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  1. Yes, there are a minimum number of parking spaces required to be provided for different property types, tied to the square footage of the building. Exemptions can be requested, and there are other ways to meet the requirements (offsite parking/valet lots, bicycle racks, etc.). https://www.houstontx.gov/planning/DevelopRegs/docs_pdfs/parking_req.pdf There is a current effort to eliminate minimum parking requirements for Midtown and part of EaDo, but this property in the East End would not have been included in that area, despite its proximity to downtown.
  2. I drove by this site regularly. The paintwork (which honestly looks pretty shoddy up close and with a bunch of overspray clearly visible on the windows) was done months ago. Also, that lift has been in the same position for a while. I hope they’re not just renting it, because if they are they aren’t getting their money’s worth.
  3. I agree. My point was that the layout was dictated by the required parking. Current arrangement, you have one lane with two opposite rows of parking in the front, and one lane with one row against the building in the back. Even if you just switch the lanes to have the single row in the front, you’re likely to lose some parking on the side along with the placement of the patio. It would be impossible to move all of the parking to the back and still keep anywhere near the same number of parking spots, which I would guess would be the difference between meeting the minimum parking requirements and not.
  4. I’m sure the arrangement in the site plan allowed for the highest number of parking spaces possible, in order to meet the minimum parking requirements. Doing away with those minimums would eliminate that incentive for sub-optimal parking (from a walkability/pedestrian friendly standpoint) and encourage development at the sidewalks.
  5. And here’s a more in depth write-up from Culture Map. Discusses the menu too. http://houston.culturemap.com/news/restaurants-bars/06-19-19-lotti-dotti-new-patio-bar-montrose-adam-dorris-michael-riojas-brooklyn-athletic-club/#slide=0
  6. That is a fair point. I think we will soon see that stretch of Navigation transformed, however. Most of the commercial and industrial buildings in that immediate area are unoccupied or under-occupied, and I could see many being repurposed like they are doing in EaDo and Second Ward (in fact, I believe there is a brewery that was slated to be going in right near this site). The extension of the Buffalo Bayou trails will bring about some development. There is a new sand volleyball facility planned right around the corner from here, over on Lockwood. There is also already a moderate townhome development immediately east of this site, and some of the unoccupied commercial land could be repurposed for future communities. In five or ten years, I think things are going to look a lot different in this particular area of the East End.
  7. No GFR here, which I guess is ultimately irrelevant since none of the GFR sites at the New Hope SRO Housing at Sampson and Harrisburg have been leased out since the building opened. GFR is one of those selling points New Hope has used in the past to “sell” communities on these developments, but so far seems like an empty promise.
  8. Lotti Dotti opened over the weekend in the former Brooklyn Athletic Club spot. https://houston.eater.com/2019/6/17/18681700/lotti-dotti-montrose-patio-bar-open-frozen-cocktails
  9. Thanks, that makes sense. I probably either saw your post here or the Swamplot post. Good to know I wasn’t just imagining things!
  10. I remember hearing before that that entire large lot (between 45 and Leeland) was going to be townhomes. In theory, it would be great to have a mid rise apartment mixed into the area. I guess we will have to wait and see the renderings and cross our fingers for GFR.
  11. Just a friendly PSA @Urbannizer, this is not technically EaDo. EaDo ends at the BNSF tracks that cut over from 59 near Commerce (by Tout Suite) due south(ish) to 45, near Lockwood/Elgin. This would be considered part of the Greater East End, and is more or less on the border of Second Ward and Eastwood/Greater Eastwood (the border between the two is typically considered the UP railroad tracks that run parallel to Harrisburg). (The border of EaDo is a very contentious subject in the area, especially with long time residents who despise the term “EaDo” and the gentrification it stands for in their eyes. Making sure we are consistent with identifying these borders would go a long way to helping preserve the historic boundaries of these neighborhoods 👍🏻)
  12. Just drove by, and like clockwork there was a homeless person bathing in one of the spray fountains (which apparently are active again). Hopefully more normal and regular pedestrian presence will cause a reduction in this type of loitering/behavior. These developments will go a long way to helping achieve that goal.
  13. Good point, didn’t think of that. My avid-gardener mother would be disappointed to know that I missed that detail. Was expecting something a little closer to the street. Huh.
  14. @Luminare is right, no activity as of today. You can’t even tell where the ceremonial groundbreaking occurred.
  15. Based on the description of the location, I was thinking it might be the large lot just north of the Bayou and west of Jensen, but I’m honestly not sure.
  16. Not everyone wants to live in an apartment though. It’s good to have a mix of apartments and higher-density single family homes (i.e., townhomes). This part of the East End/Second Ward is starting to fill out nicely.
  17. Unfortunately, that ship has sailed. They just redid the vast majority of the sidewalks in this part of the East End, starting in 2013, by adding new ramps and insets with the East End Management District logo and street name. I doubt they will look at reconfiguring them any time soon.
  18. Are you referring to the small white office building on the northeast corner of York and Harrisburg? If so, I agree, it is super disappointing that it hasn’t been leased out yet, they did a good job on the renovations and it seems to be a very appealing building. My only guess is that it’s because there is an abundance of people loitering in the area due to both the light rail stop and the New Hope Housing facility a block or so away. I use that light rail station frequently and drive through the area regularly as well, and regardless of the time of day or night there are people just aimlessly standing around, sitting under door awnings, etc. It definitely discourages pedestrian traffic, and I’m afraid that it’s at least been a factor in some developers second guessing projects in the immediate area (such as the proposed project to redo the Rey building at Milby into a retail development). Hopefully the Kaldis redo of the Cameron Iron Works building, inevitable reworking of the coffee plant, and the residential developments that will follow help the area turn the corner, because it has a lot of potential.
  19. This is walking distance from my office, I’ll definitely give it a try too. Glad they’re filling that spot with something relatively quickly.
  20. I make the left turn from Harrisburg onto Delano every day on my way home from work. The location of the driveway on Delano is going to be an issue—it’s literally right next to the Harrisburg/Delano intersection. I can just picture someone leaving that drive and trying to cut over to Harrisburg across a car (with the right of way) turning left onto Delano. I like the overall idea of developing this site, and the renderings look good, but they really need to rethink the location of that driveway (to the extent they can).
  21. Could be worse, honestly. At least the Corky’s patio fronts the sidewalk. Definitely better than the abandoned commercial building it’s replacing.
  22. I live within walking distance, on the other side of the Bayou. I’m stoked for this and the wave of development that will occur concurrently and after. You are already seeing the effect of this south of the Bayou, with new townhomes going in, proposed apartments like the one on Fox St, and new retail developments. This will have a drastic positive impact on the East End and the southern portion of Fifth Ward. I can’t wait!
  23. There hasn't been any meaningful activity at this site in months. Looks like Lovett is content to just sit on this property for an extended period of time with absolutely no progress, much like they’re doing with Post HTX and several other sites around town. I guess it’s their M.O. You're not joking. The Sprouts rumor was dismissed well over a year ago. I can understand still mentioning it if the change in plans was a recent development (say, within the last month), but to still mention it now is a glaring oversight for a source that is presumably up-to-date on commercial real estate development news.
  24. That’s kind of my point, 13 Degrees Celsius and other places in that part of Midtown are doing well because there are more new residential developments (MidMain, Camden McGowen Station, etc.) creating a customer base and pedestrian traffic. This in turn disperses the concentration of homeless populations from the immediate area or otherwise reduces the negative effect by the homeless on pedestrians in the area due to higher concentrations of pedestrians walking in the area, using light rail, etc.
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