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  1. I have to agree with everyone on the point that it sucks to see all the trees go, but let's be honest, all the trees would have become eventually a victim of the massive deforestation in the area sooner or later. It is nice to see some organization and thought into what is being put up, as mrfootball has said. It may just be another mundane lifestyle center and master-planned community, but at least it is not a mass of small strip shopping centers, row neighborhoods, and apartments that are infiltrating Louetta, Spring-Cypress, and other similar roads. It is these type of developers that have
  2. I was just wondering if the Champions area is worth investing in or if moving closer to Cypresswood is a better decision? I know that the area has great demographics, as well as some pretty nice houses, but I have heard and read on this site that the Champions area and the original Champions neighborhoods around the golf course are not what they used to be due to their proximity to 1960. Will the new Vintage and the proposed Chateaux Raveneaux help the Champions area? Is there any news of anything else going in that area? Thanks for any input you have.
  3. I have a question regarding Cypresswood Drive. What is going on outside of Terranova West on Cypresswood? You take a left from Kuykendahl coming from 1960. The ground has been broken for a while now, but there has been nothing going up. I hope it's something nice, the drive from Kuykendahl is very pleasant, since it is wooded.
  4. How do you think the Champions neighborhood around the golf course will fair? I know they keep on knocking down a lot of the older houses and putting up new ones.
  5. I have to agree with mrfootball. I live in this area, and the Spring/Klein/Champions area has some very wealthy neighborhoods. Although, there is nothing worth while going up in the area. In between I-45 and 249, there has been nothing but cheap shopping plazas being built that essentially contain all the same things: a Mexican restaurant, a Chinese restaurant, a dry-cleaners, a nail salon, and a tanning salon. It is quite ridiculous and disappointing, so I think the Vintage open-air shopping plaza will do very well. I have a question, what is happening to the Champions area? Its always been
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