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  1. Of course, but I assume there are at least some discussions between different entities who are working to develop a blank slate area such as this. I also seem to recall that Midway has been involved in broader discussions regarding the pattern of development of the area in general given the push back the project initially received from groups within the Fifth Ward, so (to me at least) it seems plausible that they would support affordable housing developments going up in the immediate area in exchange for an implicit agreement to limit the height of those developments for the benefit of East River. However, I don’t work in the industry so what do I know?
  2. I apologize if anyone has mentioned this and I just missed it, but are they going with this 3-4 story design and site layout (i.e., no parking garage) so it doesn’t block that much of the view from the various buildings in Phase 1 at East River?
  3. I’m sure this will be a nice development (at least initially, hopefully HHA keeps up with maintenance, etc.) and the trail connections and expansion are welcome, but the access is an issue. Kennedy St. provides access to Jensen but is a bit tight in places, with only 50’ ROW near where this development is going. Worse, Middle St. is much narrower, only 40’ ROW straight through to Engelke. There are no sidewalks along Middle St., and no room to expand the ROW without significantly encroaching on pre-existing homes. Also, Middle doesn’t connect directly to Navigation, but requires turning onto other side streets. Unless they also put in access over to N. York/Hirsch (which I believe is part of the plan eventually, but not immediately), this will be a traffic nightmare and possible danger to pedestrians on Middle St.
  4. It’s a good thing none of those five factors are totally arbitrary . . . In all seriousness, I don’t know why this isn’t any higher on the priority list (aside from the cost to remove the old rail lines). It directly connects two major trails (Harrisburg Hike and Bike and Buffalo Bayou trail downtown) and would also provide direct access to the new(ish) Caroline St. bike lanes through downtown and Midtown. Further, Commerce is in dire need of traffic calming between Sampson and St. Charles as the combination of higher vehicle speeds due to the wide ROW with the old rail line is a dangerous combination. I routinely have to dodge cars going 50+ MPH while crossing the street to walk my dog. This plan would help calm the traffic and make it exponentially safer.
  5. Assuming the rumors are true: Is this not a very weird place to put a Montessori school? It would literally be right across the street from an entrance to a major sports stadium that hosts all sorts of events year-round. I can’t help but think that it will effect future development in the immediate area too, as ordinances regarding the distance between schools and certain establishments (e.g., bars) will dictate what is allowed to operate. I assume those would still apply to a Montessori school?
  6. I love EaDo Bike Co. but I’m glad they didn’t end up purchasing this lot. It’s destined for better things than parking (hopefully).
  7. There is activity on site. I noticed an excavator breaking up a concrete slab in the back corner of the lot, and a black construction fence is now up along both Harrisburg and Sampson.
  8. Somehow I don’t think the residents of Eastwood are going to be too crazy about this plan.
  9. Agree completely. The lots at Canal and Sampson are several blocks away (and just barely visible at the top of the map) and not contiguous to the W-K-M campus blocks covered by the article here. These definitely should be split back into two separate topics. It is good that Concept Neighborhoods is committed to the area, and I imagine the development at Canal and Sampson will follow the same general approach and emphasize walkability. Both of these developments are great news for the area.
  10. It’s hard to emphasize exactly how big a deal this is. The blocks covered by this project are right in the middle of several important corridors (Green Line mentioned in article, future Commerce bike corridor connecting downtown and the Harrisburg Rail Trail, York/Sampson Metro route) and work to connect some of the dead space in between existing projects and those currently underway.
  11. For sure, but it does provide a good point of reference for the most part. In this instance, putting in “East Downtown” highlights what is recognized as the traditional borders of EaDo (the area south of 59, east of 45, and west of the BNSF line). I by no means intended to cite it as an absolute authority, though, so your point is well taken. You should come to this side of town more often! I’ll buy you a beer at Moon Tower if you do. . Thanks!
  12. Just noticed that the previous East End subforum has been renamed. I’ve got to take issue with how it is listed now. By putting “EaDo” in parentheses immediately after the East End, it suggests that it is an alternate name for the entire East End. In reality, the area known as EaDo and the area known as the East End overlap little, if at all. Look at the Google Maps borders for each neighborhood, and the territory of each respective management district. I think a better name for the subforum would be “EaDo, the East End, and East Houston.” For the record, I have no issue with the name EaDo, but we in the East End have been fighting the reckless application of that name to the entire East End by developers and real estate agents over the last 10 years. As users and members of this forum, I’d like to think we are more in tune with the borders of the various neighborhoods/areas of this city than the average individual and could be a bit more careful in not contributing to a further blurring of those lines. (Also, it seems like the East End forum is constantly being moved further down the list, but I guess that’s a separate issue)
  13. They’re putting up a tall metal fence around this building, including the parking lot in the back. Certainly makes it less inviting from the sidewalk. I thought there was supposed to be a cafe or some other small retail going in here?
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