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  1. Somebody posted on Nextdoor stating that they saw people bringing brewery equipment here. I’m not finding anything through Google, and HCAD isn’t showing anything on the recent transaction yet. Do we know who purchased this? New paint and the other work put into it seems excessive if it’s just going to be a storage facility.
  2. 610 units is a lot for that site. And given the student housing immediately across Cullen and the development on Hussion St., and Lovett’s history, I’d be willing to wager that this will be at least partially subsidized/affordable housing through the LIHTC program or similar programs. Just what this area needs more of. . .
  3. Good point. I know we like to give Lovett a hard time about dragging their feet on larger projects like the old Houston Post building and Post HTX, but a smaller scale project like this should be easier to turn around in a more timely manner. Or, they’ll just sit on it for an extended amount of time with no activity. Honestly could go either way.
  4. Did anybody happen to go to this? I heard some information third(?) hand that was apparently discussed at this meeting regarding East River, but don’t know how credible that information was.
  5. That’s a refreshingly rational viewpoint. I was just curious because I’ve seen other people post on here complaining about having tall buildings built that compromise their views, sunlight, etc. You didn’t seem to fit in that camp, but I thought I’d ask anyway. I did the same, buying with an empty lot next door. A three story apartment is currently being built that blocks a view of the edge of downtown from the shared driveway. Like you, I figured it would be developed eventually. I’m just glad someone didn’t try to stick a high rise there. . .
  6. I’m guessing you live in one of those townhomes immediately to the east of this site. I’m curious how you feel about having your downtown view blocked by a mid rise apartment?
  7. Not just a parking lot. That seems to be most, if not all, of the block in question. Seems absurd. Seems to be overkill for a parking lot intended for joggers and bikers on the trail to use. Only explanation that makes sense would be that the City is relocating one of its vehicle yards to this spot. Maybe Parking Enforcement? Their facility/lot on St. Emanuel will have to relocate due to the I-45 reroute.
  8. It might have. A sign is still up advertising the property for lease, but the land is now being used for parking for the Southwest Key detention center on Emancipation.
  9. It was open for maybe a month? It didn’t do too well. Reviews were generally bad. https://yelp.to/qTKq/JO91BApuY0
  10. Just walked by and there were several cars parked in front and a bunch of people sitting at the bar. Seems like it’s open!
  11. Today I learned of the Venus sports car made right here in Houston (thanks to a post on Reddit). As a native Houstonian and gear head, it is a bit surprising that I hadn’t heard of it before. A total of 10 were apparently built. Although the running gear was from an earlier Ford, a lot of the components were custom made for the Venus, including it’s fiberglass body. This was presumably done at their building located at 930 S. 75th St. in the East End. The Pinterest page linked below was set up by the son of the designer and shows some really interesting historical photos of the vehicles, as well as a few articles. https://pin.it/qz2dalwkojyzc7 One of the pictures features the vehicle in front of the building on S. 75th St. Using Google maps, it looks similar to the building now located at 926 S. 75th St., which is an auto repair shop. I doubt that the address would have been changed however, so I presume that the building was torn down some time ago. If anyone happens to remember that part of town from the 1950s-1960s, I’d be curious to know if it’s the same building. Thought I would share. Enjoy!
  12. Drove by here this morning and there is zero activity at this site.
  13. I agree with you completely. I think one of the best things Market Square and this stretch of Main has going for it is proximity to the light rail. Many of the people who will be moving into all of the new mid-rises and towers in Midtown and other parts of downtown skew younger and more professional and have disposable income for going out. A growing number (typically transplants) seem to be going without cars, if things I read here and on Reddit can be extrapolated. This area represents the best upscale bar experience anywhere along the light rail.
  14. But Lucky’s Pub is an awful place. It’s dark, dingy, their deck is falling apart, and they charge way too much for drinks. I paid $7.50 for a Lawnmower pint there on Saturday when I met up with some friends for the Red River Rivalry game. On top of that, my credit card got compromised there about five years ago—somebody behind the bar duplicated my credit card’s magnetic strip onto a blank card and went on a spending spree the next day in the Westchase area. When I spoke to a manager about it, he didn’t seem too concerned about it. I would recommend avoiding that place if you can. If you absolutely have to go, bring cash.
  15. I noticed that they are building an outdoor area and path at the end of the parking lot at Headquarters, in previous railroad ROW. These railroad tracks have been abandoned for a while. Not sure if it will extend all the way to Commerce, but it would be nice if it does!
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