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  1. LBC2HTX

    4411 San Felipe: 8 Story Office Building

    They’re hauling away the Arabella sales trailer today.
  4. LBC2HTX

    Broadstone Shepherd: N Shepherd Dr at W 15th
  6. LBC2HTX

    4411 San Felipe: 8 Story Office Building

    So i didn't want to start a new topic for this- but the Target on San Felipe has begun remodeling the interior of the store to fit its new store design. For example: I presume an exterior face lift is also in the works. Sorry to poo poo on everyone's dream of Target being redeveloped into something else anytime soon.
  7. LBC2HTX

    Houston Center Redevelopment

    That's a rendering of 2 Houston Center, which is catty corner to the shops.
  8. LBC2HTX

    3540 W. Dallas St: Planned Mixed-Use by Hanover
  9. Ground lease sign has been up since last July
  10. LBC2HTX

    Novel River Oaks at Willowick & Westheimer

    The bottom picture. You can see the bank in the background/at the intersection of westheimer and willowick.
  11. Hotel opens January 15, TX, USA&qCiMy=02019&qCiD=4&qCoMy=02019&qCoD=5&qAdlt=1&qChld=0&qRms=1&qRtP=6CBARC&qAkamaiCC=US&qSrt=sBR&
  12. LBC2HTX

    The Allen: Allen Pkwy/Gillette Mixed Use 6 acres

    The "D" in DC Partners literally refers to Randall Davis.
  13. LBC2HTX

    Metro Next - 2040 Vision

    Interesting that they're contemplating a red line extension to Missouri City.
  14. The rightmost parking area already exists and is under the transmission lines that run adjacent to the train tracks. The dark green plot along westheimer is the only other portion that will be developed. The two green areas to the north will remain as park space.