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  1. Should childless couples pay school district taxes even though they don't have kids? You're never going to have a catch all situation. Besides, your example is not really similar. At least you are paying for that state's gas tax if you do buy gas there and when you drive in Texas, you'll eventually buy gas here too (and hey, maybe you drove a few miles in the other state with Texas gas, unless you crossed state lines on empty). Meanwhile, miles driven is much harder to capture, especially if you live close to a bordering state. Someone in Beaumont going to New Orleans will have only driven 60ish of those 400+ miles in Texas, yet be charged as if they drove all of it in Texas? How would you want them to prove they drove those miles out of state? And your last sentence is very easy... you just charge more for electric use at that home. If everyone is going to use more electricity, then the cost of using it will for sure go up especially in the summertime. Charging at one of those Tesla-like stations would be cheaper and faster, and then you go home. And supercharger stations will definitely charge faster than a plug at home will.
  2. You can charge for electricity at whatever future "supercharger" stations that get built. You can impose higher taxes on electric vehicles at purchase. But you definitely can't just say "oh well" when someone drives x amount of miles out of state but has to pay Texas taxes on it. Those are lawsuits waiting to happen.
  3. And how would the state prove that all 200 of those miles was done within the State of Texas? I don't think this plan would work. I am in favor of increasing the gas tax. An extra 5-10 cents won't break the bank. The last toll road in this stat to convert after the tolls were paid off was I-30 in DFW. I thank the DFW lawmakers for bringing this forward. If tollroads were promised to turn into free roads after being paid off, then they should. Economics change, which is why the gas tax needs to go up. It'd probably help to alleviate some traffic on certain freeways (45), but it'll definitely lead to an increase in use overall. If the West Beltway traffic is bad now, imagine if it were "free".
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