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  1. I'm skeptical of construction starting next month, but it would be great if work actually kicked off before summer. The other lingering question: when will we see those update renderings?
  2. Have they opened multiple locations in one city before? I know that the last time I checked, they typically only have one location per city. But maybe they could buck that trend if they do well in Houston, who knows! But yeah, agreed that the location could've definitely been better. Downtown/Midtown/Montrose would've been amazing.
  3. Wow...such a creepy sight. Looks like a storm spawning a tornado.
  4. It seems like it should be common sense, but sadly I've seen far too many people who simply could care less about their actions. I remember watching one time, in disbelief, someone driving away from IAH toss their fast food garbage out their window.
  5. Great shot! Also, on a side note, if you look towards the upper right-hand corner, you can see the hollowed-out pawn shop that will soon become a Bottled Blonde.
  6. You know, you're right, my apologies. You kids have fun continually bumping a thread from 2007, seems like a constructive conversation.
  7. So we still don't have any idea of what is going on here? A lot of dirt moving around, are they just clearing the site from the demo?
  8. Definitely dig the greenery, hopefully, we get something similar to what the renderings show.
  9. Drove past the site today, the remaining buildings have been torn down, they are clearing the land of debris.
  10. Looks like little to no progress...at least from the outside.
  11. Visited HV today and walked around, definitely busy. Makes me wish there was some form of light rail that ran down Westheimer, but I don't think there'd be much room if they tried to! Also, it's a real shame to see that empty steakhouse sitting there on the corner at Drexel. Beautiful building, hope it finds a tenant soon.
  12. I don't think anyone ever posted the link, so check it out below, the website has a video detailing the renderings: https://www.lifetime.life/life-time-locations/tx-greenway-houston.html?selecteddate=2019-03-09 On a side note, the workers have been installing windows for the past 2 days.
  13. Besides HAIF, Swamplot was a go-to source for development/demolition news. Sad to see them go.
  14. Approve it or oppose it, most major American cities damned themselves a long time ago when they built major highways that flattened whole neighborhoods. Most of these cities have only continued to grow since then and the infrastructure will need to be updated (at the very least) to avoid dangerous deterioration. I drove south on i-45 through downtown just yesterday and you can tell just by looking at the existing structures that something will need to be done the next 5-10 years if the highway is expected to handle traffic for the next generation. The current roadways are outdated, I'd argue smaller scale changes (widening the lanes, adding more shoulder room for disabled vehicles/emergencies, better feeder/exit connections) are an absolute must, regardless of whether or not the whole "trenching" proposal comes to fruition. I'm open to alternative perspectives on how we can update i-45 and the highways surrounding downtown, but I think it's a tad bit foolish to oppose any highway expansion altogether.
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