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  1. The James was great, very mixed crowd with some older residents and even families. The Ivy is the connected sister building with rents that are about 50% to 100% higher than a similar unit in the James. That said, it’s a huge building in a busy area so I wouldn’t expect quiet. It’s a quiet zone for the train so you won’t hear the horn blowing but it’ll def be annoying to get stuck behind.
  2. I would highly suggest you don’t live in either Skyhouse property. The type of people those places attract are not who most people would want to live next to or interact with. There are a few buildings nearby that are in the same price range which will be much more enjoyable. I lived off mid-lane at the James for over 3 years so my vote is ROD area over downtown.
  3. 100% chance given that they have an anchor tenant
  4. It’s not that complicated. The metal barns with rolling doors require more land. Land in the city is expensive. People in the city require storage for their junk, just the same as suburbanites.
  5. NIMBYs in the heights- “Build storage facilities along a highway where they belong!!” Owners of highway adjacent property in Montrose
  6. Don’t worry, it’s just a matter of time before that whole corridor goes the way of 19th and 20th.
  7. The best section of 11th is on the other side of studewood, and even those buildings aren’t beautiful.
  8. You realize there a big parking lot that they were otherwise looking at. No one is looking down anyway.
  9. It’s going to be El Big Badyard
  10. Hmm they’re on the upper middle floors, something like 30-42 (of 50). Their office are nice, you just get a whiff of retirement home when you walk in.
  11. Should’ve been done 10 years ago. It was BAD then.
  12. Just a matter of time. There’s a certain stench that permeates from their offices when the elevator door opens. That said, one shell has done a good job of staying competitive after Shell left.
  13. You’re right, but everyone’s known about the expansion since at least 2009 and not much has happened. It’s pretty obvious that the area will eventually turn around, and if I were an investor then I’d buy but LIVING there is out of the question at the moment. Perhaps if I were a bachelor I’d make it work.
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