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  1. Thanks for the confirmation of the name Roger Gray. As for the theater name, I don't know if my memory is better or yours. I just appreciate being able to reestablish the information and memories. Between 1978 and 1985, our TV studio productions included numerous sessions with Bum Phillips (Bum Phillip's Coach's Show), Mickey Gilley (Gilley's Place), and Paul Bosh (I. W. Marks commercials and Houston Wrestling). PM Magazine hosts at KHTV39 included Bill Worrell and Giff Nielsen. I did not really know radio people then. I did a little radio DJ-ing at college in California.
  2. Does anyone remember the Red Windmill Dinner Theater? I think it was in southwest Houston, possibly Town & Country Mall area. In the late 70s - early 80s I worked for Channel 39 and an actor named Gray (I don't remember his first name. The only possible name that comes to mind is Roger.) worked part time as a newscaster in the early morning. He left to become the manager of the Red Windmill Theater. (or Theatre?)
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