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  1. Good to hear, the eastern trails definitely could use some love.
  2. ^ It looks like the tall tower in the first pic and the last pic have have different designs. Which render is the most recent version?
  3. Do we know what is going up here yet?
  4. Laura is going to be close, but hopefully if it does hit, we get the clean side rather than the messy side. Marco to me could also be a potential issue, I know it's supposed to decrease in intensity after hitting Louisiana, but I'm concerned that it might gain some more strength riding the coast as it heads towards us.
  5. Happy to see this one is getting near completion. When I was walking around downtown a few weeks ago, I got to see the progress at the street level, and it's looking good.
  6. Well, some good news on this topic! Looks like they are testing the trolleys once again and getting ready to roll them out sometime in the future. https://www.galveston.com/trolley-rolls-out-of-barn-for-testing/
  7. Saw this on Facebook. Nothing really new from the renderings, but it looks like a completion date of 2021 is included. This may be old news, but I thought I’d share anyways. EDIT: Found construction pics from August 7th:
  8. via r/houston on Reddit (u/_jviews). Original link: https://www.reddit.com/r/houston/comments/iatv5k/eastern_glades_addition_at_memorial_park_is_now/
  9. This project has become very prominent, and the main tower hasn't even reached ground level! Whenever I'm on Memorial Drive headed to Buffalo Bayou Park, you can see 3-4 story building already going up very easily. It'll be a sight for sure once the main tower goes up, it will significantly alter the view looking towards downtown.
  10. I can also confirm what @Triton has seen. They've also placed a fence around the perimeter that has renderings of the land bridges all over it. I don't have a PDF, but I found this link to the Memorial Park Conservancy that has some FAQs and a detailed description of the plan: https://www.memorialparkconservancy.org/discover/master-plan/land-bridge-prairie-restoration-project/ Not sure if this helps!
  11. From a few days ago, it looks like they will be breaking ground soon on the land bridge! New render I also have not seen yet.
  12. Finally! When I lived near Richmond I use to drive past this building everyday and it always bugged me how dirty it was. Great to see it's finally getting some love.
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