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  1. I saw that you mentioned that in your post. If they just reopened, I think that it’s a bit premature to say they are doing ok. We will have to wait to see what happens I guess.
  2. I’m very concerned that this will ultimately be canceled. I don’t know that any type of arcade is a viable business in this post-COVID world. The amount of staff needed for sanitization efforts alone would be problematic. Have Dave & Busters or Main Event reopened?
  3. Deal Co. is doing a great job renovating these older commercial buildings all over town. They are currently in the process of redoing several warehouses on Commerce St. over in Second Ward as well.
  4. I think the reddish-brown color was from whatever primer they were prepared with. And, I’ll have to disagree with you. IMHO, the black color compliments the white brick better.
  5. I have some bad news for you: I drove by yesterday and the motorhome had been removed from the property.
  6. Walked by last night and took a photo of the interior. They’re making good progress on the buildout.
  7. More indication that McKinney looks to be realizing its potential as a retail/restaurant corridor. Also, further proof that permanent adoption of the Slow Streets pilot program further down McKinney (which just ended) is ill advised. As the East End and EaDo continue to develop, McKinney is obviously going to see additional traffic volumes. Restricting McKinney from being accessible by thru traffic doesn’t seem like the best idea.
  8. Looks like they’re putting in a sizable patio area.
  9. I think these are the old renderings? I remember the cheesy opening in the side of the building with the Texas flag hanging down from the previous renderings shared a few years ago. Also, the date on the bottom of the page suggests it was last updated in 2018. I think this design has (thankfully) been abandoned.
  10. I just walked by this property on Saturday and was wondering what might be planned for it. It looked like Binswanger had either already shut down this location (the building at the northwest end; the lot parallel to Sampson is vacant) or at the very least was starting to wind down operations. Now I know. This would be an awesome addition to the neighborhood!
  11. Those are probably aisle markings for warehousing, so you know where to position pallets. My guess anyway.
  12. That explains the crew tearing up the parking lot just southeast of the Wilson criminal justice building on Commerce, near where the Austin St. bike path intersects Commerce. Looks like they’re putting a path and green space right through where the parking lot was. Nice!
  13. Boo! #parksnotparkinglots (I’m only half joking. The parking lot they have seems like overkill, and there is plenty of street parking nearby)
  14. I remember hearing about the CoH program a year or two ago and thought up a couple of solid names at the time: Draininthecity I and II Drain in Vain Yes, I am a fan of early punk rock/new wave music, why do you ask?
  15. The map in their brochure is a bit . . . inaccurate. They show Moon Tower on Navigation north of Ninfa's, Champ Burger at Commerce and Palmer, Voodoo Queen where Champ Burger actually is, and Warehouse Live on Chartres north of BBVA Stadium. Whoops.
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