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  1. You shouldn't go overboard on both ends of the spectrum. You have to take it seriously, but we shouldn't be panicking. Yes, it can kill, but 80% of cases are classified as mild and can be treated from home. The ones we really need to worry about are the elderly, or anyone over the age of 60. I'm honestly okay with the measures companies and people are putting in place to curve the effects of the virus. That being said, this will accelerate the recession. I'm more concerned with the overall economic impact than I am the physical impact, H1N1 infected nearly 60 million Americans and killed over 12,000 Americans alone: almost no one talks about it. But again, that isn't grounds to treat the virus lightly.
  2. This is more of a question than a topic of conversation, but I couldn't find a whole lot of information so I was wondering if anyone had any news regarding this topic. I know back after Hurricane Ike hit the trolleys were damaged (not the bus trolleys) and that they were undergoing restoration. I had seen articles as recent as last year indicating they were close to coming back, but they weren't there when I traveled there in May of last year and haven't been back since. Does anyone know if they are operating again or is this one of those projects that is dragging along? Any word on when they may come back?
  3. Man, I remember BuffBurger was the first burger joint I ate at in Houston, and I always remembered it being above average at worst. Their Alabama Row location was very nice, a good atmosphere and a quality venue. I will say I think they made some menu changes that weren't the greatest and the quality of their food got worse with time. But still, far from a bad restaurant. Probably just location and a saturated market.
  4. No problem, UrbanPlanet hosts numerous city forums, but not all are super active. I know for Texas only the Austin forum really posts anything. As for Nashville, they do have a pretty active site. The link to their forum is below: https://www.urbanplanet.org/forums/forum/250-nashville/
  5. I tend to visit several different development forums outside of HAIF, one of which is for the city of Nashville. Now not to get too much into the details, their new mayor has been somewhat anti-development. Recent reports suggested that he may have scared off Microsoft from building a campus in the city. A trusted source from that page posted this information relating to Houston: So I asked a colleague who is much closer to things in Nashville. Colleague said that Microsoft was scared away by Cooper's approach to Asurion. They are looking for an urban campus similar to Amazon. One place mentioned... they're looking at an area in Houston near the largest medical centers there. Their mayor is kicking butt with recruiting. If there's an ounce of truth in this report, my best guess would be they are looking at the Innovation District? Does that sound right?
  6. Wow, great to hear an update on this one! Any idea of when the public can expect to see these new renderings?
  7. Well, wasn't expecting this to take this spot. But the renderings are nice and it will be good to have something on this corner.
  8. It's already becoming a prominent building from a distance. But it's construction is making that white parking garage in front of it (originally intended for the International Tower) stick out like a sore thumb. Wonder if that tower will ever come to fruition.
  9. Yikes, good thing this one got ditched. Looks like a combination of everything awful from the 2000's.
  10. Oops 😅 Thanks for the info, will do.
  11. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly these aging lots seem to find new development in the Heights. Things move quickly in this neighborhood.
  12. Please don't tell me they are going to leave it like that. Aren't they at least going to put a screen around the garage instead of leaving it open and exposed?
  13. An Alamo Drafthouse downtown would be a game changer. I honestly think if and when they rebuild the Bayou Center downtown, plugging in an Alamo Drafthouse in place of the AMC that is there currently.
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