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  1. The original proposal only included a few blocks of EaDo (up to Emancipation I believe), but now covers the entirety of EaDo. The rest of the East End (i.e., everything east of the BNSF tracks/outside of the EaDo “triangle”) is not included, unfortunately. It would have been nice to extend it throughout the East End/Second Ward to at least Sampson St.
  2. Thanks for the background info @CrockpotandGravel. I didn’t even notice that the new entity name on the construction permit was different than that mentioned in the Swamplot article (with “House” vs. “Bar” being the only difference). But it seems to be the same group as far as you can tell, correct?
  3. They started putting up the framework for the northern-most building (Corky’s BBQ).
  4. Coming soon signage for Roots Wine Bar is up in the windows at the small commercial building at 3107 Leeland St. This is a block or so southeast of East End Hardware. This is the former location of Metamorphose Studios, a business that (I believe) was engaged in restoration and sale of antique furniture. Swamplot article about the location from last year indicated that an alcohol permit had been applied for: http://swamplot.com/empty-leeland-furniture-workshop-now-has-a-wine-sign-on-it/2018-09-18/ Given the font on the signage, is it safe to assume that this venture is related to Roost on Fairview?
  5. There is some activity and new equipment at the site, including a paver. Looks like they might finally pave the parking lot—curbs were already done, trees have been planted in the medians between rows, and the lot has been leveled for some time.
  6. The article that @Urbannizer posted describes the company as a “faith-based community development corporation.” It looks to be affiliated with Trinity East Methodist Church, the church immediately to the northwest. I wonder whether the fact that it’s “faith-based” carries any significance. If so, would there be tax considerations involved?
  7. They’re still in the process of installing the drainage system and leveling the lot. Making decent progress so far, and should start the actual construction of the building in a few weeks. I’ll take a few pics this evening and post them.
  8. Huh. I thought we were expecting an official groundbreaking this year? And a 20 year build-out for all phases is also longer than initially suggested. I understand that projects of this scale are hard to fully predict, but the fact that these dates and numbers are changing this early is a tad bit concerning.
  9. Thats good to hear. I hadn’t seen anything about this in a while so I was a bit concerned the project might have fallen through.
  10. Yes, there are a minimum number of parking spaces required to be provided for different property types, tied to the square footage of the building. Exemptions can be requested, and there are other ways to meet the requirements (offsite parking/valet lots, bicycle racks, etc.). https://www.houstontx.gov/planning/DevelopRegs/docs_pdfs/parking_req.pdf There is a current effort to eliminate minimum parking requirements for Midtown and part of EaDo, but this property in the East End would not have been included in that area, despite its proximity to downtown.
  11. I drove by this site regularly. The paintwork (which honestly looks pretty shoddy up close and with a bunch of overspray clearly visible on the windows) was done months ago. Also, that lift has been in the same position for a while. I hope they’re not just renting it, because if they are they aren’t getting their money’s worth.
  12. I agree. My point was that the layout was dictated by the required parking. Current arrangement, you have one lane with two opposite rows of parking in the front, and one lane with one row against the building in the back. Even if you just switch the lanes to have the single row in the front, you’re likely to lose some parking on the side along with the placement of the patio. It would be impossible to move all of the parking to the back and still keep anywhere near the same number of parking spots, which I would guess would be the difference between meeting the minimum parking requirements and not.
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