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  1. i heard it's different phases, and about 5-10 years it should be complete.
  2. The Port of Houston, one of the region's greatest assets, ranks as the nation's largest port in international tonnage and second in total tonnage. According to the report, total waterborne commerce in the United States reached a record 2.34 billion tons in 1998. The Port of South Louisiana was ranked first in total tonnage, followed by Houston and New York. Pretty good for New Orleans for once.
  3. Houston, can make up of different cities such as; new york, chicago, l.a., even international cities. They flim movies here to make up for those cities. New orleans is not even close to be an international city. Yes, New orleans have great architecture, and culture, but it's nasty, smelly, and the buildings look like its has mildew on them. i would never live in new orleans, but I'll visit. That's why people all over louisiana really wants to come to houston, or dallas cause of jobs, and more things to get into here. Texas is king of the south, and houston is #1, and everyday we're growing and growing. New orleans is light miles away from houston and dallas. So please don't even compare new orleans to the texas cities. I rather move to austin before i move to new orleans, and austin is not that big. I know alot of my friends from new orleans right now saying they wish they could come to texas, cause its ain't s.h.i.t. here. But New Orleans is a nice city to Visit, but not to live.
  4. Yes, I pass by there last week and they're building. This is going to be a awesome entertainment for houston.
  5. I got word that they will start building in december, but they will do something in the area this month.
  6. new orleans will never change. I haven't been there in 5 years, and I went there 3 years ago and still the same. Well, you have to look at it this way. New Orleans is a poor city, the whole city looks like a ghetto for crying out loud. To me, I can't see why people live there. But thats their home.
  7. If it wouldn't be for Lee Brown, there shouldn't been anything going up on main street. Main Street right now should still be a abandon place on weekends. Remember that.
  8. new orleans is not a place to live, and yes its dangerous. its look dirty also in those pics. I visited new orleans alot of times, smells like a damn sewer, but nice to have fun and come back home. That's why people that lives in new orleans rather live in texas, cause more nicer, more things to get into, and twice as more JOBS!
  9. What are you saying Montrose? Lee brown, he's the one created main street on come alive, and downtown. He's the one introduced houston to metrorail. he did alot to downtown. All mayor white doing is fixing money issues in the city.
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