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  1. A friend flew his drone near Minute Maid Park during the World series. His drone control system had the ball park and the surrounding area marked as a no fly zone. He said he got near the edge restricted area, and suddenly found control of his drone taken over. All he could do was watch while the drone want to the ground. The story he tells is the us gov has been getting cooperation from drone makes in China, so law enforcement and always seize control when they need to
  2. I love the winter Olympics, but I missed something. Is Houston bidding to host the winter Olympics? Houston would be perfect, because it would not be miserably cold as the winter Olympics so often are, and Houston skiing is n a class of it'shink it is a great l own, especially with terrain perfect Winter downhill events. I really think Houston is perfect for the Winter Olympics. Is this the connection between the winter Olympics and a forum on Houston architecture? Oooooooooo! I get it. It's a code! Nice! How can I help,?
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