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  1. This is good news, we need more market rate SFHs and multi-family developments along this portion of Harrisburg. With the Coffee Plant stop nearby and new businesses (such as the new storefront for Giant Leap and White Rhino over on Milby) opening in the immediate vicinity, it was only a matter of time.
  2. Cidercade is starting to move in the arcade consoles. Status on the Instagram page has changed to “Opening Soon.” http://www.instagram.com/p/CKNA7eQrZ3f/?igshid=1gmt0630nku8x
  3. This particular lot is very low lying relative to the land around it. Based on the permit, they look to be raising it up a bit and leveling it off. Bayou Vista currently owns the land, and has since 2014. They were active a decade or more ago in developing the East End, but their current holdings (those listed in their name, at least) are limited to this lot. Not sure if the 400 Jensen development was going to be a joint development between Bayou Vista and Marquette, or if there was a planned transfer that fell through. 12.3 Buffalo Bayou LP is an entity connected to Richard Weekley
  4. Houston Slingshot has already been operating for a month or two, as Exotic Slingshot Rentals. They are based out of a portion of the building on the other side of How to Survive, along Harrisburg. They rent out Polaris Slingshots for use by the hour. http://www.slingshot.rent
  5. They managed to use the controversial "HTX" in their handle AND got the name of the neighborhood very wrong (this is not and should never be EaDo, that's on the other side of the tracks). I'm almost impressed.
  6. As someone who lives two blocks away from this lot, a smaller market/bodega would be amazing. Also, the warehouse at 3120 Commerce (just across Velasco from this lot) has been redone and looks to be opening soon as a gym. I've walked my dog by here a few times when the doors were open and noticed a ton of exercise equipment and weight racks being set up.
  7. Good news, glad they are getting started on this. The Sampson/York corridor has a lot of potential.
  8. This should come as absolutely no surprise, but that rendering looks virtually identical to the Campanile on Commerce over in Second Ward.
  9. Is there any better mascot for short-sighted American consumerism run amuck than a seven-story self storage place being shoehorned into the middle of a historic neighborhood?
  10. Not much visible progress in the last few weeks, but I’m sure they’re focusing on the interior buildout at this point.
  11. That’s the Sidney Sherman Brady house. Built in 1905. It has been abandoned for a while. http://www.houstontx.gov/planning/AboutPD/news_releases09/Sidney_Sherman_Brady_House.pdf
  12. This project is coming along nicely. As far as we can tell, all 120 units are workforce housing, correct? If so, this is a good location and good scale for such a development.
  13. That’s fair, my past experience with gun ranges has typically been outdoor ranges situated in the suburbs (or even further out), and as you can probably guess those are primarily frequented by people from the area who fall much more to the right side of the political spectrum.
  14. I’ve never understood why business owners are so eager to put their political beliefs out there and risk alienating potential customers. Unless you own something with an inherently-partisan customer base like a shooting range or something, what would you gain?
  15. As a gearhead, I strongly believe that converting a garage into an ADU should be illegal and punishable by having the offender be drawn and quartered. And don’t even get me started on people that have their garage so full of random crap that they can’t even fit one car in it. . .
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