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  1. Not to be the correctness cop, but lower income families have to live somewhere. And as far as I know, if my dad, grandmother,and the 2 littler siblings lived there in 1936 it definitely wasn't Silk Stocking Lane as daddy always called the fancier parts of Houston. They didn't have a pot to pee in or a window to throw it out of. In an unrelated and related subject, my little brother born in 1959 was a red headed freckled mess. He was nicknamed Mr. Olshan after the demolition branch of Olshans. If given the chance I know for a fact he'd be able to tear up an anvil. ❤️ Photo was snapped shortly after throwing a few brick around from the bbq pit construction situation. 3 years old. Old Chocolate Bayou Rd memories. Lol.
  2. I heard they opened today. On the morning news
  3. My late husband was a 63 year stone mason and bricklayer, Local 5 Texas. I bought this print for him for his birthday one year from Sloane Gallery. These are the immigrant workers who laid the brick streets. I couldn't help noticing that a bricklayer's biggest pet peeve has been committed on some replies. Whether you have 1 brick or 1000 brick, it is never bricks. They did not build bricks walls or bricks houses. Just keeping y'all up on the lingo. I miss him every day. He was a walking encyclopedia of Houston, particularly downtown. And we would find a parking space close to Allen's Landing and walk the streets with him pointing out the rare rings left in the sidewalks to tie your horse and buggy, old stone buildings that I'm sure are no longer there and then Old Spaghetti Warehouse, finishing up at La Carafe.
  4. There used to be a government site that you could look up the ownership history of an address. My dad bought my grandmother a home in Denver Harbor in 1942. He was 17 and the developer financed. I'd love to see the tax information on value. I have an insurance renewal and the coverage was for total coverage plus garage and contents was valued at $1100.00. The premium was 8.57 for 1 year and she paid it in 52 week increment. A lady with a receipt book would come by to collect for that and life policies she had on all members of the family. Even in 1942 could $1100.00 be right?
  5. Hello again. I have been contacted by Troy Polly's grandson. I was reading Jolly all these years. He knows almost nothing of his grandfather Troy. If anyone comes up with more photos he would be grateful. I have the Sloane collection so if you all have snapshots of your family skating please post. His name is Mark Polly and he is starving for his family history.
  6. Late to the conversation but someone on our Houston History Facebook group was asking about a Greek gentleman who had a sandwich shop and remembered your order. Any help appreciated. I knew where to ask.
  7. Courtney there is a young lady on our Houston history Facebook site trying to reintroduce her 17 year old uncles case from 1975. He was a Vargo family member from the restaurant of the same. How can I help her get in touch with you? Thanks Marti Moser
  8. Can anybody guide or help me with information on old (really old) ice houses on the Northside. My dad had an ice route in the late 1930s and from what I understand he serviced the ice houses and beer joints on Airline, Tidwell, Jensen and Parker. He was only around 11 when he went to work. Hoping to find one of the old joints still in existence. Thought they might want a picture on the walls of way back when.
  9. My dad came to Houston in 1935 when he was 10 yrs old. One of his first jobs after WWII in 1946 was for Mr George. He also worked for Horton & Horton. In 53 or 54 he opened his wholesale building material business on Holmes Rd. Both jobs he was a concrete salesman. He aggravated the whole bunch because he could figure a job in his head before they could get their paper and pencils ready.
  10. My dad was in the VAhospital for an extended time in about 1967. We could smell the cookies and crackers baking. Dad knew they had a storefront and my mom would bring him different things every night, still warm. He called it the Nabs plant. The smell was intoxicating for a small child. We weren't allowed to go in to see him. We'd stand on the lawn and he'd wave from the window.
  11. How could any red-blooded native Houstonian NOT love this blog site. I've yet to see a subject that many others jump on and inform or connect. I treasure my native status. Wish we'd had more history lovers in charge. Our history has been lost.
  12. It was. Our family moved to Pearland in 1960. But my dad and his family lived downtown, The Heights and then bought a home in Denver Harbor. But any shopping, eating, etc was still done downtown when we settled in Pearland. I was the 4th of 5 kids and if the older kids wanted the car they had to take us 2 youngest brats with them. To this day I can remember my precious big sister with the cone with double side and a quadruple dip ice cream. We called her Little Lotta after the comic book character. We went to a place above a street level storefront that sold clothes. Piles and piles of the weirdest misfit stuff. The owner's name was Sol Stimble. I came home once with 1 red patent leather shoe. Couldn't find the other but I had to have that shoe. I was probably about 8. Oh the fun we had downtown. We didn't need an amusement park. We made our own.
  13. Here's one from his newest album Texas called Brown. & Root featuring Steve Earl
  14. Rodney was brought up in the Ship Channel area until his dad took another job and moved them to around Jacinto City. He's truly The Houston Kid. We were raised exactly like he sings in Telephone Road. We were at Clear Creek and Cullen close to the Paradise South Cemetery. The ice houses, the playing in the bar ditches and mosquito truck reference. How did we survive? Lol. We were cut from a tough cloth. The only doctor visits I can ever recall were for tetanus shots. Glass in the ditch or stepping on a rusty nail.
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