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  1. Someone needs to tell that guy it isn't safe to walk on the train tracks.
  2. If you work at a job that regular drug tests or are on say probabtion then the synthetic weed can give you a similar feeling to being high on the natural stuff. And unlike the natural stuff, it can become addicting to some folks.
  3. Not about brand nowadays. It's how you wear it.
  4. Can the Boom Continue?

    And the tax is only on imported barrels. I do think Texas should raise the gas tax to pay for roads while prices are low.
  5. Speed limit

    Have been in DFW for the past few days and have been on some of the freeways with speed increases. I 20 in Tarrant County went from 60 to 70, and I have to say that traffic is flowing better on it now. More people naturally stay to the right since people are going 70 there. I assume it is the same on other roadways. I saw a cop when I was driving and going about 72. At first I thought "damn, I better slow down" but then I remembered. Must be nice knowing you can go the speed most everyone drives, somewhere in the low to mid 70s, and not worry about some BS 15 over ticket. One of my old friends was saying that he sets his cruise to 75 now with no worries. I'm calling up the TxDot division in Houston tomorrow to see what's up. We gotta change some of these limits in Houston back to the old days. 70 outside of Highway 6/1960, 65 outside the Loop (for most freeways). Keep Houston Moving!
  6. 2015 Texas population statistics

    Estimates are fun and all, but sometimes way off. I remember Dallas proper was suppose to have fast growth last decade, but ended up only growing by 0.8 percent (iirc) when the actuals came out. The density increase in Dallas proper is happening but that doesn't mean it is growing faster than SA. It's density just increases faster due to the smaller size. I highly doubt it will pass SA. That city is growing both ways, with room for even more suburban development inside.
  7. 2015 Houston Mayor's race

    Why does this matter? Are you saying Republicans don't care for equal rights? I would agree with you for the most part. It is unfortunate it wasn't brought up then and we instead had a president who tried working with the other side and it just bit him in the ass.
  8. Culberson and METRO reach compromise

    How are you so sure of this? There are commercial areas behind a small buffer zone along these freeways in a lot of these areas. Not to mention in places like the Northeast, there is usually a nice tree buffer between the freeways and homes instead of just a sound wall.
  9. Culberson and METRO reach compromise

    There are so many areas in Houston where there are neighborhoods and apartment complexes right on the feeder road, which is right next to the freeway. I would say that is worse. The problem with traffic in Cinco is that the east west streets are only four lanes instead of six. Also, the GP is only four lanes. There is enough space in between the mainlanes to widen it to 8, which would be enough. But, that will probably be a new toll in the future. I like the look the no feeders give in CR.
  10. Culberson and METRO reach compromise

    You get this in Houston WITH the feeders. There is just bad traffic sometimes. My friend from LA was saying the feeders along the Katy are like two freeways. People fly 60-70 down them. When you exit you often have to go that fast to make it to the right lane. I've seen some dumb shit happen with people exiting and needing to make it across. I think we would have been better off building without feeders and pushing the local commercial traffic away from the freeway and to arterial streets. It is too late for most areas now, but I hate that they added feeders to I 10 near the Heights, along parts of 288 in Pearland, some parts of the new Grand Parkway.
  11. UT Research Campus

    Anyone remember that one rendering a while back that had the UT school being built out in Pearland. I think I remember seeing it in the older Shadow Creek Ranch renderings.
  12. I drove past the Bing car on Cullen and 45 near UH and then drove past the Google car on Mason in Katy. Must be a really chill job.
  13. Jeff United Airlines

    Can Munoz convince the board move the HQ or operational HQ back to Houston?
  14. British International School of Houston

    They added sidewalks to Westgreen and soon Franz and have been putting in more landscaping.
  15. Can the Boom Continue?

    It has gotten pretty bad. Enough to where I am planning a move just in case it gets worse. I wish Houston would diversify more. Not fighting harder and smarter for companies like United or luring others in like Toyota is coming back to bite us in the ass.My friends in Dallas and LA are posting photos of the falling gas prices on Facebook. One friend in Dallas posted a sign that had gas under two dollars. Most of the nation is very happy to see these falling prices and it is having positive effects in other parts of those area's economy. In Houston, it is almost bittersweet seeing falling prices.