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  1. History of the Woodlands?

    The first water well for public supply was drilled in 1974 and, noteworthy, is still in service today. It serves Grogan's Mill.
  2. Sienna Plantation is the only place with water hard enough to justify a water softener. Other than that, you should be fine without one. The water in katy isnt going to ruin your appliances or anything, and hard water is generally better tasting and whatnot anyway, but if you personally prefer soft, get a softener. IMHO I personally wouldn't.
  3. Who is the home builder?

    Thanks, I found it. Do you know anything about that builder, or a forum related to it?
  4. Who is the home builder?

    I tried searching-but nothing would come up, I must be doing something wrong. Could you post the link to where you searched? Thank you. Also, since it was mentioned, I recall the garage door had "CTC" written on the inside of it with drawn like that (vertically) inside the C's.
  5. Who is the home builder?

    Thank you for the info Ross. I know it was built in 1982, and sold around 1987, but that's it. I couldn't find it on the appraisal district site either. Did you get the info you had from the county clerk? I was unable to search those records for some reason.
  6. Who is the home builder?

    Yes, that would be it, it was my friends dad's house and they recently sold it, but I haven't been able to find anything. I will have to check the clerk site. The house design like it should be by a river or something. Could it be a life forms home?
  7. Who is the home builder?

    I can't even find the records myself, even on the appraisal district website
  8. Who is the home builder?

    It wasn't George Mitchell's
  9. Does anyone know who the original home builder was for this home? It is in the woodlands and built in 1982, ~2700 square feet. Thank you for your help.