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  1. Elevator waits are really the annoying part. I live on the 18th floor and a few weeks ago, all but a single elevator stopped working. That was a fun day for me and the rest of the residents.
  2. Between Arabella, Gables, whatever retail they are building on 610, the Equinox hotel, and the lot behind Arabella, Westcreek is going to get quite busy again. And that San Felipe Target will start looking very out of place in a couple of years.
  3. Looks like activity has finally started to pick up. The old fence has been taken down and replaced today.
  4. With the new Uptown BRT, how difficult would it be for Metro to extend that line from the NW Transit Center to the hypothetical station? It would at least be something.
  5. The original render still had trees so we'll see if they stick to that plan.
  6. Agreed. It's why I decided not to live in downtown. I understand the tunnels take care of a lot for the 9-5 workers, but a major grocer would be a huge boon and if Phoenicia can survive, so could others. Of course for some reason HEB would rather build another one in Upper Kirby that's already within looking distance of 2 other stores (plus Central Market). *shrug*
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