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  1. Good news for me though. I’m just a few blocks away but couldn’t see myself going to Corky’s and wasn’t super excited about it. Hopefully something with a more diverse menu goes in here. But knowing my luck, it will probably be a Chipotle.
  2. Anybody else find it beyond annoying that the website refers to this as being “East Downtown/EaDo’s newest community”? The name creep continues.
  3. I understand your position @chrispy, but I think you generalize a bit too much. I’m one of those East End townhome-dwelling yuppies you don’t seem to like, but it was my only practical choice within my budget. I love the area and would love to have bought an old bungalow, but I needed a garage for my project car, tools, bikes, etc. and—as someone else mentioned—most of the old bungalows never had garages and if they did, they were converted to apartments long ago. I routinely frequent the older businesses such as Villa Arcos, Champ Burger, Harrisburg Country Club, D&W, etc. because I prefer those types of establishments to anything pretentious and inauthentic. At the same time, I appreciate the new(ish) businesses that pop up in the area and seem to respect the history, like Sigma. Being a native Houstonian and having family here since before my grandfather grew up in The Heights in the 1920s, I have tremendous respect for the history of the city and the East End in particular. Just because I bought and live in a townhome (which was built on a former commercial site) for the sake of a garage and so I had something turnkey that didn’t need a bunch of repairs—that I did not have the time to do myself and didn’t want to pay anyone to do—doesn’t mean I cannot appreciate the history of the area. I would also disagree regarding the new construction townhomes being built in the area. Like is the case with my townhome, most of the new construction is limited to former commercial sites, and I think even you would agree that there is an over abundance of empty lots and abandoned warehouses in the area to where this kind of development can only be appreciated. We don’t have the same “tear down a bungalow, shoehorn three town homes onto a 5,000 square foot lot” issue they have in Montrose and even parts of The Heights. Most of Eastwood has recently become protected by Minimum Lot Size restrictions by proactive residents, so you will not see that type of development there anytime soon, if ever.
  4. Yes. We need more quality developments like this in the immediate area to help counteract the proposed affordable housing developments (one of which will be right to the east of this, if I’m not mistaken). Speaking of which, whatever happened with that proposal for the multi-family building on Fox and N. Nagle? The renderings for it looked very similar to this.
  5. Wow I didn’t even realize that it had opened. I guess that might have been part of the problem?
  6. The Corky’s in Katy closed in December. Has anyone heard recently whether the location slated for this development is still going forward? I know there is still one other location in Cypress that is still open. https://communityimpact.com/houston/katy/impacts/2019/12/16/corky039s-ribs-bbq-in-katy-area-closes/
  7. I know. And again, I’m glad that they are renovating the building instead of tearing it down and putting up new construction. But these types of old commercial buildings work well as restaurants and bars. Just look down the street at Tout Suite (which will unfortunately be a casualty of the freeway reroute project). As it stands, I now need to (1) have a kid; and (2) hope that he/she really enjoys soccer to be able to enjoy the space in any capacity. It’s a bit disappointing, that’s all.
  8. It would have been awesome-r if it was a bar or restaurant (or really anything open to the public). The layout of the building with the upper patio area would have been an interesting setup, and there aren’t too many options in that immediate area on that side of BBVA Stadium/MMP. Regardless, it is nice that this is being re-developed. It’s a beautiful building.
  9. That building and the smaller warehouse at the southwest corner of McKinney and Emancipation would both be good candidates to be renovated into either a bar or restaurant.
  10. Yep, saw that coming. Suburban-style strip center leads to suburban tenants. Ugh.
  11. I believe there was an old TABC notice in the window of that building (before the renovations started) from maybe 2017 that alluded to White Rhino. Whatever that was intended to be, I imagine it was canceled and this construction is for something different.
  12. Thanks, I searched in the East End neighborhood sub forum for the post on East Village prior to my post, as I didn’t realize the East Village thread was still in “Going Up.”
  13. Just came across this article regarding Conservatory and Prohibition moving to the former Chapman and Kirby spot as part of the East Village development in EaDo, on St. Emanuel. More good news for EaDo! https://m.chron.com/entertainment/restaurants-bars/article/Ambitious-new-food-hall-projects-slated-for-EaDo-14937598.php
  14. Right, I was just clarifying whether it was required or not. @Luminare suggested it might be required, and I was just pointing out that it might be inside the zone in EaDo that has had parking requirements lifted. In my earlier comment just a few minutes prior to the one that you quoted, I acknowledged that parking was necessary for the Lovett redevelopment of the Post building, and that the indication of retail parking on the Alliance Broadstone site plan—which otherwise doesn’t seem to include GFR—indicates that the two developers have apparently come to an agreement regarding providing parking for the Post building.
  15. I think you beat me to this point by about 15 seconds lol I would agree about the move to have this parking count towards the required parking for the Lovett redevelopment of the Houston Post building, but isn’t this property within the area of EaDo recently excluded from parking minimums? Or does that end at Emancipation?
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