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  1. You need to stop saying completely reasonable things that I actually agree with, it’s making me feel conflicted because I’m used to disagreeing with you.
  2. And just to add, Hirsch runs right by the eastern edge of the East River property (albeit the last stage to be developed), so this will probably be the preferred route for interstate traffic to reach the development. (which is great news for me, as I’ll be walking or biking there from the other direction and won’t have as much vehicular traffic to deal with 👍🏻)
  3. This will be a good fit for the area, what with all of the parking lots northwest of St. Emanuel being decimated via the reroute project (including the only parking lot for East Village).
  4. I’m liking the lot in the back and having the buildings front the sidewalk, but not crazy about that driveway with handicapped and other parking spots between the buildings, with access to N. Shepherd. Seems like a weird access point, especially with it so close to the intersection with 16th St.
  5. I’m going to miss the Michael’s the most.
  6. Unfortunately, I don’t see any explicit mention of a possible space for a grocery store. Maybe one of those retail buildings would be large enough to accommodate something like a medium-sized HEB?
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