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  1. I like the lead time to prepare as well and the chance that very little could happen, depending on what area of town one is in. I think Houston is pretty lucky in that regard. Sure, we had no power for a month because the trees in our area did so much damage, but they also broke up the straight-line winds. I'd rather have no power than no roof.
  2. Not a sarcastic question: is there ANYPLACE really safe in the U.S. to live weatherwise? My nephew's wife grew up in Nashville, and she almost faints anytime she hears the word "tornado". When they lived near San Francisco, she was afraid of earthquakes. My in-laws in California fear mudslides and wildfires. Gulf Coast has hurricanes. My friend in Omaha has tornado threats, tons of snow some winters, then a flood threat during the spring thaw. My friend in Wisconsin deals with killer winters. Is there any magical region where Mother Nature isn't out to get you?
  3. No, no, the Heights is great - it's Oak Forest that sucks! Nobody needs to move here! *looks at 2 new giant houses and 4 more being built on block* Too late....
  4. We got a light steady rain for about 30 minutes around 3 AM this morning. Hanging shirts to dry on the edge of the patio cover has worked twice so far this week.
  5. Ours said 100 yesterday at 5:30 and it's under 3' deep eaves. Hasn't felt too bad in the mornings before 10 or so. Maybe I've just got my summer tolerance sooner than normal this year.
  6. I take it Houston Historic Salvage was never able to get in. What a waste.
  7. If the Smurfs come back, we're moving to Canada.
  8. HEY Rain in Oak Forest!!! Exactly the type I was waxing nostalgic for.
  9. Not really news; just hearsay and a funny incident. My husband and I were stopped at the light to turn on Dunlavy from W. Alabama the other night and a movement caught the corner of my eye - a HUGE RAT scampering merrily up the sidewalk to disappear under the chain link fence. In all the years we visited our friend there, we never saw the likes of that! I hear that since the residents have moved out, the squatters have moved in. I'm sure the neighborhood is thrilled.
  10. According to the Chronicle weather archives, we had a dry June & July 2008, but precipitation was about 4" above average for August and the yearly total was close to the average. Date I checked was the 22nd for each month, and Ike hit September 12. No expert, but I think it will depend more on conditions nearer to the formation of the storm than early in the season. Anything can happen between now and August-September, which is peak hurricane time for our area. I keep hearing that El Nino is supposed to show up between June-August and lessen chances for an Atlantic hurricane.
  11. Emme: Whoops! Did that before we put in the backyard deck and converted a dining-room window to a French door! Thankfully, our oldest dog always has to go before bedtime, so I can't miss the sprinkler anymore. I swear I remember something about a high pressure ridge keeping Katrina from coming any further west in 2005 or is that just a weather legend?
  12. It's a toss-up for me. I hate raging heat and high electric/water bills, but I don't have to pace the floor wondering if the sprinkler is going to flood our house. I like the soft summer rains I remember from ages ago; the kind all the kids would go out and splash around in. I'm tired of psycho killer clown monsoons.
  13. I'm still trying to figure out what type of criminal element Paraniod Percy was afraid MAMS would attract when it was constantly patronized by families. Would it become a meeting place for Hell's Grannies? A gang of soccer moms with pointy Madonna bras called the 11th Street Snoballs?
  14. I really liked Tecate's, but one time they wouldn't accept our Kroger coupon, saying it was only good after 4 PM (no sign saying such or disclaimer on coupon) AND the paper in our chip basket had chewed gum stuck on it. Between both on one visit, my husband has refused to return. Brief thread drift, but I had occasion to fall in love with Oak Forest all over again when my husband was sick a few weeks ago with a severe bronchial infection. Went from the pulmonologist's office in Memorial Hermann Northwest right into the hospital, which is 1/2 mile from home. With Kroger, Walgreens and our bank blocks away, a very stressful time was made much easier, considering he was there for 5 days. After being accustomed to taking my mother-in-law to one doctor across town, then another way out yonder who would put her in a hospital in the Medical Center and then having to navigate traffic on Main or Fannin during rush hour to visit, his stay was as good as any hospital experience could be considered to be.
  15. A lot of us could utter a general "Told ya so!" at this point, but there would be no satisfaction in it. I had fervently hoped that Weingarten Realty would surprise everyone. I have no idea what I must have been smoking when I thought that.
  16. The brand-new WaMu on the corner of 34th & Shepherd never even opened the doors.
  17. My husband had to get a new one in April, and the clerk told him not to smile. He doesn't smile at DPS anyway, so his normally-neutral license photo is now a terrifying scowl.
  18. According to my friend who is one of the Meridian's managers, Ecclesia had looked at renting some of the unused ground level space, but did not do so. The Meridian is not for sale; in fact, they now have the Sports Bar going 7 days a week and have plans to do a Celtic Jam night there, probably on Tuesdays.
  19. As my brother put it, "Montrose was a nicer neighborhood before the yuppies realised they wouldn't catch gay from us".
  20. We can call the latest giant vacant limbo lot SonomaWorld!
  21. Another well-remembered voice from my youth silenced. Chronicle Obituary
  22. I might guess Dilick's integrity, but the "worth salvaging" part rather negates that possibility.
  23. I hope it's in my lifetime. I really need to get even with my brother for giving us a fondue pot.
  24. My sister has original Beatles & Rolling Stones programs/ticket stubs from the 60's concerts here and I think one for Chad & Jeremy, but she can't get jack for them on eBay.
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