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  1. Looks like we were both wrong. I was off by 7 months.
  2. Yea, lets cut out the middleman... what you are suggesting is a fat tax... I like it... Now let my skinny butt have a coke...
  3. I've been using West Alabama Animal Clinic for years. I have always been pleased with their service.
  4. Nothing sticks it to Kroger like giving them zero competition... smartest thing Ive read all day.
  5. If you spend the majority of your time connecting to servers that are in Houston, then you would be correct. However, most webservers are not sitting in Houston... so that fact that most of your data gets routed through Dallas is not a problem. Work may limit bandwidth in order to ensure the pipe never gets overloaded. Anytime you check speeds from work, dont assume that you are getting 100% of the pipe...
  6. Uverse can be installed over Cat-6 as well. Just be sure you watch over the installer so he doesnt do something stupid to your internal wiring. I have seen installers (not just Uverse) undo your home-run lines and just run a direct line to the TV's you need today. I always warn installers that they are not to change the internal wiring of my house... get the system working where the line comes into the house, and Ill take it from there. Seriously? Do others have this issue? That is core functionality of a DVR... I dont care what channel it comes on, or what time... If a new episode of "whatever show you want" comes on, the DVR should be able to record it.
  7. Your service is being capped, so in that respect a faster ping wont show up in this test. BTW, assuming you are running windows, goto start->run->cmd, then type ping (assuming that is the IP address of the ATT router) and check out your ping time... chances are its more than 5ms... which makes editors results even that much more impressive. My ping time to my own router is 14ms (again, over Wireless-G). Im too lazy to get off the recliner right now.
  8. Look closely, my test result above was with Dallas... the fastest of the three results. A ping is how fast the remote server responds to a request. So the round trip time for a packet of data was 5ms... extremely fast for a remote server, even if it is in the same city. The faster the ping time, the faster the overall download/upload speed since more packets can be sent. It is especially important for things like VOIP service that relys on a very steady data stream.
  9. Wow, a 5ms ping time? That's impressive... BTW, Houston crew, try the Austin and Dallas servers instead of the Houston server... I am getting better results with those other sites
  10. I havent checked my speed in months... I have to admit, Im impressed. This is over Wireless-G at home.
  11. Nothing sells a house faster than chaining the for sale sign down -ex Midtowner
  12. Elgin currently cannot be one way over near Chenevert. The streets get all sorts of crazy the closer to 59 you get. I wouldnt have been able to get home if Elgin was one way...
  13. woah woah woah..... you cant just say adios and leave us hanging... I dont mean to pry into your personal life, but where are you going? What brought on the change?
  14. Interesting article about the energy savings that smart meters can bring.. http://news.cnet.com/8301-11128_3-10357360-54.html?tag=newsEditorsPicksArea.0 A test city in North Carolina is seeing average energy savings of 15% with smart grid technology.
  15. I'm back in business.... the DNS must have finally propogated...
  16. Do you use thehaif.com to get here or do you go directly to www.houstonarchitecture.com/haif ? Thank goodness Tory has the correct link on his blog... even Google couldnt find this place.
  17. www.thehaif.com takes me to a webpage parking site... Did the DNS records get changed?
  18. You will be waiting for awhile on the Titan renderings. Nissan doesnt even know what they are doing yet. They had a deal with Dodge to offer a re-badged Ram, but that fell through when they merged with Fiat. Now Nissan is scrambling to come up with a backup plan. Chances are, the "next generation" Titan will simply be a sheetmetal refresh of the current product.
  19. Whatever happened to Rice Military? Isnt Washington the Core of that?
  20. Sir, please take off your latex gloves... i need to take your fingerprint... Dont taz me bro
  21. HOA's can take ownership of city or county owned streets. The issue is cost. Not only is the HOA then responsible for maintaining the street, but also the stret lights, the water mains, etc, etc.. Since County and City crews no longer have access or responsibility of these area's, they must be done by the HOA. If you look at the HOA fees of gated communities compared with open communities, you will likely see a huge delta. Its a liability that many communities cannot afford.
  22. I second the notion for getting the Lexus. I've had my IS300 for almost 8 years, and even though I saved up money for a new car... I just have no reason to trade it in. It looks and drives like a new car.
  23. If companies are offering $0.10/kwh today for 2 years... I can venture a guess that even at peak demands, the equilibrium price is nowhere close to $1/kwh. We still will be able to choose our electricity providers... we will still have contracts that have terms and conditions. Im sure there will be a peak and off-peak price built into the contract. The only difference is the smart meter will allow you the homeowner to decide when they want to use their power... during peak times or during non-peak times. Nobody will be shocked to find out they paid an outrageous price/kwh after the fact.
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