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  1. Not any different than going through the residential area in Cottage Grove.
  2. Depends on how proximate his property is. It may soon be metro's property.
  3. Might be time to sell before the rest of the market figures out it's not just a cute line.
  4. Good point. I remembered there being some discussions on revamping the city court. A lot of newly constructed town homes along hickory are going to be subject to eminent domain
  5. Based on Triton's post above (https://h-gac.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=5f2a62060d074a5d8c3f00a40bb6b3b2) my guess is that it'll likely connect to the BRT termination, which looks to be behind the courthouse along the city owned land. So at least to Lubbock would be my guess.
  6. This was originally posted sometime in 1971, but due to the current spamming on the forum I’m unable to find the relevant post. Instead, I am subjected to an infinite scroll of multi-paragraph screeds that have an inverse relationship between word count and relevance. Please refrain from posting to this thread until I conjure up additional nonsense for the sole purpose of increasing my post-count.
  7. Nothing to see here.. if you enjoyed the spamming, well, it's resumed without much delay.
  8. No worries those are all shit stores. Other shit stores will take their business.
  9. Those lights aren’t readily available. They have to be special ordered.
  10. ‘‘Twas always temporary. Buffalo Bayou Brewery will provide a better view.
  11. There's also an 8 theater cinema going into The Allen.
  12. Another one bites the dust. Z Gallerie is having a store closing sale.
  13. Images of the completed interior of MAD. https://www.papercitymag.com/home-design/mad-restaurant-houston-river-oaks-striking-design-rosa-violan/#216511 After much delay, they did not disappoint on the interior.
  14. http://houston.culturemap.com/news/real-estate/06-14-19-the-allen-buffalo-bayou-high-rise-condos-dc-partners-houston-sales/
  15. I can vouch that Mendocino Farms is really good. Really excited they’ve expanded to Houston.
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