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  1. They’re putting up a tall metal fence around this building, including the parking lot in the back. Certainly makes it less inviting from the sidewalk. I thought there was supposed to be a cafe or some other small retail going in here?
  2. That’s a four block walk at most. The trees over near the Stadium actually provide a decent amount of shade. The trees by Circuit are a bit more sparsely situated, but once they mature will provide good shade on that side as well. Maybe I’ve become desensitized due to walking my high-energy dog all over the damn place all the time, but that doesn’t seem like that bad of a walk at all.
  3. There was some activity on site a while back. I think they were breaking up an old commercial building foundation? It looked like they were getting ready to start construction, but not much has happened since.
  4. I’ve definitely noticed, I think I speak for most people here when I say that we appreciate your contributions.
  5. I’d say any new use for a large commercial building along a major street in an up-and-coming area is worth a post. That’s kind of the whole point of these smaller neighborhood categories in this forum. It’s ok that @ljchou posted about it first, you don’t have to be the one to break every bit of news here. For what it’s worth, I see this as what it is: a proactive move to plan ahead of the I-45 reroute project to make sure they maintain a presence in the immediate area. This is a rather large facility (especially compared to their present operation), so there should be plenty of room to build it out for a tap room, etc. in the near future.
  6. Went here last night. Cool space, and it’s pretty neat how it backs up to the woods by the bike path and Bayou. It’s a fairly unique atmosphere in Houston in that sense, the only thing similar I can think of offhand is The Dunlavy. Predictably, the parking situation is awful. There are people parking anywhere they can fit, the streets were almost impassable, and some driveways of the homes in the immediate vicinity were partially blocked. I’d hate to be a homeowner in that area: it used to be something of an enclave, but now it’s chaotic and claustrophobic (at least on the weekends).
  7. Went to Night Light last night, was a lot of fun! Very interesting experience, especially the interactive exhibit at the Silos. There were a ton of people out and about. Definitely looking forward to more of this over in the East End.
  8. I certainly don’t have a problem with more market-rate density in the area. Garrow St. is relatively narrow at that point (with the other cross street, Nagle, being even worse) so if it was something retail-oriented I’m not sure that would work well. Plus, the proximity to the Rusk Academy would restrict what kind of tenants could go in any development there.
  9. The law firm on the second floor of the building had purchased the building back in 2016 from Jim Crane. There was a financial services company on the first floor that had an existing lease, so maybe their lease was finally up? Or maybe the law firm sold the building, I haven’t spoken with anyone from there in several months. I’ll try to gather some intel.
  10. No, but it will be way out in Tomball instead of just outside of downtown in a developing neighborhood. There are plenty of windowless warehouses next to yards of 18 wheelers out in the suburbs so it will fit right in.
  11. That’s great news. Canal and Commerce have tremendous potential as a pedestrian-friendly, walkable corridor with all of these developments in the works.
  12. There has been an uptick in activity at this site, mostly inside the warehouse. I’ve seen vans and work trucks there on a daily basis. I even spotted a Houston BCycle truck there the other day, which was a bit odd.
  13. The framework on this went up pretty quick, but the overall footprint is a bit smaller than I expected.
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