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  1. Bay City

    I found a seller on a buy/sell sight & a lady was selling some families photos she'd retrieved from a storage unit she'd purchased. She wanted $100. I was a little off put. I messaged, asked about any identifiers. She sent me enough that I could find the family. She gave me permission. I found a likely candidate on my genealogy site within minutes. Messaged & waited. It was his grandmother who he'd had no photos of. He was not upset about his pictures being put on the market. Said he'd gladly pay her & considered her a rescuer. He got all the pictures, her wedding gown & a train set he played with as a child. Movie theater photo is from 1940 announcing Tex Ritter Live.
  2. Austin High School

    My cousin taught English there for many years. She had the G&T students. Many former students in the Texas Educational System.
  3. Correct. We went 2 places for produce on Saturday mornings...Farmers Market or Produce Row. We knew both clans but I don't ever remember saying Caninos or Elizondo Brothers.
  4. Borden ammonia explosion segment from 1983

    When I was a little girl I would go with one of my three older siblings to get ice cream cones at the ice cream parlor. They were 6, 9 & 10 yrs older. They had a double cone that you could get a quadruple scoop ice cream. We named the oldest Little Lotta because she'd order her quadruples. You couldn't see her face when she worked on that monster.
  5. Susan T have you tried
  6. I just watched a program on Channel 8 Monday night about the 50's & 60's laws & then Ronald Reagan's ghastly reasoning for the epidemic & his total disdain. Kind of a, they're reaping what they sow attitude. Kind of like what we're hearing from the guy in DC. I can't even say his name without having a case of the Coniption Fits. SMDH.
  7. I'm so sorry, just saw your query. Our company was not involved in the actual moving of the old houses. My husband, who is 81 and finally retired had a masonry business in Houston, Pearland & Manvel. We did the actual repairs to the moved home, including homes being restored for historical marker consideration. He'd been in business so long he had connections with the brick manufacturers & stone quarries who could match the original. You would be better off contacting either Keith Cherry or the other fellow listed on the website. Good luck. They are the very best in town!
  8. Our main thoroughfare is FM1128 (Masters Rd). It was dirt road when my husband moved to this property. It is still a 2 lane road, but it's the back road shortcut for Medical Center, Midtown and beyond. It is also the favorite of bicyclers on weekends. None of the above is a bother. I just have one itch to scratch. It is a very young adult male on a Japanese motorcycle that apparently only has 2 notches on the speedometer. Stop & 120 mph. You literally don't hear him coming until he's here. It sounds exactly like a Formula1 Ferrari. I wasn't going to do anything about it, I'd mulled it over, his business, none of mine, etc. But I've decided to do the correct thing & speak to someone at the police department. I am saving his life, not tattling. I would hope a stranger would do the same for my children. With all the unbelievable lunacy coming from the shining house in the East, I'm not going to change who I am as a person. That is a mother, wife, daughter, sister & good citizen of this country. Nobody will make me cower. Nobody.
  9. Former Fast Food Locations in Texas

    The Jack in the Box at 6901 Bellfort was our teenage hangout on Friday & Saturday nights. We went there between 1972-1975. Innocent kid stuff. Drive thru backwards, place goofy orders, things like that. I ran with 2 friends & we were definitely The 3 Musketeers. We girls were so shallow. We went to Houston from Pearland. The boys in Pearland were not allowed long hair, so our boyfriends went to Jones, Milby & Austin. Hair was not a problem. Ha. 15 yrs old. First car. Summer of 72
  10. Love Melanie Lawson myself. I threaten my grandson when he's acting foolish that "It's about to get Elma Barrera, film at 11" if he doesn't straighten up.
  11. I googled Bobby McGee's for information. First thing that pops up? HAIF WordPress, 2014. Ha. Discussions on different chains & kind of a where or what are they now. July 2014
  12. He indeed is still in business. Keith Cherry & my husband are old friends.
  13. First, let me say Happy Anniversary! First topic at hand would be de-countryfying (is it un or de) (is contryfying even a word? If not, it is now) I was 2 yrs old when we moved outside the city limits of Pearland in June of 1960. The census was 1,700.00. Mama & Daddy bought 5 acres with 3 barns & a home. $16,000.00. Pearland is headed to toward the 2020 census predicting close to 170,000 citizens. We live in Manvel & it was very country in the 70's. Now we have folks coming to live in the country, but they don't like the "inconvenience" of our damn slow trucks & the quaint tractors going up & down the road at a snail's pace. They've got a latte with their name on it By God! Sorry. How dare they feed your beef and grow your veggies. Bunch of rubes.