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  1. I just heard on Magic 102 this morning that they getting ready to brake ground on this Convention Hotel!
  2. Imagine creatures from other world was in teh Mist, like the movie Stephen King's THE MIST. By the way, that was a great movie. Seen it twice.
  3. Houston Texans need to look at Jack, and get rid of this press box coach, Gary Kubiak.
  4. With all the injuries the Texans have on their roster, it's going to be a hard time for them to overcome the Falcons this Sunday. Now they saying Mathis probably won't play either, cause of his leg. Who's Big Bad Schaub go-to-guy now? Andre Davis? Kevin Walter? David Anderson? Owen Daniels? Jeb Putizer? Looks shaking to me. Do Texans still have runningbacks? Ahman Green is out! Samkon Gado? Ron Dayne? He's playing with bruise ribs. The defense better play like their in the Super Bowl already, if not, 2-2 they will go!
  5. I really didn't say nothing bad about the Texans. I just said they played good, but room for improvement. They better figure it out quick before they play the Panthers.
  6. What's up, peeps?! I'm back from a long vacation in Las Vegas. Very nice town, but would never live there. I seen the Texans game against Chiefs and I must say they look good, but the Chiefs look like crap themselves. You have to ask yourselves. Did the Chiefs played a up to up game against the Texans? My answer, No. Now Cowboys and Giants game was up to up. I've seen a lot of holes in the offense that should be fix immediately, are they will not score against a well prepared team like Panthers and Colts. Sunday's game against the Panthers will be the Texans first real challenge in the season. This will predict can the Texans win big games, or not. So fans don't cash in your playoff tickets just yet. Oh, by the way. The Texans just signed SS Will Demps from the Giants.
  7. If the Texans keep on having a losing season they will soon be called, San Antonio Texans.
  8. Yes, it sucks. But hey, that's football. I think that Wail Lundy is on his way out, and they already talk to DL Travis Johnson about getting his act together are he will be shipping out. So far, the top three RB's are; Ahman Green, Ron Dayne and Samkon Gado.
  9. RB Chris Taylor is out for season with a knee injury, and Wali Lundy suffering from a sore back. The Texans announced that they're bringing in veteran RB's Quentin Griffin, Patrick Pass and resigning Darius Walker to the squad.
  10. San Antonio came in 17th. 17th? I'm surprised at these rankings.
  11. Who cares how a parking garage looks! All you doing is parking your car and getting the hell out. Whomever came up with this topic was really bored.
  12. WR Keenan McCardell signs with Texans for one year! http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/sports...nt/5004421.html
  13. This will never happen in Houston. Most likely the tower will be in L.A. or Chi-Town.
  14. Texans just signed veteran WR Keenan McCardell and P Matt Turk. They have released several others.
  15. I read about it a couple months ago on Globest.com.
  16. I think they mention it's going to be office buildings.
  17. Well, at this time all I know is Wal-Mart purchase a lot of acres by Northline, and the 59 little york location (old Flea Market) been in the works for some time. Besides, Wal-Mart just recently opened a Super Center off of Beltway 8 and Mesa Dr. It's very nice!
  18. Wal-Mart will build a Super center off of 59 and little york, and announced that they purchase land off of I-45 and Cross timbers near North line Mall for a future location.
  19. The Texans just signed former A&M Aggie, Bethel Johnson to the already tight receiver corps. Johnson struggled to develop himself as an offensive threat with the Patriots, though, and was traded to New Orleans in 2006. He was cut by the Saints before the regular season started. Johnson spent last season with the Vikings. Johnson signed a one-year deal with the Eagles in March, but was released in June. I just hope he contribute something this year as a Texan.
  20. There's a new blog on Houston projects. Check it out! http://houstonprojects.blogspot.com/
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