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  1. I live in the immediate area and drive through this intersection at least once on most days. Emancipation is a higher volume road here than Polk, and that will be even more true once the I-45 reroute construction kicks off and blocks access to downtown on Polk. The CVS will directly lead to at least a moderate increase in traffic volume at this intersection. Having an entrance to a drive thru only accessible directly from Emancipation will also lead to a significant increase in left turning vehicles heading southwest on Emancipation, and the close proximity of the driveway to the intersection with Polk makes it even more problematic. I’m afraid that you are greatly overestimating the driving abilities of average Houston commuters/drivers if you don’t think this is a problem. And, for the record, I’m more concerned about safety and the potential for accidents than I am traffic backup.
  2. I think the Emancipation entrance might cause some traffic problems. Emancipation along that stretch is a fairly busy road, and having people slow down to turn into a narrow entrance—or worse, trying to cross traffic on a left turn from the opposite lane—is going to make things interesting. The only practical solution is making Emancipation one lane in each direction with a center turn lane, but I don’t think there are any plans to that effect.
  3. This building has a lot of potential for adaptive reuse, would make a good spot for a restaurant.
  4. Don’t be too sad, it will be bulldozed as part of the I-45 reroute project. 😈
  5. So it’s just a remodel and not a tear down. Somewhat disappointing. I wonder how much of that is not wanting to dig up the dirt and deal with soil remediation from contamination?
  6. That was the exact concern I had when I saw this happening. It’s an oddly shaped, almost triangular lot so it’ll make for a very inefficient parking lot. Frustrating if that is the case.
  7. Those are the same people that still thought a Sprouts was going in, even though I posted a link to this HAIF topic every single time someone posted about it over the last three years. Even in the post you referenced there was still a “I thought this was going to be a Sprouts?” comment.
  8. That would be my guess, it was abandoned for quite a while.
  9. This listing for the property shows that it has sold, so someone has some plans for the lot.
  10. Drove by on Milby earlier and noticed a crew demoing this building. It was a minimal-setback building probably dating back to the 1940s that had an interesting inverted curved eave along the front of the building, similar to White Rhino (which is more or less across the street). It formerly operated as a night club, but had not been occupied in a long time. I’m not sure when it shut down, others in the neighborhood might know better. The bigger loss might be that whatever gets built there does not keep the minimal setback.
  11. The cat is out of the bag now I guess. I wonder what’s going on with the appeal on that multi-million dollar verdict against Urban Living for using that firm’s architectural plans without permission?
  12. The homes in that neighborhood are slowly being renovated, and there is no reason this one couldn’t be as well. It definitely needed some work but I’m sure the basic structure was still good. By example, my friend and her husband live a block away, and bought in maybe six or seven years ago. They’ve done a great job with renovating their original bungalow. Also worth considering, the entry to this lot is on a residential side street, bringing additional thru traffic and affecting use of the sidewalk by pedestrians.
  13. You just don’t understand, these people are obviously very important and delays and lane closures affect them in a disproportional manner because their time is much more valuable. . . Traffic jams are for the plebeians.
  14. Hey @CrockpotandGravelwelcome back! Missed your snideness and pedantry. It’s going to take a bit to get used to the new name though.
  15. Alright HAIFers, get your pitchforks!
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