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  1. this 20 pic limit and resizing is becomming taxing.
  2. Went to this years Dicken's on the Strand. Had a blast. If you ever have a chance take the kids to this one; they will love it. I was taking photos all day and just as the sun went down my battery went out. So, not too many night shots and I missed shots of the night parade. But, I was able to take over 300 pics. I eliminated as many as I could, but still ended up with posting about 150. Sorry, for the number of pics, but I just couldn't pick any more to leave out.
  3. They're moving along. Now, this one wont be imploded right?
  4. Thx Bengiann, As for the white comments, I'm not white, but if I was, I would find those comments offensive. In any case, there were Pakistanis, hispanics and African Americans there. I really don't understand the above comments. Adios.
  5. Cool, what program do you use to stitch these shots together?
  6. Who knows about the mall, we didn't even consider going there. The market street area seems to be the happening place in the Woodlands. What freaked me out is that those new "brownstones" start at $600 k. WTF?
  7. I mean it was me. I created Issa so I can post photos without having to wait for any responses. But, yeah it was me, you should have said hi, we could have had a drink. Adios
  8. The Crown Plaza Hotel in the Texas Medical Center was imploded today to make way for the Texas Childrens Hospital's expansion. View when we first arrived at approximately 6:00 a.m. today. The media was there: This one guy set up his camera and tripod, I think it was KevinfromTexas: Sun came up and the crowds increased: The kid on the right was the person selected to push the button; he's the son of some big shot with Texas Childrens Hospital - Dude with cap on left: Shots of the demolition crew, and set up of the trigger box: Wait a minute, the kids supposed to push that: Helicopter circling the area:
  9. Methodist plans hospital on west side Completion of 192-bed facility expected in 2010 By LYNN COOK Copyright 2007 Houston Chronicle The Methodist Hospital System will spend $300 million to build a 192-bed hospital in west Houston, hospital executives announced Friday. The hospital, with an emergency room, open-heart surgery capability and cancer treatment areas, will be on the north side of the Katy Freeway just west of Barker Cypress, Methodist president and CEO Ron Girotto said in a statement. Construction is scheduled to start early next year, with completion by 2010. The Methodist hospital site is directly next door to a 55-acre tract where construction will begin on Texas Children's Hospital West in 2008. That $220 million pediatric project is expected to be complete in 2010 as well. http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/business/5290481.html
  10. Had lunch in the Heights near the M2 Gallery, because I liked the area when we checked out the 600mile exhibit. Wanted to see what it looked like during the day. Adios
  11. Just a look around on Windows Live, looks like there's an empty field just to the west and a street level parking lot just south of that. I'm definately going to try to go and get a good position with a videocamera and camera. Hope I can get some clear shots. If I do I'll post them as soon as possible afterwards.
  12. Very cool. I really wanted to go this weekend, but the kids wanted to go to Austin to see their cousins. But your photos give me an idea of what it was like. Thx
  13. Very nice, that first pic makes Houston look like that old south, like Charlotte or Savannah. Somebody stop me.
  14. Just got a new lense and I have these other lenses to sell if anyone is interested: Cannon Ultrasonic 28-105 Zoom Cannon EF 75-300 Zoom Quantaray Zoom 18-200 Zoom I was thinking $250 for the lot or best offer. If anyone is interested PM me.
  15. Was anyone hurt in this crash?
  16. Very interesting tour. Hey, do you like fountains?
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