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  1. That's great and all, but someone should've told them that this year is 2019.
  2. That view of Midtown in the 2nd picture is going to change dramatically over the next 4-5 years if all the Australian high-rises come to fruition.
  3. Saw the fence up this Sunday, happy to see this is going forward!
  4. Really sad to hear. To me, my initial thoughts are it may have been one of the photographers you see on social media and instagram who scale buildings and cranes to get shots of the city.
  5. This was posted today as a story on the Buffalo Bayou Park’s Instagram page. Looks like the work will be split into 7 phases to minimize disruption for park users. Some areas/paths will close down temporarily.
  6. Wow, I assumed this would be about 7-8 stories, but 20-25 stories is significant. Love that this area is growing so fast. I wonder how long it will be before the gas station near by changes hands.
  7. Wow, just blinked and now the facade looks like it's almost done on one side. Agreed, looking much better than I thought it would.
  8. As long as it's taken to complete the plaza, I must say it looks pretty good.
  9. I know it's always good to have infill, but like I said before it is somewhat of a relief that this development isn't going forward. Considering how much trouble they had getting this together, it's likely the final product would've turned out to be cheap and sub-par along with being a bad design. It will be an issue going forward for any developer wishing to purchase that site, to either continue with something else or tear it all down.
  10. I believe so, I know St. Louis, San Diego, and Washington D.C. have mixed-use developments surrounding their stadiums. And I know Denver is in the process of completing theirs, as seen below: ^^^ Again, this is in Denver, CO.
  11. No sooner had I posted about the fence coming down than I drove by again today to see a new, bigger fence around the property 🤣
  12. Drove by the site today to notice the fence that was around the property has been removed. I'm not sure if this is a bad sign moving forward, but it seems to indicate to me that works might not start anytime soon.
  13. I'll take this project for sure. And yes, it looks like 11,000 sqft of GFR. I know it's not very tall or flashy in terms of color, but more residential in this area is a good thing. I live very close by and am within walking distance, I've walked past that site for almost 2 years now. More people are going to help the businesses in this area, and the GFR will bring even more options.
  14. That glass finally going up looks gorgeous, can't wait to see how this rehab turns out when finished.
  15. Drove by the Village today, looks like the Apple Store is completely covered and is undergoing renovations.
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