  14. With Yoga in mind for the developer. I would love to see Black Swan make their way over to the East Side. They offer pay $10 or more as a "donation" when you go to a class and provide people an opportunity to practice Yoga without a huge commitment.
  15. I don't love the idea of it being in the bayou. Seems like it is so wide that it would take up nearly all of the channel. This would place a burden on any potential for a focus on kayaking. I think if it were moved to this area it would be inside of the museum as a focal point.
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