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  1. Glad to see the lot behind Downtowner Inn for sale (would’ve preferred to see the motel up haha). The real question is when the enormous lot and building to the left of this on Hamilton be redeveloped (think it’s an old hardware store)? https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/1803-McGowen-St-Houston-TX/16888393/
  2. Looks like a renovation is planned for the office building at 1500 McGowen (former home to Houston Press)
  3. _nataliepw

    2416 Brazos St

    https://m.imgur.com/BEFPRAU,cDKdg6y Update Pics, definitely near completion and Jack & Ginger’s will open October 25th https://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2018/09/24/photos-austin-restaurant-group-sets-opening-date.html
  4. https://m.imgur.com/SxPLgIV,oFpd9bq,Sozmq7z Pics from demolition today
  5. _nataliepw

    3100 Fannin

    New TABC sign up at 3100 Fannin Suite 115 for “Big Ol Panic Attack LLC”, getting an error uploading pics to HAIF but sent to Swamplot
  6. Just saw that Rico’s at Bagby Park is closing down. Surprising because I was always surprised that they had a regular stream of customers every time I drove by. The announcement was on the business’ instagram
  7. _nataliepw

    3100 Fannin

    Unfortunately Bishops Barber Shop was broken into not once, not twice, but three times in one day. https://www.khou.com/article/news/crime/caught-on-camera-3-break-ins-at-midtown-barbershop-in-one-day/285-570421284
  8. _nataliepw

    3100 Fannin

    Saw a “For Sale” sign outside of the Valero station at the corner of Elgin and Main St, next to 3100 Fannin redevelopment. For some reason I keep getting an error when uploading the picture
  9. Yea I remember hearing about this too, I think it was originally “Wanderlust” and not “Wanderstay” hostel. I could’ve sworn the original news about it said the location was planned for McGowen St though. I’m sure there’s limited space there with the Caydon plans and Midtown Commons developing that block
  10. Anyone know what the new structure is right next to/in the Art Supply parking lot?
  11. http://swamplot.com/caydon-properties-wants-to-build-these-second-and-third-towers-next-to-mcgowen-station-in-midtown/2018-02-22/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+swamplot+(Swamplot%3A+Houston's+Real+Estate+Landscape)
  12. Talked to the bar tender at Noveau Antique Art Bar, the construction being done right next to them by Trevino Construction is apparently for a new medical office building
  13. Anyone know if the construction staging area across from Weights & Measures in Midtown is a staging area for the Caroline St renovations, or a new development in of itself? I also heard it could be a staging area for the new Syn Group development down the street at 2403 Caroline which appears to be quite delayed (originally planned to open Fall 2017, haven't seen construction start yet but TABC sign up). The lot was on Loop Net after the Syn Group announcement and has since sold. There is also significant construction in the same lot as Noveau Antique Art Bar, next to the new Caydon high rise site. Possibly another bar/retail/restaurant?
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