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  1. Wow, if bachanon is giving up on The Woodlands, it must have become even worse since I left 2 years ago. George Mitchell, please rescue the "true" Woodlanders from General Growth greed!! BTW, this water taxi thing in a way epitomizes the wrong turn taken by TW. According to today's Chronicle, they are now seeking federal funding to keep that thing going. IMHO , the water taxis are a joke and always wil be. You'll never get throngs of tourists paying big bucks to coast along a suburban mall drainage ditch. Ludicrous.
  2. IB (International Baccalaureate) is known for excellent academic standards. Especially if you're looking for a more international scope in your kid's education as opposed to the standard "US is best screw the rest" fare, this might be for you. What I'm not sure about is how that goes along with Montessori, seems linke a bit of philosophical mismatch to me, but who knows.
  3. Check this out: http://www.marketwatch.com/news/story/red-...BA956803585B%7D
  4. When I tell people here in Germany where in the U.S. I have lived, I always tell them "The Woodlands, south of Dallas". People here either haven't heard of Houston beyond "we have a problem", or else they've heard how ugly it is.
  5. I don't know whether to laugh or cry about the ignorance displayed by some posters on this subject. I bet they haven't ever spoken to a Mexican, wealthy or otherwise. I lived in The Woodlands from 2004 until five months ago (have since moved back to Germany), and let me tell you, without the Mexicans I played soccer with (they included millionaires as well as janitors), I would have hated my time there. It's really sad to see how at least the fly-over part of the US has become ever more know-nothing since 9/11 especially.
  6. The interesting article below certainly applies to the US as a whole, and more so to other areas than The Woodlands. Still, I feel as though TW could have done a lot better in areas such as public transportation and commercial space layout. Why, for instance, aren't there more mid-rise parking garages "downtown" - not to mention underground parking? http://www.salon.com/news/feature/2007/10/...king/print.html
  7. Check out this excerpt from the prestigious global magazine's October 12 edition, from an article about America's population growth. Houston, we have lift-off Can America cope with a relentlessly expanding population? A look at Houston suggests it can. The city is one of America's fastest-growing. The population of Harris County, which includes Houston, grew by 21% in the 1990s, to 3.4m. The surrounding counties are booming, too. Since Houston has no zoning laws, developers can build wherever they think there will be demand. Rather than waiting for the city to extend sewers and power lines to outlying areas, they can issue bonds to pay for such services themselves, and pass the cost on to the people who buy the houses they build. At the Woodlands, a 28,000-acre (11,300 hectares) planned community north of Houston, you can buy a three-bedroom family home on a quiet wooded street for $130,000. By comparison, the median house price in San Francisco is over $700,000. The Woodlands has good schools, 145 miles (235km) of hiking trails, golf courses designed by the three greatest retired golfers in the world, and a cluster of oil and high-tech firms. It is also safe.
  8. I agree that public transportation is sorely missing in The Woodlands. But I've come to realize that people here love their blasted gas guzzlers so much, they'd never go for it. It's hopeless, I'm afraid.
  9. Fascistoid Market Street Management Goes Rampant OK, maybe I worded that a wee bit strongly, but it got your attention, didn't it? My "favorite" quote from Dull is "The thing we're trying to get across is that we want everyone to come and spend money at Market Street, but what we do not want is inappropriate behavior," he said. "We've experienced inappropriate behavior from those 17 and under, who are believed to have been unsupervised." Well, at least he's honest, spend money or f*** off is what Market Street, that plastic wannabe downtown is all about. My guess is that the "inappropriate behavior" consists mostly of - well, not spending money Sure, those teens can be a pain in the butt, I've seen it myself and I vividly recall my own obnoxiousness at that age. But it's perfectly normal for kids in that phase to rebel and find their own way. Doing it in the sanitized Stepford Wives-Woodlands, where diversity (and I don't mean race) is just not welcome, must suck. I know I'll get the hell out of here as soon as my kids, who love the place right now, get to that age.
  10. Hypocrisy is exactly the problem: bitching about Wal-Mart, but "secretly" shopping there. Kinda like driving a Hummer with "Support the troops" sticker.
  11. Truer words have rarely been spoken. Gosh, I sure miss Boston. But I'm sure that the next blizzard footage from there on the Weather Channel will ease the pain temporarily.
  12. You're right, I apologize for having been mean.
  13. I'm with Red Scare on this one., and I'm sick and tired of these self-righteous people like Katie did it. Get a grip. I love The Woodlands for noe, my kids are 8,5,3. Once my eldest reaches 15 or 16, we'll move back to a city.
  14. It HAS to be FSW only. They wouldn't put national media headquarters into a remote area like ours.
  15. Diverse, and also very white? Am I reading between the lines that you think it's nice because it's white? Cut n' Shoot is white, too, you know? God, I can't stand such thinly veiled racism.
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