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  1. The Poor Farm

    As for a Drive- In Theater on Mykawa Road It was at Mykawa Road and the north side of Wayside. They tore it down and put up warehouses, one of them being UPS. I went there may times as a child with my family and on dates as a teenager. I was sad to see it torn down. The Rath Meat Warehouse was at Dixie and Mykawa.
  2. The Poor Farm

    The Harris County Poor Farm, known as the Harris County P Farm was located, just off the north side of Mykawa Road and the entrance was where the Junior Golf Course entrance is now. It was located behind the HPD Southeast Sub Station. The house you were interested in, was located on the southeast side of the P Farm and was a white wooded structure and was where a family lived. The father was a Guard or the Warden for the P Farm. There were no other homes that I recall on the P Farm. There was also a wooded garage next to it, with a fence in between the home and garage where the family had geese. The family had 2 children, 1 girl and 1 boy living in the house when I was there for a sleepover, with their daughter. Sorry I don't recall their names. The prison was small 1 store structure, if I recall correctly, was made of Concrete Blocks and with Iron Bars. It was northwest from the home further down the road. The P Farm was on the north side of Sims Bayou. I never saw a farm there but I never saw the far west side of the prison.. I lived nearby there since the 1960's. There Prisoner were transported in a white buses marked "Harris County P Farm Prison Bus" in black letters, to different place to work. There was no fence or gates like a normal prison with barbwire. North of the P Farm was a open field, with Mykawa Road on the east side, Vasser Road on the north side, a ditch that ran down to Sims Bayou, on the west side and the P Farm on the South side. As a child, my brother and I, with other kids in the neighborhood , would play there. There was also a big hill called Hondo Hill made of dirt on the Mykawa side of the field, that we road our Bikes on. When they closed down the P Farm, late 1970's or early 1980's, they demolish the hill, and planted several trees there. They then built, what is now Law Park on the Vasser Road side of the field, and the HPD Southeast Sub Station on the Mykawa Road side of the field, which was first Houston Police Academy. I know this because my brother went there, to train to be a Houston Police Officer. I never went into the area where prisoner were held and do not know what kind of prisoner were held there. I did see the P Farm Prison Buses numerous times driving down Mykawa Road. The P Farm was south of Vasser Road and on the north side of Sims Bayou, off Mykawa Road. I also never saw a cemetery there. .