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  1. I’m going to say yes. I know that Park Place near River Oaks District is visible and that’s less than 20 stories.
  2. A grocery store and LifeTime Fitness would be a great 1-2 punch.
  3. I'm trying to think if that could work given the space, but absolutely a grocery store on Main Street would be incredible for the area.
  4. I understand the issues brought up in the article, but this project is a major boost for the area. In my mind the positives far outweigh the negatives. It would just be a shame if the project was delayed or the overall vision was stunted because of this.
  5. While the color scheme isn't my favorite, the overall design is nice and should be a good addition to the area. Better than a surface lot.
  6. That store was always empty. I remember walking around downtown when my family was here during the summer and taking a break to cool off inside the store. There was almost no one there other than the employees at the front counter. Isn't the LifeTime Fitness taking over this space as well, or a different section?
  7. So do we have any updated renderings for what will be going up here? As well as a timeline?
  8. Okay, I might still prefer the previous design of the building, but the new tower looks great and makes up for the double helix change in my mind!
  9. But I thought it was fairly certain that they had done away with the helix building design and were only going to make a ground level park in the shape of a double helix. If I'm wrong, then great, I would prefer the original design. But until someone can confirm that, I wish they would stop using old renderings.
  10. Man, they keep teasing us with the old renderings of the double-helix shaped building. I know they are more readily available, but every time I see them it gives me false hope.
  11. If Rice Box is the tenant, they are going to make a killing in that area. Rice Village would be the perfect place to open another location. I know their location on Shepherd has seen great traffic and success.
  12. This is awesome! Love the new renderings.
  13. Agreed. My dream would be to have a new aquarium/amusement park complex built near Minute Maid/Discovery Green. If the highway cap park ever happens in downtown, that would also be an excellent area to have it.
  14. I don’t know if this is the section to post this, but the past week or so I’ve noticed that they have completely leveled the original NW Transit Center near where 610 and 10 meet. I didn’t realize they were going to completely rebuild it. I for one am happy, the previous structure always looked dated with the white pyramid roof.
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