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  1. The cat is out of the bag now I guess. I wonder what’s going on with the appeal on that multi-million dollar verdict against Urban Living for using that firm’s architectural plans without permission?
  2. The homes in that neighborhood are slowly being renovated, and there is no reason this one couldn’t be as well. It definitely needed some work but I’m sure the basic structure was still good. By example, my friend and her husband live a block away, and bought in maybe six or seven years ago. They’ve done a great job with renovating their original bungalow. Also worth considering, the entry to this lot is on a residential side street, bringing additional thru traffic and affecting use of the sidewalk by pedestrians.
  3. You just don’t understand, these people are obviously very important and delays and lane closures affect them in a disproportional manner because their time is much more valuable. . . Traffic jams are for the plebeians.
  4. Hey @CrockpotandGravelwelcome back! Missed your snideness and pedantry. It’s going to take a bit to get used to the new name though.
  5. Alright HAIFers, get your pitchforks!
  6. Another Durham/Shepherd used car lot down, only like 30 more to go! Once all of the used car dealerships are eliminated, it’s on to the final boss: Tommie Vaughn Ford.
  7. My favorite part of the listing is how it mentions being located in the “[d]ensely populated walkable and bikeable EADO neighborhood” under highlights, yet features an awful, non-pedestrian friendly parking lot layout.
  8. Specifically, it’s named for J.J. Settegast, who donated the land to the City of Houston in 1911 I think. But the Settegast family were involved in the community for at least a few decades by that time.
  9. “Competitive socializing”? These marketing buzzwords and terms are getting out of hand.
  10. I don’t disagree. It has been neat to learn about some additional history from the nearby area with which I wasn’t familiar with. But even in the story Mr. Navarro presented to support the proposal, he mentioned the importance the name “Settegast” had among the people who went and played baseball there. It just seems shortsighted to record over that part of history, especially something that has endured for more than a century.
  11. There is an effort underway by Christian Navarro (son of Yolanda Black-Navarro) to rename Settegast Park to Los Compadres Park. The effort is meant to commemorate an organized baseball team known as Los Compadres comprised of predominately Mexican-American players who played for the team at Settegast Park at various times from the 1950s up through the 1980s. Personally, I certainly support efforts to commemorate the history of Los Compadres through renaming the baseball field and/or a plaque or historical marker on site, but not by renaming the entire park. For anybody interested, the link to the Second Ward Super Neighborhood 63 Zoom meeting where the proposal is discussed is below. Password/code is h6Z!UzYV. Fast forward to around the 40 minute mark for the presentation by Mr. Navarro: https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/eDe_Ddz0ItgG7Yal1Y-j3j574ftd4qe2_SdYcC5MZf8y-6vMJRH2hFcbyvDAGxM2.VIyZBzr4XGnWruRk?startTime=1627946025000
  12. Post on the Houston subreddit regarding this building.
  13. I just walked through there this morning and noticed the same thing. Do you go through those paths on your bike? A portion of the path is unpaved through there, and it gets a bit rough.
  14. Maybe we can change the name of this thread to the Esplanade on Navigation? Aside from a few small murals, none of these recent developments are really “art” related (except for the 8-bit Pancho Claus I spotted on the St. Charles end, near Merida).
  15. Yes, those too. And don’t even get me started on the churches in strip centers...
  16. Yes, please. This city has way too many churches.
  17. Let me get this straight... we lost two beautiful Art Deco homes that, while in need of work, oozed personality, for a generic, four story apartment called... *checks notes*... The Nest? I love Houston, but the lack of any serious conservation efforts here to save buildings like the unique, historic homes that stood on this lot before makes me sad.
  18. Curious move to use bug screens for the parking garage, since Volkswagen has recently discontinued the Beetle...
  19. Curious that On Time Electric is still listed as the current occupant of 3012 Canal (and on Google Maps too). They moved over to a building at Adams and Sherman maybe a year and a half ago. The building on Canal has been empty since.
  20. The name on the second notice lists “EADO Canal Development” so it sounds like some sort of new development is expected. If Pruitt was behind it, I don’t think it would be listed in that manner (and since they have been in the East End since the beginning of time, they certainly wouldn’t call this “EaDo” for a number of reasons—first being that this isn’t anywhere near EaDo).
  21. Yes, because let’s have more people driving to, parking at, and driving from a bar than an arcade room. In what world does that make sense? The minimum parking requirements in this city cannot go away soon enough. (Even assuming part of that calculation is the extra space that arcade machines take up, it is still absurd for that kind of disparity.)
  22. Noticed some variance request signs on the N Ennis side of the Pruitt Co. shop, for reduced parking minimum requirements and reduced setback on Canal. I had no idea that Pruitt Co. was possibly moving (they mostly perform heavy commercial vehicle service and maintenance, including fire trucks and other City vehicles). I live a block away, so I’ll be watching this closely.
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