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  1. Construction fence is down around the restaurant pad site. Checked the permit in the window and it lists “Cajun Coast” as the occupant. Google search didn’t turn up much aside from this link from the Triad construction website. Not much use unless you have the password. http://triadrc.com/2020/04/13/cajun-coast-houston-tx/
  2. An ice house would be a good fit for an old gas station like this, but I’m thinking D&W Lounge already has the “ice house demographic” cornered. (And before you say anything, I love D&W and have been going there for years!)
  3. I just say that I’m in Second Ward. It really throws recent transplants off.
  4. Agree completely, but mostly because of the very close proximity to that concrete and asphalt facility just to the northeast. That facility generates a ton of dust which, depending on wind direction, could cause quite a mess as the it settles. Seems to be a poor location for anything outdoor-focused.
  5. Developers and real estate agents will call an area whatever they want, regardless of recognized and/or historic neighborhood and management district boundaries. “EaDo” is being pushed as a trendy, up-and-coming area so naturally they will take liberty with the boundaries and say pretty much anything in the general area is “EaDo,” even when it’s on the other side of the Bayou in Fifth Ward. It’s the same reason The Heights now apparently reaches all the way over to Hempstead road. . .
  6. Hopefully none. We have more than enough affordable housing developments between this portion of the East End and neighboring Fifth Ward relative to market-rate apartment stock, especially after HHA acquired The Circuit complex near BBVA Stadium with the intention of converting approximately half the units into affordable units. We need more market-rate stock like the Marquette property on Navigation and (hopefully) this development to even things out.
  7. From what I recall, Lovett seems to just randomly list retailers as tenants on site plans to generate interest without any sort of agreement in place. They did the same thing when they used Sprouts on the site plan and renderings for the old Houston Post building on Polk. Maybe someone involved in commercial real estate could further elaborate?
  8. This whole plan is kind of half baked. They’ve literally just put up construction barricades restricting thru traffic. What they need to do instead is redo the sidewalks in the area and ramp up parking enforcement on the dedicated bike lanes on Polk a couple of blocks away (along with re-striping the lanes).
  9. Honestly it’s not a big loss. I always found it to be dingy, dark, and kind of gross, and the food wasn’t great. Pitch 25 opening was the beginning of the end for Lucky’s. Plus, my credit card got compromised there several years ago. Manager didn’t seem too interested in investigating. So maybe I’m a bit biased against it. Oh well.
  10. There is a mistake in their listing. It refers to the Kroger as the “east end Kroger” instead of “Kombat Kroger.”
  11. They are some of the best margs in the city. Luckily I only live a few blocks away so I have the option to walk there and back.
  12. All of those options you mentioned are generally similar to Tex-Mex and it’s derivatives. We need more diverse food options in this area beyond any of those.
  13. Hopefully that gas station is next on the list.
  14. I think the NRP development will have one major effect for people on the north side of the Bayou—a significant increase in vehicle traffic. With the way the streets are laid out in that area, the most likely access to and from the NRP property will be Kennedy St. to Jensen. From there, I think you will see a significant amount of traffic head up and down Jensen, which provides direct access to I-10, I-45, and 59 with less hassle then other alternatives. Does anyone have more details about the unit mix at NRP? I’ve seen varying details from different sources but nothing consistent.
  15. They are moving fast on build-out of the restaurant portion. Maybe a half-dozen workers were present. No sign is up, so I’m not sure if this is still going to be a Corky’s or some other restaurant. https://imgur.com/gallery/vOISdHl (Sorry for the link, it’s inverting the orientation of photos when I try to upload directly, and Imgur imbed feature isn’t working on mobile)
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