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  1. Under contract https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/4000-N-Shepherd-Dr-Houston-TX/24925400/
  2. No, it’s a national chain: https://barcelonawinebar.com/location/knox-henderson/
  3. Probably can’t support much more retail here. But the infill is definitely synergistic with the other developments.
  4. For example, see: https://m.facebook.com/meowwolf.sf/posts/we-have-visited-houston-twice-in-the-past-few-months-and-have-completely-fallen-/1273177236145052/ and: https://hyperallergic.com/392154/interactive-art-center-meow-wolf-is-forging-a-new-business-model-for-artists/
  5. MW has been considering Houston as an expansion since 2017. At that time they also considered Austin, LA, Denver, and LV. Two of those are now open. Houston is probably a lock.
  6. My wife is obsessed with their peanut butter, and frequented the montrose window.
  7. Currently out for bid. The building was previously home to Sweet Tomatoes.
  8. There are suburban style developments all along the feeder within the inner-loop. Hell, Houston’s only natural landmark, Buffalo Bayou, is just starting to see vertical mixed use development. There’s no reason to expect any different for development outside of a few key areas.
  9. I went to Shepherd Park Draught House before the change, and it seemed like a decent neighborhood pub. The change in concept didn’t make sense to me, and the execution seemed LAZY from the outside, which is probably why I never saw many cars parked there.
  10. 1103 Waverly is the address on HCAD, recently sold but ownership info hasn’t been updated on HCAD.
  11. The whole area is a suburban style shopping center. I don’t get why anyone is surprised. Sure, they could’ve thrown up another apartment mid-rise but that wouldn’t make the area any more “walkable”.
  12. Westcreek will be next level once they/ If they ever break ground on ROD phase 2 and the equinox hotel.
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