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  1. I'm a broker and at the beginning of the year a data scientist is joining me. He will be able to answer that question pretty well. If you PM me I'll put you in touch with him right now.
  2. A friend of mine owns this house and we are not knowledgeable about mid-century houses and what gives some historical value over others. Would you share comments about this one? Not the best pic, sorry.
  3. This page from my website might offer some guidance. It provides median prices, demographic profiles, school rankings, commutes, more for six "city" MLS areas and corresponding neighborhoods: http://www.westurealestate.com/neighborhoods.htm It's a place to start.
  4. You might find other useful information here: http://www.westurealestate.com/neighborhoods.htm
  5. Yes, Diedrich's is gone. Upper Hand parking signs have replaced the Diedrich's parking signs and the granite talbes on the east side have been removed. After giving it a lot of thought, I have decided that the landlord likely took this action to solve his biggest problem - parking. With the new pub at the other end opening soon, more parking will make it more likely that the pub will survive.
  6. Here is the reply from HCAD on your topic. I emailed them about the same thing last year and I cut and pasted their reply into my Palm. You will find it below: October 2005 We do use the sale price, but not necessarily will the value equal the sale price. It would depend on other sales in the neighborhood, did the buyer pay too much, was it arms length (not a foreclosure, family, distress sale, etc). We review values annually and depending on sales activity in a neighborhood, the value could change each year, decrease/increase based on sales. Our general reappraisal is every odd year.
  7. Does anyone know what is planned for the large tract at the former site of Houston Community College on Richmond at Dunlavy? Who is the developer?
  8. A recent Rice University study (collaborators were Baylor College of Medicine, TSU, UH Law Center, and UT Med Center Galveston) has alarmed many people in the medical community. The polluted air contains unhealthy levels of 1,3-butadiene (20 times higher than the level in Los Angeles) and benzene, both of which come from petrochemical plants, although 1,3-butadiene also comes from car exhaust. These chemicals raise the risk of developing cancer. The entire report can be found here: http://ceve.rice.edu.
  9. I am a real estate buyer's agent and only two buyers in nine years have mentioned that area to me. So I would have to say that appreciation and/or resale might be difficult. Also, you want to stay away from lots of apartments, as mentioned by danax.
  10. I was told this AM that the S California locations have been purchased by Starbucks but Dirk Smith is the owner of the Houston locations.
  11. I have just returned from Diedrich's Winlow Coffee House on Westheimer at Hazard and learned that the salon next door (The Upper Hand) will take over their space. Diedrich's wanted to renew their lease and was in the process of doing so last month but the salon owners were able to persuade the property manager (whom they apparently know) to lease it to them instead. Diedrich's last day will be November 6. Naturally there is an effort afoot to try to save it, but it seems to me like it might be too late if the new lease is already signed. Here is the contact information: T-Con Properties, LTD 713-626-8888 The Upper Hand 713-520-0772 If you want to call Dirk Smith, owner of Diedrich's, he can be reached at 949-589-1525 or by email at dirkjons@aol.com.
  12. Acutally I would say it is less . . . especially when slab foundations need to be leveled. A block and beam foundation can just be shimmed from below when it gets out of level. You can check tsarp.com to find out whether an address is in the 100-year flood plain. And remember, if a property previously flooded, it must be disclosed by the seller.
  13. I am a buyer's agent and can recommend any of the inspectors at this URL: Most on this list have done thousands of inspections. I especially like Doug Haubold (AATCO) and Joe Gonzales (Horizon). And I commend you for having new construction inspected. Always the right thing to do.
  14. I am a real estate agent and can say that a single-family home is a better investment than a townhome. There are fewer buyers interested in townhomes, and there is no end to the increasing supply of townhomes. Supply and demand is what determines value.
  15. Look here: http://www.westurealestate.com/appreciation.htm. I think the Chronicle also has this data by subdivision.
  16. I have just been told that this is true and a Crate and Barrel will go where Jos A. Banks is now. Pretty reliable source. Time to leave . . .
  17. As a real estate agent, I don't consider these options to be a good investment. Value is determined by supply and demand. Supply is abundant (and will continue to grow), demand is low for these type of properties.
  18. I am a real estate agent and the most important factor in determining price/value is supply and demand. If you reply to me at judythompson@att.net I will do an analysis for you after learning more about the unit. I am just trying to be helpful here, not get your business. I do not list properties for sale and only represent buyers.
  19. Yes, I agree that the Garden Oaks / Oak Forest area would be one to consider. Right now it looks absolutely beautiful and lush with lots of deep green trees, flowering crepe myrtles and other blooming plants. You can shop at Krogers on 43rd, which is within walking distance to many of the houses. I am a real estate agent (just trying to be helpful here) and if you go to http://www.har.com you will find a beautiful new listing in that area. Search for MLS # 4552668. This house is typical (but nicer) of those found in these neighborhoods. Please note I am not a listing agent and have no connection whatsoever to this house!
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