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  1. I never went to Roscoe’s and I don’t ever remember hearing about it. Now it’s a digital printing center. Tuesday Butera’s. 5019 Montrose. Deli, very casual, with millions of different beers. The place to be seen, but closes early at 8 p.m. Butera’s had phenomenal sandwiches. My favorite was one with roasted portobella mushroom and red pepper slices. They were still open at least into the early 2000s, but have been closed for several years now. Wednesday St. Michel. 2150 Richmond. Jazz, very sophisticated atmosphere.
  2. Houston and Crosby Bug Tin Barn, Gilley's all the 70 thru 80's lived it. Even the bars in the apartment complexes, bartended in alot, danced too. Good ol days.
  3. Mom snuck me in to Love Street. I was a dancer aka extra and my friend's aunt was the choreographer for us, still have my costume tshirt Gilley's, he's in the movie and his friend too...Urban Cowboy. Catacombs, loved it. Liked The Ocean Club but Market Square, where was that?
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