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  1. So my last day here is this coming Saturday. The building is at about 30% capacity. Most of everyone will be gone by next month. There are a few people that have leases until the end of January. The new owners want them all out by December. I found two weeks ago that initially Sterling Group (the joke of a management company) told those that do have a lease until the end of January that they are willing to put them up in the hotel that month. Today we found out that the management company is now asking that the residents also pay their rent while living in the hotel. Needless to say that isn't going to happen. Does anyone know if they can legally kick anyone out just because they want to start construction? Also can they even start construction/renovations with tenants still occupying the building?
  2. Yup, got the same note last night, they are boarding up windows on the side that faces Macy's and asking to put people up in the hotel the night before they do it.
  3. It is off for good I believe. It has been shut off for years (5+). It was too much up keep.
  4. If a bar is going to have live music then that bar should have the proper sound proofing of their building so that people outside of that bar CAN'T hear anything. For all of you saying "Well you moved in knowing there was a bar nearby", what if you lived in a neighborhood for over 20+ years and then one day someone decides to turn the house next to yours into a bar. How are you going to feel then?
  5. While I do like the idea...All I see in this video is a glorified wider sidewalk. Not a real park. And those tables, benches and chairs will be mainly used at night by homeless people.
  6. Starting families. Or at least the ones I have talked to. Well one of my good friends when they first moved in thought they had a mini pot belly big. He was the size of a teacup puppy. Fours years later he is now the size of mastiff! He weighs over 150 pounds and is quite aggressive if he doesn't know you and you don't have food to give him. There is no where in the downtown area that will take him. ~ Buying a house seems like the best option for them right now.
  7. Most of the Humble Tower people are doing one of two things: Buying a home in the burbs or finding another place in downtown/Eado/Midtown. I have looked at a few places, my number one is Sabine Lofts, well now called Marquis on Sabine. The Marquis Management seems to be a legit management company. They do a lot of things for their residents at the Marquis Lofts on Runnels street right outside of downtown in east downtown. There are probably about 130 people in Humble Tower (I think there are about 8 kids in the building) As far as eating out habits of Humble Tower residents. Most of the residents here do eat out majority of the week, but we don't eat in downtown all the time. Maybe one or two days a week do people eat downtown. Thursdays, Friday's and Saturdays are when a group of us will go out. Usually drinks followed by dinner. Most places we drink at are in downtown or midtown. A few of my neighbors are only in Houston during the work week and have homes outside of the city somewhere. As of today Sterling Group (Management Company for the entire building, including the hotels) has not given any of the residents an official notice. Sterling hasn't even been officially told about the plan to turn the building into a hotel. They are just not allowed to extend leases after 12/31/2013. All leases end before that with the exception of two leases. Mine ends 8/31, but they are allowing me to stay month to month after that at no additional cost. I just need to give them a 60 day notice as when I intend to leave. October 31st is what I am aiming for.
  8. Not that this matters, but the Marriott just lost a huge deal with NRG next door. NRG pays for a certain number of rooms to be blocked off just for their out of town business people. They had so many complaints regarding the bums and the bus stop people at the corner (They trash that corner everyday, and the building no longer cleans it, because they said that the city should clean it) of Dallas and Main. NRG now is using the Hilton America's even though it is 5+ blocks away.
  9. I have lived in Humble Tower on and off for over 8 years sad day. The managers didn't even know about this. Everyone knew they were being sold, but didn't know that this is what they were going to do. I still don't see why. This place is 100% occupied all the time and there are wait lists to get into the building. I think they are not leasing after 2013.
  10. That is a good point. Are the bike laws going to be posted at these cycle stations? Currently in downtown it is illegal to ride on the sidewalk, you must ride in the far right lane on the road aka bus lane and follow all traffic laws (which I see couriers never do).
  11. I never once mentioned the new ordinance in response to you, is what I meant. I am not trying to get in an argument with you so please do stop it already. I already stated the way I felt, please refer back to that statement...
  12. Haha, I wonder if they are new ones or the actual ones they used in the 90's.
  13. Well I talked to him again on Friday, very nice guy. He thinks it was because all of the doors were open to the patio, he is only going to leave one set of doors open. It was much better Friday night, I am not sure about Saturday night because I took a sleeping pill because I had to be up at 7am on Sunday and didn't want to chance it.
  14. I am not arguing with you regarding the new ordinance, I didn't even mention the new ordinance. I did respond to your post regarding a decibel standard. The old noise ordinance did have specific decibel levels during the day and during the night, and police officers had to use equipment to measure the decibels. The rest of my post is my personal opinion.
  15. We had that, it never worked, because very few police officers had the equipment to read it, and even when they did it wasn't calibrated correctly, or so it could be contested in a court of law. If you can hear the noise from inside your home and so can a police officer, then the noise is too loud. If the person who has the loud noise refuses to turn it down, then yes, they should be fined. Everyone is entitled to a peaceful home. Sorry if that offends anyone, just the way I see it.
  16. I don't think it is draconian at all. Noise pollution is out of control. If anything it needs to be enforced more, and the fines should go up after numerous occurrences.
  17. He actually called me last night and left a message. I was at the gym so I missed the call. I was surprised to have received a voicemail from him personally. He asked that I email him, since it is easier for him to communicate that way (and better to have things in writing I guess )
  18. The weekend when the Texans had their first playoff game I believe. But they had a few soft openings before that as well.
  19. Well they kept up many residents in our building Saturday night... windows and beds were shaking... I am not sure how this will turn out...I couldn't sleep until 2am... Even with earplugs in and pillows on my head.
  20. Their service and pizza went down hill over the years...Will not miss it...
  21. Where was the dog? (just curious)
  22. XXI does sell men’s clothing. I think I bought a shirt from here once, but before then I had never set foot in one. The material they use to make the clothes is just crappy, I'd say Old Navy has better quality clothing than XXI (I am guessing only because BR, Gap and Old Navy are owned by the same parent company and I have only shopped at BR).
  23. The restaurants and HOB are doing very well. It is just the other stores that aren't doing that great, and lets face it, this place hasn't had any other stores at all, most of it is empty (the retail side). And let’s not forget that over 80% of the office retail is leased out to NRG. It may be foreclosed on, but I don't think anything will change for customers. I am here every Saturday (I do charity work with PupSquad) and the majority of the foot traffic during the morning and day time hours are for the restaurants and Forever 21, that is pretty much it. Mostly locals and some convention people who are staying at the Marriot hotels next door.
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