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  1. WOMH was definitely on the verge of bankruptcy so this deal likely saves them.
  2. This area needs significant infrastructure improvements. I’m aware of Sawyer being redone but that’s not enough to accommodate the explosion of multi family development.
  3. It’s literally across the street from RO. There’s far more egregious uses of RO than this project.
  4. Anyone able to provide more recent insight on Oak Forest West, including Mangum Manor, Forest Pines and Forest West? Wife and I are looking at homes in the area (since our money goes further here) and think the area is prime for appreciation, particularly the homes outside of the floodplain.
  5. Phase 2 is supposed to be an office building + EQX hotel, plus some retail. The rendering above seems to be for the hotel portion, hence the lobby + terrace yoga. So seems like plans haven’t changed, just dragging ass with no movement since last year. Though, I don’t blame them given the less than stellar occupancy at Phase 1.
  6. There’s a parking garage behind PF Chang’s, a lot across the RR tracks, and a covered lot behind Jos A Bank which almost always have adequate parking. The two lots can all easily be expanded via garage and the frontage parking can be eliminated for more pedestrian programming.
  7. Signage for Cole Haan was removed in the last week or so. All of the FedEx delivery notes on the door since the shutdown indicate that no one ever returned. Likely shut down for good. Also, doesn’t look like Alma survived more than the couple of weeks post-opening.
  8. Another option, which is more HV than Uptown, would be the space vacated by the short-lived Decadent Cafe and Dessert Bar. 4340 Westheimer Rd #150, Houston, TX 77027 Drive-thru would have to run parallel to Mid Lane, entering via parking garage
  9. Owner is the founder of Pathways For Little Feet, which provides financial assistance to families adopting orphans. https://pathwaysforlittlefeet.org/people/kerr-taylor-2/?portfolioCats=14
  10. Going to be hard to do a drive-thru in that area. Somewhere off Richmond/610 is probably their best bet. Something like: https://www.naipartners.com/media-center/press-releases/nai-partners-arranges-retail-lease-for-clutch-city-espresso-at-4733-richmond-avenue/
  11. https://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2020/07/01/smartvault-lease-mkt-heights.html
  12. Eh, it’s a nice facelift that’ll improve street presence but the interior is going to remain mostly the same- a food court with added programming. Its hard to see this becoming a destination with its current tenants.
  13. Clicked through all of those links... crazy, weird shit. Convinced Lenz left the guy there before the aneurysm.
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