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  1. The city needs to add stop lights and pedestrian crossings. People drive 50-60mph even though the limit is 35, and so many folks from the surrounding apartments play frogger across shepherd.
  2. Independence Heights goes up to Tidwell, but does not cross to the west side of shepherd. It’s a no man’s land between brinkman and shepherd.
  3. Looks like it’s just been converted to a pay-for-parking lot. Same operator as across the street, next to Greater Heights.
  4. The old sears < 1 mile up Shepherd seems like a better location for a grocer. My guess is an Academy or Dicks.
  5. Personally didn’t like it. I’d rather walk the extra 5 minutes to slow pokes or little dreamers.
  6. Not sure what’s going on here, but there’s a chain link fence around half of the lot (to the left of the warehouse). They’re still open for biz. I wonder if they subdivided and sold half their lot.
  7. Goodnight Charlie’s was great. It’s a shame they closed it after their old partner skipped town.
  8. WOAH that’s incredible news.
  9. LBC2HTX

    511 Main St.

    Right, and those cities have things that Houston will never have (natural beauty/weather or historical significance).
  10. LBC2HTX

    511 Main St.

    If Houston ever wants to be a tourist destination it needs to have a vibrant downtown party scene like gaslamp in San Diego. It’s getting there and the city should really embrace it.
  11. This area has a ways to go but with Gatlin’s new restaurant opening up next door, the other apartment building going up next to CVS and Sears finally being sold, that section of crosstimbers between Yale and shepherd is going to be totally different. The Pineforest business park has a lot of potential for redevelopment.
  12. Under contract https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/4000-N-Shepherd-Dr-Houston-TX/24925400/
  13. No, it’s a national chain: https://barcelonawinebar.com/location/knox-henderson/
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