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  1. Finally, they cleared everything and teased us for a while. Good to hear construction will kick-off soon.
  2. You'd think, right? At least somewhere around 80-85%. I wish I knew for sure.
  3. So they would be committing money towards the portion where the proposed highway caps would connect midtown to the museum district as well as where the big cap would connect EaDo to Downtown correct? (If, of course, they agree to commit $100M)
  4. Looks like they added a giant blender ball.
  5. Thank you for this, I saw the fencing up along Durham drive and wondered what was up!
  6. I saw this story, these new rules have me very worried for our neighbors in the north. We've always joked about Austin being "New California", but it seems as though they are failing to learn from homeless situations on the west coast.
  7. Good to see they are getting some traffic! I figured they would.
  8. Interesting read. I wasn’t aware Dallas had surpassed us in terms of homeless population: https://www.texastribune.org/2019/07/02/why-homelessness-going-down-houston-dallas/
  9. I can echo the disappointments of everyone above. It's not an awful design, it's just boring and that parking lot surrounding it doesn't help the look.
  10. I agree with Crock on this one. Sure, it's the former site of the Spaghetti Warehouse, but it's transforming into a completely new concept. The actual Spaghetti Warehouse (Warehouse 72), is outside the 610 loop. It's good info to know, but it doesn't make much sense to include that information on a thread for a restoration.
  11. True, although this is a massive site. I'm impressed by how after they tear one massive building down they move on to the next one only a few days later.
  12. Honestly, if this project ended up getting canceled I really wouldn't care. It's a shame that they already did the work of pouring the concrete and getting up to street level, but the dated design and lack of verticality would be much more disappointing in my mind.
  13. Man I hope they kick-off the renovation of 800 Bell within the next couple years.
  14. The tower looks sharp in that 5th picture! Love how this thing turned out.
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