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  1. Hmm they’re on the upper middle floors, something like 30-42 (of 50). Their office are nice, you just get a whiff of retirement home when you walk in.
  2. Should’ve been done 10 years ago. It was BAD then.
  3. Just a matter of time. There’s a certain stench that permeates from their offices when the elevator door opens. That said, one shell has done a good job of staying competitive after Shell left.
  4. You’re right, but everyone’s known about the expansion since at least 2009 and not much has happened. It’s pretty obvious that the area will eventually turn around, and if I were an investor then I’d buy but LIVING there is out of the question at the moment. Perhaps if I were a bachelor I’d make it work.
  5. Wife and I looked into buying in the near north side and couldn’t see us living anywhere outside of Lindale Park. The area has a LONG way to go which is crazy to me given all the development elsewhere inside the loop and its decades long proximity to the redline.
  6. WHAT? This is the unappealing 6 story building behind someburger. Literally across 11th street from this project. That’s my point. Bunch of NIMBYs.
  7. Like I originally said, I understand being upset with a 7 story storage center. It’s an eyesore and a symbol of American excess. However, these developments are everywhere inside the loop. In any case, I’m all for historic preservation of actual historic places, just not preservation of old dilapidated buildings that have been neglected for decades and weren’t even notable when originally built. I’m going to call BS on that given the reaction to the apartments under construction on 6 1/2 street (behind onion creek), as well as the proposed automated parking structure on White Oak.
  8. Clearly no one was willing to restore it. The level of unhappiness isn’t a surprise. The heights is full of NIMBYs who have only moved there within the last 10 years. As I said, the NIMBYs would be up in arms even if this was being built on an empty lot. This has nothing to do with “historical preservation”.
  9. 11th is mostly a commercial corridor from Michaux to Yale. Yes, it’s mostly 1 and 2 story buildings, but that’s exactly what most places are like before densification. If you didn’t think this would happen on 11th then you haven’t been paying attention to everything else happening in the Heights. You only need to look at 1111 studewood to know this was coming to this part of 11th.
  10. I get being upset about a seven story storage facility, it’s an eyesore. But to act like the building it’s replacing is a huge loss or historical in any way is laughable. This section of 11th was always destined for densification. Just look what’s happening further down 11th and around 19th and 20th. If this monstrosity of a storage building came AFTER other densification (e.g mid-rises and retail) then hardly anyone would care. if this replaced a hand car wash or church parking lot on 11th then it would be getting the same reaction from NIMBY residents. Nothing to do with “history”.
  11. I mostly browse on mobile and I haven’t been able to click on the notifications box in the top right. It’s non responsive. I also just experienced non responsiveness when attempting to quote someone in this thread.
  12. Further, copyright infringement is a civil matter not a criminal act, so you’ll have no fear of being arrested (and I highly doubt the architect is going to sue some recreational photographer). That said, if you’re on private property you may be arrested for trespassing. disclaimer: I’m not a lawyer
  13. “ Architectural works are protected by U.S. copyright law, specifically by 17 U.S. Code § 102(8). In fact, copyright law was officially changed in December 1990 in order to include these architectural copyrights. What does this mean for photographers who want the ability to make and sell architectural photos? The law does not apply to buildings created before December 1, 1990 (so architectural photos of such works can be taken and reproduced without permission). Except for buildings that cannot be viewed from a public space, the copyright owner of a post-1990 building (the a
  14. I commuted down Allen Parkway for 3+ years pre-COVID. It still has traffic jams during rush hour.
  15. Correct and correct. I doubt another grocer opens here.
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