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  1. He was totally joking. They’ve paved over portions of the Commerce St. tracks in multiple places, so it wouldn’t even be possible at this point. On the new East End Bike Plan, the Commerce stretch seems to be a target for development. I’m holding out hope that they pull out the railroad tracks and repave the entire street, adding high-comfort bike lanes.
  2. Thank you for your response. I realize the inherent tendency to come across as disingenuous when a White man such as I comments on a topic such as this. I don’t disagree with your main point, and I think it helps reinforce my point a bit. I think we can agree that emphasizing or prioritizing one culture and even indirectly being dismissive of other cultures is not the best approach. You can believe that and still see the need to protect the Hispanic cultural institutions which are important to the East End. As a native Texan, I fully realize that the state has had a heavy Spanish influenc
  3. The Wikipedia entry for Harrisburg notes that it was "west of Brady Island" which would be near the present confluence of Harrisburg Blvd., Navigation Blvd., and Broadway St. That would still be in the area considered the "Greater East End."
  4. I believe the first four wards were created at the same time, with the Fifth and Sixth subsequently carved out of those as the population grew. So technically, it is simultaneously as old as the other three original wards. But, I suspect the reference as "oldest neighborhood" may refer to the city of Harrisburg, which was located in what is now the East End prior to being annexed by Houston.
  5. Good question. I would assume something that doesn’t embrace or otherwise may alienate the predominant Hispanic culture of the neighborhood. But, I don’t see how this wouldn’t be intertwined with an anti-gentrification mindset (i.e., anything that threatens to displace long term residents or detrimentally impacts businesses could be deemed “culturally insensitive”). I may catch some flack for this, but the idea that Hispanic culture should be regarded as something of a universal culture in the East End is a bit off base. Yes, the population has been predominately Latino for a very long ti
  6. As someone who lives on Commerce St., a substantial reworking and repaving of Commerce with dedicated bike lanes added to connect the Harrisburg Rail Trail and Buffalo Bayou trails in downtown is definitely optimal.
  7. $22 million seems like a lot for 89 units. But, the scale is reasonable, and this development wouldn't be immediately near another mixed-income development (closest would be the 55+ project going up at Scott and Clay). That being said, I'm surprised that there have not been more market rate offerings announced in the immediate area, especially since HHA purchased The Circuit by BBVA and is transitioning 51% of the units to affordable (at 60% AMI if I recall).
  8. That looks to be the right project, I noticed Freund St. on the renders as well. Good find. From what I recall, Padua is the developer that owns a lot of land in the area and has been very vocally against HHA’s proposed EaDo 800 project nearby. A few of the townhomes represented in the last two photos have already been built, and there are more slated to be constructed along N. Live Oak, by the silos.
  9. It’s odd that the article ends discussing developers concerns about their developments resulting in the gentrification of Montrose, as if that hasn’t happened already (and been going on for the last few decades). That mentality seems a bit out of touch.
  10. I bet the person who rode the motorcycle there is regretting their choice. Seriously though, why put together a render that shows the property in a steady downpour? Are they trying to obfuscate some of the design details? I don't get it.
  11. I’m also looking forward to this stretch of trail being reworked and transformed. It also seems to have a good mix of housing, which should be the goal for most new developments.
  12. https://www.click2houston.com/news/local/2021/03/23/electronic-scooters-could-soon-be-banned-from-houston-sidewalks/ Article regarding proposed amendments to City ordinances targeting scooters. Article hints at but doesn’t really explicitly say that the proposed amendments are intended to treat scooters the same as bicycles—especially Chapter 45, which already bans bicycle use on sidewalks in “business districts” (i.e., practically all of downtown, Midtown, and most major streets through Montrose, The Heights, the East End, etc.).
  13. This is a few blocks away from the other development by the same name, which seems odd. Also no "Phase I" or "Phase II" designation, which probably wouldn't make sense anyway given that the lots are not contiguous. I will note that they were doing soil sampling at the 415 N Charles address a month or so ago, so something large is definitely planned to go there. Apartments above a parking structure makes perfect sense, given how low that lot lies.
  14. As someone who formerly lived on Peden St. in Montrose, this topic having the name misspelled is making me irrationally anxious.
  15. @ljchouasked an important question in another topic, and I figured it best to rehash it here to see if anyone knows: what is the latest on HHA's so-called "EADO" 800 development at 800 Middle St? I know there was a notice and comment period regarding an environmental impact study by the City of Houston which ended in October, but I haven't heard anything since. I did hear that the contract to purchase the site for the Ojala development was tabled during the last HHA meeting in late February, after a large number of people commented in opposition during that meeting. I guess that is a win
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