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  1. Rather than spend upwards of $10,000 on a natural gas generator that will only be useful during the rare occasion that your power goes out (even more rare that the outage is for more than an hour or two), perhaps you should consider spending that money on a solar system. Consider this: solar power has become much less expensive in the last several years. $10,000 will provide a sizable system, capable of running all of your lights, refrigerator, TVs, and computer, and some of your other electrical products. It may not run your central AC system, but it could power a room air conditioner or two, allowing you to stay cool in part of the house. Best of all, a solar array is paying you back every single day that you own it, as opposed to a genset. Consider that most Houstonians have only lost power on an extended basis twice in their lives, 1983 during Hurricane Alicia, and 2008 during Ike. Your solar array would have paid for itself by then. Oh, and solar panels are generally wind proof, especially in Houston, where the winds almost never surpass 100 mph. It's worth looking into.
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