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  1. OG Cooper Carlisle (Broncos) visits the Texans. He started all 16 games last season for Denver. This will be his 8th year in NFL. Texans also bringing in WR Andre' Davis.
  2. If the Texans don't go .500 (8-8), or better this season. Look for the fans booing again, sports announcers saying "the Texans should've did better by keeping David Carr," and criticizing Bob McNair for a franchise never reached .500 in six seasons.
  3. Pretty tough schedule right there! I hope the Texans prevail, if not, more cleaning house. You forgot to add DJ. BYE WEEK is Week 10, after the Raiders game.
  4. It's a software out there that takeoff blueprints, (piping, duct, the insulation portion). This software could figure the total feet for the piping, and the total square feet for duct. The problem is I don't nowhere to find it. If anybody knows where to find this software, please let me know. I really need it for my business. Thank You!
  5. I'm looking to purchase a ON-SCREEN TAKEOFF software to takeoff my blueprints on the computer, instead of taking it off by manual. Anyone know where I could purchase any type of Takeoff software? Any website I could go on?
  6. Free-agent CB Jamar Fletcher (Lions) will visit the Houston Texans Wednesday, April 4. It's about time they approaching the secondary.
  7. Texans host Cowboys and Bears in the Preseason. Tampa Bay and Arizona, away. The regular season schedule will be released by the NFL later this month.
  8. Hey! Who cares about some stupid avatar!? Because I don't. If y'all wanna talk about avatar's feel free to create a NEW TOPIC. Thank you.
  9. I don't think Calvin Johnson would drop all the way down to 10th. But, if it does happen, it would be a blessing to the Texans.
  10. Texans to meet with former Aldine, UT linebacker D.D. Lewis (SEA). Is I'm missing something here? Why the Texans getting all of these LB's, and not working on secondary? I hope and pray that Faggins won't be starting on the opposite side of Robinson this season. Faggins nickname is "Burnt Man," cause he get's burnt once, or twice in every game.
  11. I agree with you on that note, westguy. Matt Shaub needs to take this team to the playoffs his first year. Is it going to happen? I think not. My projection this year is 8-8 for the first time in franchise histroy.
  12. The Texans address Penn State's Brown (OT) could be target in draft.
  13. Texans match Giants' offer sheet, re-sign FB Leach to a four-year contract worth $7.2 million, including $1.6 million in guaranteed money.
  14. Thanks for the help and the info, guys!
  15. How can I become a vendor of all City of Houston events? I already have my food license. Need INFO ASAP!
  16. All the Texans needs now is another play maker WR to go along with Andre Johnson. Probably another S, or CB.
  17. The Texans just released David Carr, also are releasing running back Domanick Williams (formerly Davis). And yes, it's kinda dumb that the Texans didn't get anything in return. Oh well, that's how the cookie crumbles.
  18. You nailed it right on the head, TJones! I might wanna take you out to Vic & Anthony's one of these days, lol! That's how Emmitt Smith was so great, cause he treated his linemen out, and placed Rolex watches in each of his linemen lockers.
  19. I told y'all all we needed was another QB. They mention Carr wasn't no leader, he was a loner, didn't even treat his O-line out.
  20. Still, if that O-line be like last years. Matt will be like another Carr!
  21. Hate to say this but, I'm going to miss David as well. Houston Texans general manager Rick Smith said that QB David Carr will be traded as soon as Thursday, March 22. Miami Dolphins reports that they may go after Houston Texans QB David Carr, who is available since the Texans traded for QB Matt Schaub. Matt Schaub signed a six year deal for $48 million.
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