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  1. That’s great news. Canal and Commerce have tremendous potential as a pedestrian-friendly, walkable corridor with all of these developments in the works.
  2. There has been an uptick in activity at this site, mostly inside the warehouse. I’ve seen vans and work trucks there on a daily basis. I even spotted a Houston BCycle truck there the other day, which was a bit odd.
  3. The framework on this went up pretty quick, but the overall footprint is a bit smaller than I expected.
  4. I go there maybe every other Thursday evening with my dog (it’s technically the closest dog park to me). It’s always kind of dead on what is usually one of the prime happy hour days.
  5. I’ve always found the generic name to be almost sinister, like an evil company in a video game angling to take over the world or something. I guess Service Corporation International has a better ring to it than Dead People ‘r’ Us or whatever. I find it fascinating that maybe 90% of the population has no idea what industry the company is in, and I’m sure funeral services would be one of the least likely guesses.
  6. If we want to improve density in this area, we need more than 10-12 townhomes every five or so blocks. It especially makes sense to build more townhomes in this immediate area due to the proximity to the Coffee Plant/Second Ward Station for the Green Line. Once you cross the tracks and hit McKinney, you’ve entered EaDo, which if anything has a bit of an over-saturation of townhomes. Precisely.
  7. Oh I understand all that, I’m just not sure the “chain restaurant commonly found on the feeder road of I-45” is the direction that would be best for the East End to go. Admittedly, I’m probably a bit more invested in what happens with the Olshan property than most because I live two blocks away. A touristy theme restaurant would probably be the worst case scenario in terms of what could go there. If it’s on the bottom floor of a mixed use development with other retail, that’s perfectly fine. I’m just worried about other inner-loop Landry’s locations like the Saltgrass and Cadillac Bar on Shepherd, and the accompanying acre of parking.
  8. Why on earth would you consider chain restaurants with a touristy ambiance that serve “bland” food to be “a big win for the area”? The bland people who like bland food that frequent these restaurants almost exclusively live out in the suburbs, and fortunately there are plenty of locations out in those areas for anything in the Fertitta portfolio. I could maybe see something of a customer base for people coming “into the city” to go to an Astros game or whatever, but if that’s the case why wouldn’t they want to try something new instead of the same bland, basic options they have out in Spring or whatever?
  9. Crews have been very active at this site over the last few weeks. Drove by yesterday and there were new overhead doors being installed at the Rusk end of the property. They were also in the process of putting in a new, wider sidewalk.
  10. The letter characterizes it as a “symbolic opt-in” to be subject to the Walkable Places Ordinance. It does not mention TOD at all. Only drawback to work from home is I don’t have access to a scanner. I’m actually going into the office tomorrow, so I’ll try to scan the letter and post it here.
  11. From my understanding the planning commission meeting will be virtual as well as in person, if that’s the case I will try to attend if my work schedule permits it.
  12. I received a letter from the Houston Planning Commission regarding the parking variance requested, as I live just around the corner. The letter indicates that they will be rehabilitating and subdividing the current building into restaurant space (letter implies multiple spaces). The applicant is asking to opt-in to the Walkable Places Ordinance given the proximity to Navigation and Harrisburg, where that ordinance is in effect. Limited onsite parking and offsite valet will provide 59 places instead of the required 122 (if the variance request is not granted). It is unclear from the included site plan and area map where exactly the offsite valet lot will be. Seems to be a promising improvement to walkability in the immediate area, I hope it’s granted.
  13. I live in the immediate area and drive through this intersection at least once on most days. Emancipation is a higher volume road here than Polk, and that will be even more true once the I-45 reroute construction kicks off and blocks access to downtown on Polk. The CVS will directly lead to at least a moderate increase in traffic volume at this intersection. Having an entrance to a drive thru only accessible directly from Emancipation will also lead to a significant increase in left turning vehicles heading southwest on Emancipation, and the close proximity of the driveway to the intersection with Polk makes it even more problematic. I’m afraid that you are greatly overestimating the driving abilities of average Houston commuters/drivers if you don’t think this is a problem. And, for the record, I’m more concerned about safety and the potential for accidents than I am traffic backup.
  14. I think the Emancipation entrance might cause some traffic problems. Emancipation along that stretch is a fairly busy road, and having people slow down to turn into a narrow entrance—or worse, trying to cross traffic on a left turn from the opposite lane—is going to make things interesting. The only practical solution is making Emancipation one lane in each direction with a center turn lane, but I don’t think there are any plans to that effect.
  15. This building has a lot of potential for adaptive reuse, would make a good spot for a restaurant.
  16. Don’t be too sad, it will be bulldozed as part of the I-45 reroute project. 😈
  17. So it’s just a remodel and not a tear down. Somewhat disappointing. I wonder how much of that is not wanting to dig up the dirt and deal with soil remediation from contamination?
  18. That was the exact concern I had when I saw this happening. It’s an oddly shaped, almost triangular lot so it’ll make for a very inefficient parking lot. Frustrating if that is the case.
  19. Those are the same people that still thought a Sprouts was going in, even though I posted a link to this HAIF topic every single time someone posted about it over the last three years. Even in the post you referenced there was still a “I thought this was going to be a Sprouts?” comment.
  20. That would be my guess, it was abandoned for quite a while.
  21. This listing for the property shows that it has sold, so someone has some plans for the lot.
  22. Drove by on Milby earlier and noticed a crew demoing this building. It was a minimal-setback building probably dating back to the 1940s that had an interesting inverted curved eave along the front of the building, similar to White Rhino (which is more or less across the street). It formerly operated as a night club, but had not been occupied in a long time. I’m not sure when it shut down, others in the neighborhood might know better. The bigger loss might be that whatever gets built there does not keep the minimal setback.
  23. The cat is out of the bag now I guess. I wonder what’s going on with the appeal on that multi-million dollar verdict against Urban Living for using that firm’s architectural plans without permission?
  24. The homes in that neighborhood are slowly being renovated, and there is no reason this one couldn’t be as well. It definitely needed some work but I’m sure the basic structure was still good. By example, my friend and her husband live a block away, and bought in maybe six or seven years ago. They’ve done a great job with renovating their original bungalow. Also worth considering, the entry to this lot is on a residential side street, bringing additional thru traffic and affecting use of the sidewalk by pedestrians.
  25. You just don’t understand, these people are obviously very important and delays and lane closures affect them in a disproportional manner because their time is much more valuable. . . Traffic jams are for the plebeians.
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