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  1. East village is just the name of the development.
  2. I believe the owners of Finn Hall also own the conservatory. So my guess is they wanted to avoid cannibalization.
  3. If you think janky car dealers are "beautiful" or "gave it the very character that appealed to buyers" then you'll love Airline Drive!
  4. https://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2020/01/14/portland-based-doughnut-chain-opens-first-houston.html
  5. Check the top left panels of the garage. Looks like they're testing out different window film. Also, the renderings indicate there will be film.
  6. https://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2020/01/13/photos-luxe-randall-davis-condo-tower-opens-sales.html No real updates. As reported by Chron in November, it is set to break ground in second quarter of 2020, with a two-year construction time line.
  7. Apologies if this has already been posted. The architect firm (Powers Brown) behind many of Randall Davis' projects has had the following renderings on its website since 2015 for a mixed-use project at 800 Post Oak. http://powersbrown.com/urban-design-mixed-use/mixed-use/rd-uptown/#/
  8. Per HCAD it's Owned by "BOULEVARD RESIDENTIAL LLC" since 2009. https://arcweb.hcad.org/parcelviewer/
  9. Right, but that's a slightly different topic. I won't further derail this one.
  10. I get it, it's like referring to the entire area in Santa Ana / Costa Mesa around South Cost Plaza as "South Coast". My specific peeve is when people say something like "I'm in the galleria" or "I live in the galleria" when they mean the area not the mall. But i'm just weird like that.
  11. It's not. The article is a piece on the office project on San Felipe between Arabella and Target. Only the bolded tidbit is in reference to The Allen. In any case, a pet-peeve of mine is when people to refer to Uptown as "The Galleria" (not that you did). The Galleria is a mall, not a district, much less one that extends to the other side of 610.
  12. Exceptional BBQ. It’s the second outpost from its start out in Brenham. I’ve been to both and the Houston location is every bit as good. Truth has been on Texas Monthly’s list for years now and IMO is the best in Houston (haven’t been to corkscrew or Killen’s, which I don’t consider to be Houston).
  13. Don't fault @gene he's going off of outdated information that others found necessary to repost.
  14. Outdoor Voices, an Austin-based active-wear/recrational brand will open its Houston outpost in Height Mercantile. A job fair posting indicates it'll be open in December. https://www.outdoorvoices.com/pages/visit-us https://events.outdoorvoices.com/houstonhiringopenhouse
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