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  1. Can anybody guide or help me with information on old (really old) ice houses on the Northside. My dad had an ice route in the late 1930s and from what I understand he serviced the ice houses and beer joints on Airline, Tidwell, Jensen and Parker. He was only around 11 when he went to work. Hoping to find one of the old joints still in existence. Thought they might want a picture on the walls of way back when.
  2. My dad came to Houston in 1935 when he was 10 yrs old. One of his first jobs after WWII in 1946 was for Mr George. He also worked for Horton & Horton. In 53 or 54 he opened his wholesale building material business on Holmes Rd. Both jobs he was a concrete salesman. He aggravated the whole bunch because he could figure a job in his head before they could get their paper and pencils ready.
  3. My dad was in the VAhospital for an extended time in about 1967. We could smell the cookies and crackers baking. Dad knew they had a storefront and my mom would bring him different things every night, still warm. He called it the Nabs plant. The smell was intoxicating for a small child. We weren't allowed to go in to see him. We'd stand on the lawn and he'd wave from the window.
  4. How could any red-blooded native Houstonian NOT love this blog site. I've yet to see a subject that many others jump on and inform or connect. I treasure my native status. Wish we'd had more history lovers in charge. Our history has been lost.
  5. It was. Our family moved to Pearland in 1960. But my dad and his family lived downtown, The Heights and then bought a home in Denver Harbor. But any shopping, eating, etc was still done downtown when we settled in Pearland. I was the 4th of 5 kids and if the older kids wanted the car they had to take us 2 youngest brats with them. To this day I can remember my precious big sister with the cone with double side and a quadruple dip ice cream. We called her Little Lotta after the comic book character. We went to a place above a street level storefront that sold clothes. Piles and piles of the wei
  6. Here's one from his newest album Texas called Brown. & Root featuring Steve Earl
  7. Rodney was brought up in the Ship Channel area until his dad took another job and moved them to around Jacinto City. He's truly The Houston Kid. We were raised exactly like he sings in Telephone Road. We were at Clear Creek and Cullen close to the Paradise South Cemetery. The ice houses, the playing in the bar ditches and mosquito truck reference. How did we survive? Lol. We were cut from a tough cloth. The only doctor visits I can ever recall were for tetanus shots. Glass in the ditch or stepping on a rusty nail.
  8. I'm in touch with a woman who's family owned. Apparently there was a bad fire in 1951 or 52. She couldn't remember the name & I found on a Dome Shadows Facebook group. Thx for the info. I'll encourage her to join our discussions.
  9. My grandma, dad & 2 younger siblings came to Houston in 1936. My dad had a rough ice route. Airline, Tidwell, Parker & Jenson. He bought a truck from Mr. Jolley who owned Polar Ice. Well we thought we knew. I've inherited photos & letters of my grandmas. Letter came from a sailor cousin & he pined about The Polar. "He'll never forget when Bill wrecked Old Man Jolley's truck & had to buy it". " The rumble they were in that night was exciting". These 2 hood thugs became a well regarded dentist in Oak Forest, Dr. Troy N Moser & Vice President of Builder's Hardware Inc. on
  10. Exactly. I found article in The Press when I googled it. My dad's business was 5101 Holmes @ Cullen which became 610. And my husband had a lounge across from Wyatt's Cafeteria on O. S. T. called The Roxy in the early 70s. Old stomping grounds. I read they're going to auction some of the equipment. Hope I didn't miss it.
  11. I put every keyword in this morning I could possibly think of to no avail. I'm sure it's operator error. Now to the meat of the matter...don't get me started on our disposed history here in Houston. I found out yesterday another of our beloved restaurants , Guy's Meat Market, shut their doors after 60 years. It wasn't a case of paving Paradise to put in a parking lot,it was retirement. Still it always upsets me a little. Our oldest brother was sent to Vietnam in 1970. Our attempts to send care packages weren't going so good. Our dad stepped in on about the 4th month & said he'd hand
  12. Cleaning a closet yesterday, I came across a print I bought at Story Sloane's gallery on Dairy Ashford 2 Fathers days ago. I believe it to be about 1914-1915. My husband has been in The Bricklayers & Allied Craftsman Local 5, since 1953, 68 years of service. What struck me in the photograph is the fact that the tools of the trade haven't changed in 100 years. I'll try to photograph some of our tool "collection".
  13. I'll do further studying later. But in reference again to the Butera family, they are all directly related to the Mandola & Carrabba families. All steeped in our Houston history. My mom worked at the first Niday Funeral home on Bellfort. Next door to the funeral home was a Butera owned grocery. Had the best chopped beef sandwich I'd ever eaten. The meat case also served the delicious half or whole chicken dinners. Half or whole deviled eggs b❤️
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