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  1. I'm visiting H-town next week. I'm an explorer and i'd like to get to know the area better before i arrive. I find that the most interesting neighborhoods and places are often the ones that are not highlighted. 99% of all info is about the west side of H-town or near Westheimer, Kirby or Bellaire street and perhaps downtown or the museums. So Sugarland is a right leaning upper middle class suburb. Katy is sprawlville. Post Oak is wealthy. So what about the rest of the houston area? What are the e, se, ne and n, s and nw sides of town like? What about the areas running down to galveston? What is Pasadena known for? What is Clear Lake City like? What's the area around IAH like? Don't hold back. Roughly speaking, what are the different areas of the town and suburbs like? Feel free to include income levels, housing, income distribution, level of sprawl/density, ethnic makeup, political leanings, level of history-- you name it. I believe that there is a chinatown and little india on the w/sw side just outside the 610. I also have a few questions: 1. What is the number or name of the outer beltway? i saw it on google maps, but it has no title. 2. Can someone associate the names and numbers (and maybe even include directions of the freeways? What's the gulf freeway? 3. I plan to make a daytrip out to Galveston, any other interesting daytrips? Anything interesting on the way to galveston besides nasa? what kind of an area is clear lake city? I've heard that houston is very multicultural. in which areas do different ethnic groups reside? Thanks for all the help.
  2. I'm visiting Houston next week. I am a complete newbie to houston nightlife, although i have heard that a lot of bars exist downtown and in the richmond district. since i am a visitor, i'd like to see a wide variety of stuff: 1. a hipster/alternative bar 2. a nightclub preferably with an interesting decor, good music and a great crowd-- hopefuly representative of houston populace overall 3. a place with houston's hottest chicks
  3. No, i'm not hispanic, but i'm pretty adventurous-- (I can speak Spanish and have been to Mexico before). Where exactly is this market? (Sorry, i'm pretty much a complete newbie to H-town) Where would be a good place to find Mexican street vendors (selling food) or taco trucks/taquerias? I figure a town like Houston has a large Mexican pop, so it must have a huge Mexican commercial area, markets, street vendors, etc. THANKS!
  4. I'm visiting Houston this upcoming week and was wondering where the Mexican neighborhoods in Houston are. I have heard that Houston has a large Mexican and Latino population as well as very good authentic food at great prices. Where would be a "main drag" or area that would be a good place to explore, take pictures, eat, drink, visit mexican markets, etc? Thanks!
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