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  1. I never went to Roscoe’s and I don’t ever remember hearing about it. Now it’s a digital printing center. Tuesday Butera’s. 5019 Montrose. Deli, very casual, with millions of different beers. The place to be seen, but closes early at 8 p.m. Butera’s had phenomenal sandwiches. My favorite was one with roasted portobella mushroom and red pepper slices. They were still open at least into the early 2000s, but have been closed for several years now. Wednesday St. Michel. 2150 Richmond. Jazz, very sophisticated atmosphere. I never went there, never heard of it. It looks like now there is a fairly new building in that location filled with doctors offices. Thursday Kay’s Lounge. 2324 Bissonnet. Neighborhood bar with game room. Relaxed. Ah Kays, I’ve been there several times, as has my wife, it’s one of many places in Houston we figured we probably just missed meeting each other before we finally met. My wife ended up stuck there during Tropical Storm Allison when her car got flooded in the street, two years before we met. This was also a favorite hangout of longtime Channel 13 ABC affiliate evening anchorman Dave Ward. It only closed last year (2016), and I think the building is still there and nothing has reopened in it yet. Friday The Hofbrau. 1803 Shepherd. Texas roadhouse for steaks and heavy imbibation. Fraternity hangout. The Hofbrau is still there, I went a few times in the late 90s. It lost its cache, though in the mid 90s when Tilman Fertitta of Landry’s Restaurants chain bought it and turned it into a nationwide chain. That man is much despised here in the Houston area. Saturday The Cadillac Bar. 1802 Shepherd. Roast quail at this bar /restaurant. Famous for its Ramos Gin Fizzes. The Cadillac Bar is still there, across the street from the Hofbrau, and it endured the exact same fate, also bought by the Landry’s group and its concept taken nationwide. Sunday Cody’s. 3400 Montrose. Top floor (10th) with great view. Key spot. Good jazz, dress code. When I was young and single in the late 90s, early 00s, this location was called Scott Gertner’s Sky Bar, but other than that it was pretty much as described by the OPH. I took a lot of dates there, because you could step out of the bar and onto a patio on the 10th floor with great views to downtown, the Medical Center, etc. Dates that stopped there always went very well, if you know what I mean. Unfortunately, the bar closed maybe 10 years ago, and the building was razed. It’s now a luxury apartment highrise Also, when I moved back to Houston after college in 1998, I lived in the old Westpoint Apartments on Westheimer and Fondren. My parents laughed that I lived there, because they remembered going to parties there when they first moved to Houston, young and childless, in the early 70s. They talked about there being a nightclub right there at the apartment complex called Barbary Coast. Sorry, this website is acting really buggy today, I go to post or edit, and it tells me I can't, but then posts anyway, and I then try again before realizing it's now double posted. Cadillac and Fitzgeralds, Dome Shadows, 2nd Office, cactus Club, O.P., ha even The Copa was entertaining lol, Art Wrens now that was a scream, lol... But after a few we'd just have to go "site seeing" lol, I think I miss The Palace and Pisces, most the places SW Houston and all along Westheimer but Damien's near River Oaks was nice and laid back.
  2. Houston and Crosby Bug Tin Barn, Gilley's all the 70 thru 80's lived it. Even the bars in the apartment complexes, bartended in alot, danced too. Good ol days.
  3. Mom snuck me in to Love Street. I was a dancer aka extra and my friend's aunt was the choreographer for us, still have my costume tshirt Gilley's, he's in the movie and his friend too...Urban Cowboy. Catacombs, loved it. Liked The Ocean Club but Market Square, where was that?
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