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  1. My comcast connection, less than 2 miles from downtown houston, deciding it's fastest to connect with a server 400 miles away in dallas also defeats the purpose of the internet.

    My connection at work with half the ping, is still nearly twice as slow as my connection at home on 3 yr old wireless router sharing a connection with another laptop. How does that make any sense ?


    If you spend the majority of your time connecting to servers that are in Houston, then you would be correct. However, most webservers are not sitting in Houston... so that fact that most of your data gets routed through Dallas is not a problem.

    Work may limit bandwidth in order to ensure the pipe never gets overloaded. Anytime you check speeds from work, dont assume that you are getting 100% of the pipe...

  2. How does U-Verse service 1.) Connect to your house, from the outside and 2.) Distribution inside of your home?

    Right now, I'm remodeling my house and I have RG-6 coax and cat5e/6 distributed to every room. The RG-6 "network" and the cat5e/6 "network" hubs are run to a central closet in my home. If you had Comcast or satellite TV... this would allow you to run service to the closet... and then from the closet, redistribute throughout the house, where ever you wanted TV and/or internet service. All in one spot.

    The existing telephone service comes in from the outside of my house, direct to the kitchen and to one additional phone jack in the master bedroom. That's it. Because land line phone service is a dying technology (so I thought), I left it alone. I didn't run telephone wire all over the house (like I did with RG-6 and Ethernet).

    How would AT&T deal with this setup, as-is?

    Do I need to run telephone wire every where? Or just one line to my closet? - and then from there the U-Verse box can use RG-6 or Ethernet? Do I need a telephone wire in my living room, where the DVR gets plugged into? So confusing. I've looked online and what people talk about is their service - once it is installed. I'm trying to figure out what the optimal wiring configuration needs to be vs. what the service offers... just in case I decide to get U-Verse, should it ever come to my area.

    Uverse can be installed over Cat-6 as well. Just be sure you watch over the installer so he doesnt do something stupid to your internal wiring. I have seen installers (not just Uverse) undo your home-run lines and just run a direct line to the TV's you need today. I always warn installers that they are not to change the internal wiring of my house... get the system working where the line comes into the house, and Ill take it from there.

    1. My ONE complaint is in programming. I hate when a show moves to a different night and I have it programmed for another night. I mean, is it really so hard to ask that the software be smart enough to keep up with shows that move (heck, I can't keep up which is the reason I bought a DVR system in the first place!

    Seriously? Do others have this issue? That is core functionality of a DVR... I dont care what channel it comes on, or what time... If a new episode of "whatever show you want" comes on, the DVR should be able to record it.

  3. I have faster ping times out of Dallas too ... but my overall speed is about the same.

    Oh well ... thanks for the explanation of ping.

    Your service is being capped, so in that respect a faster ping wont show up in this test.

    BTW, assuming you are running windows, goto start->run->cmd, then type ping (assuming that is the IP address of the ATT router) and check out your ping time... chances are its more than 5ms... which makes editors results even that much more impressive.

    My ping time to my own router is 14ms (again, over Wireless-G). Im too lazy to get off the recliner right now.

  4. Okay, now you're just showing off...

    *sheepishly asks*

    What does a faster ping time mean?

    Look closely, my test result above was with Dallas... the fastest of the three results.

    A ping is how fast the remote server responds to a request. So the round trip time for a packet of data was 5ms... extremely fast for a remote server, even if it is in the same city.

    The faster the ping time, the faster the overall download/upload speed since more packets can be sent.

    It is especially important for things like VOIP service that relys on a very steady data stream.

  5. They used to go around and put a big orange sticker on the for sale signs, then come back a few days later and pick up any that had not been moved. Realtors were not happy about losing the signs, or cleaning off the stickers. When we lived in Midtown, lots of agents would chain the signs to a fence or pole to keep the theft rate down. City guys had to carry bolt cutters to take those.

    Nothing sells a house faster than chaining the for sale sign down :)

    -ex Midtowner

  6. I've said before (though not here) they should turn Westheimer/Elgin and Alabama into one-way streets beginning at Weslayan, with Alabama heading into town and Westheimer/Elgin heading out. It would spur further development on the underutilized Alabama and would remarkably reduce traffic jams at the less wieldy intersections. The only problem would be in redesigning Weslayan to handle the additional traffic at the split. Then we can put as many midrises in Montrose as we want.

    Elgin currently cannot be one way over near Chenevert. The streets get all sorts of crazy the closer to 59 you get. I wouldnt have been able to get home if Elgin was one way...

  7. I'm still waiting for the next generation Nissan Titan and the return of the Q45. Anyone have renderings of either?

    You will be waiting for awhile on the Titan renderings. Nissan doesnt even know what they are doing yet.

    They had a deal with Dodge to offer a re-badged Ram, but that fell through when they merged with Fiat.

    Now Nissan is scrambling to come up with a backup plan. Chances are, the "next generation" Titan will simply be a sheetmetal refresh of the current product.

  8. HOA's can take ownership of city or county owned streets. The issue is cost.

    Not only is the HOA then responsible for maintaining the street, but also the stret lights, the water mains, etc, etc.. Since County and City crews no longer have access or responsibility of these area's, they must be done by the HOA.

    If you look at the HOA fees of gated communities compared with open communities, you will likely see a huge delta.

    Its a liability that many communities cannot afford.

  9. Just get the Lexus. You won't regret it. I positively ADORED my SC 400...it was such an endearing car.

    I second the notion for getting the Lexus. I've had my IS300 for almost 8 years, and even though I saved up money for a new car... I just have no reason to trade it in. It looks and drives like a new car.

  10. I am all for free market - I dont even mind the part about Centerpoint being able to monitor my usage on shorter intervals...and you are correct people will adjust their habits to use power when it is cheaper...its not that part of it that bothers me...I do not care about being monitored and charged for what I use on a volatile pricing schedule....what I am against is the ability of Centerpoint to talk to my meter, and to shed or limit loads to my house...Im free market all the way but with acceptable limits. When the grid is heavily stressed $1/kwh is VERY expensive....We dont get warnings when its costing alot to do something...its not like other technologies. Right now if your running your AC and your electric dryer and blow drying your hair, all the same time, not a huge deal, but at $1kwh that could be upwards of $50/hr on peak usage and people dont know it.

    If they are going to do it, there needs to be limits until people adjust to the outrageous new cost of peak usage. Because in comparison to what they have been paying, thats exactly what it is, its an outrageous new fee.

    Also, I too believe the "fee" for the meter they are installing on my house, without asking if I want it or not is bogus...its going to be like the toll roads, even once its payed for 10x over they will keep charging it. Its just another tax...They just happen to have a total monopoly on the line industry so its take it or leave it. What other industry can you pass the charge of a product that makes your business easier, more efficient, and cheaper for you, onto the customer? None - the true free market wont pay for you to upgrade your system. They get almost all of the advantage to this system AND they get to pass the cost onto us! Brilliant!

    If companies are offering $0.10/kwh today for 2 years... I can venture a guess that even at peak demands, the equilibrium price is nowhere close to $1/kwh. We still will be able to choose our electricity providers... we will still have contracts that have terms and conditions.

    Im sure there will be a peak and off-peak price built into the contract. The only difference is the smart meter will allow you the homeowner to decide when they want to use their power... during peak times or during non-peak times.

    Nobody will be shocked to find out they paid an outrageous price/kwh after the fact.

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