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  1. I walk by this site often. I’m fairly certain that the sign fronting Commerce mentions InTown as well. I think the fence is just a practical result of the layout of the two sections. The section fronting Canal is organized along a single “L” drive due to the corner lots which aren’t part of the development, whereas the part along Commerce has a series of lateral drives perpendicular to a main drive. Homes on both sides back up to the fence. I thought it was initially divided by phases, but they’ve built homes on both sides of the fence—and many lots on both sides have not broken grou
  2. I had asked the same question earlier in the thread. It’s a new residential building for Harmony House, a homeless services provider. http://harmonyhouse.org/about-2/
  3. So this is another new place going in at this strip center which is definitely in the path of the I-45 reroute. Leads me to believe that the owners of this land know something about the project that perhaps hasn’t been made public. Maybe the federal Title VI investigation has some momentum to it and the efforts to undermine the project have a chance of succeeding.
  4. There are still a bunch of individual home sites in that development that haven’t broken ground, especially along Commerce. They’re going to be working on those for quite a while. I’m not sure “wrapping up” is the best way to categorize their progress.
  5. @ljchouhad heard the same thing a few months ago from a different source.
  6. Yup that’s another one on my list too. I’ll let you know if I win the lottery instead, and we can spearhead these efforts together. lol
  7. This is a really cool and interesting photo, thanks for sharing. It is weird seeing the (then late model) work vehicles present at the job site and the number on the sign without an area code.
  8. I really want to see this renovated in the near future. Would make for a cool bar or restaurant. It’s right near the top of my list in terms of buildings in that immediate area I’d like to see rehabilitated, along with the old Saragusa grocery store over on Canal near St. Charles.
  9. Hopefully TXDOT will acquire and bulldoze it soon, to put it out of its misery.
  10. Stopped by Segundo Coffee Lab today, pretty good coffee and very cool space. They did a nice job with this project. Here are a few more pics from inside:
  11. Texas Bar-B-Que House is officially no more, and it’s being replaced by the equally imaginatively-named Texas Tailgate. They’ve put down a bunch of Astro turf and turned part of the parking lot into a patio, complete with several TVs. Honestly, this is a good spot for something like this. Has good potential to be a popular pre-game spot for both Dynamo and Astros games.
  12. The timing is still odd. I thought the TXDOT buyouts were already starting along St. Emanuel? For instance, I’ve seen a number of moving trucks at the Lofts at the Ballpark, like tenants in the front building are clearing out. I wouldn’t think that leases in these buildings (which will be torn down soon) would be renewed, much less with accompanying renovations.
  13. If that is the case, then I could see it being an adaptive reuse similar to something like Eight Row Flint or Flying Fish over on N. Durham. I guess that wouldn't be the worst thing ever.
  14. I've used them off and on for a few smaller things that I just couldn't do on my project cars (inspections, alignment after I replaced a steering rack, etc.) over the last few years. They were just down the street from my old office, so very convenient.
  15. It's curious that they are doing any renovations at all to the Lucky's Lodge building, considering it is in the path of the I-45 reroute. I've heard of some land owners throwing up a shoddy building quickly to try to increase value and obtain a larger buyout from whatever governmental entity is exercising eminent domain, but I wouldn't think the ROI on doing a similar thing with renovations would be there. Very odd.
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