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  1. We built and lived in the Heights from 2003-2014. The number of kids increased greatly over those years. There are a lot of families there. We moved out of the Heights to have a larger yard and a smaller (but still good sized) one-story house. We have kids. They remain in private. We just couldn't afford the kind of house and lot we wanted in the Heights anymore. So, we left the property taxes behind. We moved to a more modest neighborhood to offset tuition. The Heights is a great place to live. I'm glad we were able to be a part of it.
  2. Did it pass inspection? Is it good work? Did they disclose it to you? Just my first questions.
  3. I remember it as GEMCO, a membership store for government employees, I think. Way before Sams.
  4. It would not top my list. My five rules for myself to keep us in check: -- No place names -- Looks good on a baptismal certificate -- Looks good and easy to pronounce on the top of a resume -- Didn't occur previously in close family -- Did not start with the same letters as any of the core family members
  5. I'm sorry to hear this. This stuff is nuts.
  6. Who is going to take this one? Looks sweet. http://www.har.com/mobile/touch/static/dispDetail.cfm?mlnum=67338016
  7. Video. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xPrkilDwO4s&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DxPrkilDwO4s
  8. Parochial schools tend to be less expensive than other private school options. I would suggest doing tours of your private school options. Like someone said, spots open up in even hard-to-get-into schools. Good luck, and welcome to the neighborhood!
  9. Not gay, but congratulations on feeling more confident with yourself. I don't think you have to feel like you have to fit any stereotypes to be who you are. You're certainly not the only gay Republican I know, nor the only one from parents with very traditional values.
  10. I lived in Sharpstown from the halcyon days up until the early 00's. I still have family there and am not "afraid" to go there. My family lives in one of the neighborhoods, not the apartments. There is a mix of people, but I know a few families who are there for the private schools and who are there for the value. The negative reputation is over-blown with regards to the actual single-family neighborhoods. However, that does not mean that you should not be aware of your surroundings. My thought is to stay away from things surrounding the mall.
  11. Crash would match what we heard. Wonder what the details were to bring out such a response. The cars I get. The helicopters seem like a bigger deal.
  12. All over. Hope everyone is safe.
  13. Anyone know what is going on out there west of the Blvd. somewhere near 11th? I heard what my husband described as, "something ghetto" -- some sort of loud noise. Now, there are helicopters and sirens going all over. Anyone know what this is all about?
  14. Who do you recommend to install french drains and the like to take water to the street?
  15. Just heard the fire trucks on Yale and the chopper is over head. Where is it this time? I'm going to check out that current incidents page. Geez this is beyond ridiculous. EDIT: Looks like Allston and 13th according to the site. One more: someone just tweeted that it was a false alarm.
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