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  1. Link to my photos from todays opening of the dog park: https://plus.google.com/photos/107292744476442706963/albums/6105525525614210865?authkey=CKPoy5rYv8rGkwE
  2. anyone have any recommendations for vinyl record stores in Houston. looking for one that has an extensive selection of old and new rock. Thx in advance for any suggestions
  3. "to read my other writings see articles written under my pen-name "crazy shit I think of while other people are high cause it's funny to talk to them about this shit when they're high" be prepared to read about other subjects though, like "what if the ocean was filled with lemonade", and "can you really feel your hand with your other hand" " I'm kind of high right now. Can you explain what gravity is?
  4. Some more vids: http://swamplot.com/ocean-tower-demo-how-theyre-making-more-sand-on-south-padre-island/2009-12-14/#more-14470
  5. Here're some photos of the implosion: http://www.spislandbreeze.com/articles/ocean-8341-tower-stories.html And video:
  6. http://www.spislandbreeze.com/articles/ocean-8235-tower-down.html
  7. Found this link on SSP; http://enr.construction.com/buildings/construction_methods/2009/1125-TexasTowerDemolition-1.asp
  8. http://www.brownsvilleherald.com/articles/down-105839-tower-island.html
  9. While visiting family in Brownsville for Thanksgiving: Adios ..
  10. Anyone going to this? http://illuminatedartcarparade.com/ I just found out about it. Wish I hadn't made plans to go down to the RGV. If anyone goes, please take some pics. Adios
  11. That's a beautiful little port village. Beautiful shots also, The water in that pool was perfectly still. Not used much eh?
  12. Nice photos the both of yous, I thought you couldn't take photos in the terminal. At least that's what they've told me. thx for the views.
  13. Took the family and some of their friends to see the bats come out from under the bridge today. They came out when it was pretty dark so I couldn't get any shots of them. But, here are some shots of the surroundings while we waited. Sorry for the blur in some of these, I didn't take the tripod. Tried to keep as steady as I could but to no avail. http://www.buffalobayou.org/WaughBatColony.htm You can't make out the bats in this photo. They're just too fast. adios ......
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