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  1. Seems like there might not be much in the way of worthwhile updates until ground breaks...
  2. To be fair, they are mostly turning into "people think other people don't like poors and are getting mad about it." I think one person said something to the affect of "APV should go or is likely to go." Then like 5 people are saying no one likes the poors and rich people are bad and arguing against arguments that were never made in the first place. All very odd.
  3. Yep, who knows what will actually pan out of this. I'm just relaying what I was told. Once they break ground on the tower, I bet it's only about a year until they have structural steel up. Once that happens, you can at least rest assured know how the skyline will change.
  4. I meant to post this sooner, but you know how things are. I was in town and driving by the property in early March. Guys were working inside so my SO and I thought we might try to take a peek and just have a chat. We spoke to the lead construction guy, whose name is eluding me right now. The sales gallery is basically a model unit so prospective buyers can see what condos in the tower will look like. They will have a huge tv that is able to show the view out the windows of any given unit which I thought was pretty neat. The metal design on the outside of the gallery I think is
  5. Maybe we could go back to talking about real estate? I remember when this board talked about real estate. It was nice.
  6. Likewise, I am confused as to what this will be fore as it does not look like what you'd expect for a tower foundation.
  7. That would be very welcome news. I'm skeptical about the groundbreaking given how long this project has been waiting already, but given that they announced groundbreaking for 4Q 18 in 4Q 18 it makes me think they are ready and will follow through. Fingers crossed but cautiously optimistic. Something tells me that vacant lot on Dallas next to the cemetery doesn't stay vacant long.
  8. Whoa - which streets do you see this activity on?
  9. Bummer, that looks like a great project if it were to ever get off the ground.
  10. Hey Ross, do you have any more info on these projects - the Ashby or the Hempstead lanfdill? I have seen some articles about the brick streets. The only proposed development I have really seen in that area is "The Allen" which is at Gray st and Allen Pkwy. Looks great if it were to ever get developed. I've also noticed a lot of vacant land in the neighborhood - maybe these community issues you are alluding to help explain that.
  11. Any updates on this project? Is it for sure happening or are some big pieces still up in the air?
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