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  1. The empty lot at 8-1/2 and Studewood has a variance request up for the July 11th meeting to reduce building line setback from 25’ to 5’ off Studewood. Development named in the variance request signage is “Studewood Shops”. It would be nice to see some more street fronting restaurants/retail go in here.
  2. I drove by Fitzgerald’s this evening and construction fencing is up around the property as well as what appears to be the two residential properties immediately behind Fitzgerald’s on E 6 1/2 st. I’m speculating, but it looks like in preparation for demo of at least some of the structures if not all. That’s a big plot of land if combined. Has anyone found anything on what is planned?
  3. I’ve been wondering what that plot was developing into. Thanks for posting. Always nice to see more commercial development near the white oak x studewood intersection. Any links to the permit information you’ve found?
  4. There's irony in your statement above. Canino's is an Italian name and the roots of the market are in Italian and German farmer's coming together and starting the co-op. "The Airline market's shoppers and its offerings have reflected the area's changing demographics. Initially the site served the Italians, Polish, Eastern Europeans and Anglos who lived in the area. But by the 1980s, the market was catering to the Tejano, Mexican-American and Latino populations living in the Heights and Greater Northside." The market is changing, just like it has before, to serve the surrounding demographics. The continued existence and growth of the market is great in my opinion and hopefully will bring more local produce back into the area and support local farmers. https://www.houstonchronicle.com/local/gray-matters/article/Farmers-markets-in-Houston-A-history-11636755.php
  5. HouKev

    5307 N.Main

    They've placed construction fencing up around the property. Seems like site work may begin soon.
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